Posted by: beckery | December 19, 2009

Preview DBSK – Break Out! (Radio Version)

Credit: dirah9307 @ youtube

An intense dance track and I’m liking it atm!!!! Not loving it yet but a few more listens and I’m sure that will change haha. It’s a good song to jam to cuz of its fast pace. Sorta like “Survivor” I guess?  :D I keep hearing “Break up break up” instead of “break out break out” HAHA.

I’m just glad they’re doing stuff together again ^___^ Yoochun’s “Baby, we keep the faith, darling” <3333333


  1. where can you download this song??? i really love it,,;)

    • Um if you search for it on youtube, sometimes they put download links on the side? Or forums like bww2 :D

  2. the intro reminded me of the 90s pop and the song pop! goes my heart by hugh grant in the movie music & lyrics for some reason lol…but i love their voices in the song :D

    • LOL. I didn’t really see your comparison :P But I don’t really remember that song so don’t mind me haha. I love their voices too and is so glad they all took part :D

  3. im liking the sound of it too! continue as tohoshinki if that’s wut keeps them 5 together…

    • Agreed. As long as its 5, I dont mind :D Just release some Korean tracks here and there :D

  4. when did yoochun says “baby we keep the faith, darling?” i only heard eternally at the end :/
    bt yusss im loving it <3

    • At 2.14 :DD You can hear him say it.

      • He also does it right at the beginning…

        Hmmm right now not sure how I feel but AT LEAST they are doing something together right?

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