Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 17, 2009

deviantArt Kpop Group

Just letting everyone know that a group of kpop fans have started a group on dA called “Hallyu”, dedicated to Kpop :)

C/p-ed from their group description:

Welcome to #Hallyu! A fanclub for those of us who love the korean “wave” – korean music and dramas! The hallyu wave has only grown stronger over the years, and with good reasons! Never before have the music been catchier, the dramas more heartbreaking and the fashion more stylish! If you’re a fangirl or a fanboy of anything related to hallyu, please join us!

Here we will plan on hosting contests where you can win music and merch – recap your favorite drama and give you the latest news from the Korean celebrity world!

Go check out their page here. If you have a dA account then make sure you join, cos you know, you can win FREE STUFF and talk to people who are equally as crazy as you are about thing your rl friends might not care about XD I’m not very familiar with deviantArt, but I had a little browse and there are really pretty graphics (eg. PRETTY WALLPAPERS :D) on there, so even if you don’t have a dA account, be sure to still go have a look :DD


  1. I went on dA once, was so confused, haven’t been there since, but kpop page sounds cool. all I see is pretty pictures and save them, is that what dA is used for?

  2. dA is used as an art community where people share their art. :)
    Thanks for the post, guys! Really appreciate it!

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