Posted by: beckery | December 19, 2009

091218 Music Bank

I wasn’t going to do Mubank’s post but then I’m going off on holidays next Friday for 3 weeks so this will be my last Mubank for a month at least .__. Oh but when I leave, Candychu will be back and PAS is still here, so never fear :DD


SHINee – JoJo For those who didn’t notice, KEY NOW HAS RED, GREEN AND BLUE (at the back) HIGHLIGHTS IN HIS HAIR. T____T I don’t even know anymore haha. I actually think their JoJo clothes are pretty cute, especially this set cuz there was less colours. Very boy-ish and casual. The laid back style is hot when the boys can pull it off and they can :D Am loving all the little smiles Jonghyun and Key were giving throughout the performance. And of course the JongHo moment <333

U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni Remix Not a drastic difference but it’s definitely remixed. At first I felt like it just didn’t really flow and was a bit slow? But after a few more listens, it’s quite good :D Them having nice clothes helps alot too haha. Loving the leather jackets and arms *_* Kevin’s hands running all over Soohyun’s body made me laugh XD

After School – Because of you Looking dayam fierce and gorgeous here! I thought 2PM’s triple crown would end their winning streak and let After School have their turn, but I guess not haha XDD. I’m sure AS will get their turn on Inki since 2PM can’t win anymore ;D This song deserves it, it’s some good stuff. Uee is still so expressionless lol.

Jewelry – Love Story First time listening to this song and I really like it. I love the beginning part at 0.22. But the chorus didn’t really hit me. I wish they used that beginning part for the chorus haha.

T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep Oh gosh. they went for the full tails, paws and ears this time. Can they please change their concept already?! I love the girls and this is quite cute but it’s starting to turn into OVER-cuteness :/ The screams are getting louder for them though, which makes me happy and freaked out (because all I hear are fanboys haha). Hyomin didn’t copy anyone’s moves this time?

Beast – Mystery I don’t really have much to say about them haha. They’re constantly giving us great performances and their vocals aren’t even rookie-ish which always impresses me. *O* Now all they need is to do more variety shows. That’s where you get the fans! Was that a U-Kiss move at 2.14?!?! :DDD The fan screams for them is REALLY loud here. That makes me happy <33


  1. i am a terrible fan. :| i’m so sorry i haven’t been leaving comments but school only finished this week and i’ve been busy up until ike tuesday, and being the terrible, TERRIBLE fan i am, i haven’t been watching perfs. and the lst one i watched was the remix of rdd and bad girl. :/


    i only watched shinee and beast, because that’s how my bias swings. :D and it’s the first time for perfs of mystery and jojo, so i was pleasantly surprised. :)

    jojo has always been one of my more favoured tracks on Y.O.U. just… minho’s voice, LOL. it’s so dark and slightly sleazy sounding when he does the “stay” “love” and stuff. otherwise boys seem to be doing well and key’s hair! :D
    i also love their clothes – they’re more like the boys they are and they can pull it off, so i’m not complaining. :)

    mystery is my favourite off beast is b2st. *____*
    and omg, i thought aj was going to crack his spine when he did the flip, he didn’t look like he’d land properly in time. ):
    the choreo is a bit wtf with the “mystery mystery” head bob, otherwise they’re going really well too :D except their clothes. shiny suits? this is like a cross between sequins and 2pm’s heartbeat clothes. :|
    i am also loving everyone’s hair. :D yoseob looks especially cute (/shot) and aj’s non-styled hair. it’s harder to tell them apart though (LOL, I’M TERRIBLE) and i can’t help but thing dongwoon is a(nother) snarky magnae. :D


      • HI BB <333333333333 You've been awfully quiet lately both on Twitter and Imop so I was wondering where you were. But since you've been busy with school, there's no reason to apologise :D At least you know where your priorities lie unlike me during my exam time hahahaha.

        I LOVE YOUR BIAS. Lol. I can't believe I didnt like Jojo on first listen but it's grown on me so much its not even funny. I LOVE MINHO'S DEEP DEEP VOICE OK. That's how MY bias swings hahahaha.

        Oasis is probably my favourite Beast track but all their songs are pretty damn catchy anyways. LOL I laughed so hard at the head bob at first but then it gets pretty cool. I guess. they just better be careful they dont hurt their necks haha. Yea the clothes in this performance was weird, YOU MUST WATCH THE ONE WHERE THEY WEAR BLACK SUITS WITH LIKE LEOPARD LINING IT WAS SO HOT I DONT EVEN KNOW :DDDDDDDDDDDD

        You have a merry christmas and good holiday too bb. I WONT BE BACK FOR THREE WEEKS. MISS ME LOTS OK <333333333

  2. @T-ara Bo Peep:

    I can’t hear the fanboy screams? o.O I actually watched it again and I can’t seem to make it out. All I hear is a little “woo” but it sounds like only 1 person is screaming XD

  3. Sorry had to add this:

    After school’s performance is REALLY GOOD STUFF. I really like their new concept, the song still has to grow on me but wow, nice stuff!

    • Oh couldnt you? I could hear it pretty clearly lol. I really like After School’s songs and performances but I’m pretty T-ara bias haha. XD

  4. ahh i love Key’s new hair<33
    OMG NO 2PM ?O:<

    • Yea they were busy filming a CF or something? Lol

  5. taemin wit that woolen head thing (mucore) just reminds me Yejun from F.Cuz… i meant to say that Yejun looks like a bloated version of taemin with wooyoung’s eyes. i think its just me thou…

    • I havent even started following F.Cuz. I have enough on my plate as it is haha XD

      • hahha.. its ok. i tend to be greedy… ;d f.cuz sounds like a swear word thou, i always pronounce it as F KAZ… they seem promising.

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