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MBLAQ Idol Army Ep.1

Credit: ABMSubs @ Youtube


Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5



Sad that Boom’s not there, though :(

I wrote a loooooooong recap (700w XD) so I’ll put most of it under the cut.

In the first part, they introduce everyone and do an “Idol Korea Competition”. Each of the boys walked out and did a greasy pose (lmao) and after hearing that the winner would get money, Seungho asked if he could walk out again LOL. They were told that the fist round would be a “bad boy” competition; they had to stand behind a curtain and get changed in 20 seconds (!!!). Mir, Thunder and Seungho went first, and omg MIR LIFTED UP THUNDER’S CURTAIN WHILE HE WAS GETTING CHANGED, LOLOLOLOL. THE MAKNAE IS SUCH A BRAT XDDD So Mir got extra points. Joon and G.O were next, and they only got given 15 seconds. Neither of them finished in the time, and Joon didn’t even get time to properly take off his shirt, leaving it unbuttoned REVEALING HIS HONEY ABS. Omg I love this show. Joon was all :O!!!! The PD screencapped Joon with his shirt opened and the captions underneath said “OH YEAH” LOL. THIS SHOW UNDERSTANDS ME SO WELL ;___;

The place where they got changed was on a different level to where the others were standing, and when G.O and Joon had to come back down, Joon JUMPED AND FELL. LOSER XD. The MC mentioned that MBLAQ seemed like “Neighbourhood Idiots” HAHA. So 2PM are the Beastly Idols and MBLAQ are the Neighbourhood Idiots? LOLOLOL. Joon lost the changing competition, cos he didn’t change his pants OR shirt (WHAT WAS HE DOING ALL THAT TIME XD) but the MC wanted to give him extra points cos her “eyes had fun” HAHA.

In the next game, the boys had to play charades with girl group member names/dance names. G.O and Thunder were in one team…and they sucked XD The MC asked Thunder what his reason was for being there, he said “to play” LOL. Seungho and the MC were in a group; they got 4 points and Seungho accused G.O of flipping the clue cards too slowly XD Seungho couldn’t get “Jewellery” after Joori showed him the “One More Time” dance, omg. BB LIVES IN A CAVE XD. Joon and Mir were the last pair (THEY’RE MY MBLAQ OTP) and omg, THEY WERE SO NOISY. Lots of “RAAARRRR” and YEAAAHHHHHH”s XDDD. The noise must’ve done something, cos they won with NINE points :DD

The next game they played was the “Catch the mouse” game from Heroine 6. The loser got his shirt cut XD G.O lost first, so he got his collar shredded XD Thunder got a nipple hole (but they gave him tape to cover it up XD)Seungho had one sleeve cut off (lucky) but poor Joon got his entire back cut XDDD Seungho was the first one to lose AGAIN cos he said “oh yeah” too late XD The boys mentioned that there was a time when Rain looked at Seungho’s “abs” and was completely surprised, cos he has a “one-pack” LOLOLOLOL. POOR LEADER. After Seungho, Thunder lost and omg, the hole that Seungho cut in his shirt XDDD Leader got his revenge >:)BUT THEN SEUNGHO LOST AGAIN. OH LEADER. WHY ARE YOU SO FAIL. He tried running away…but he failed ^^;;; Poor leader was all “MY HEART ISN’T READY FOR THIS” XDDDDD. In the next round, everyone but JoonMir failed (because my OTP is awesome) so they had to play that pass the paper kissing game XD At the end of the game, Mir was the only one with his shirt intact XDD MAKNAE IS SMART.

Thunder won the Bad Boy competition; G.O won the Beauty prize XD Joon won Virtue LOL The grand prize went to MIR. BECAUSE HE IS AWESOME SAUCE. Poor Maknae said in his thank you speech “I’ve received the grand prize, but I feel like I’m going to die” XDDD As punishment for losing, Seungho had to do…random things like jump around (?) and massage Joon’s leg (rofl that’s not punishment; I’d gladly do it :P)

In conclusion, MBLAQ are awesome and I can’t wait for 2PM to guest on this :)))))


  1. lmao I fail, I thought Joon was the leader. And What planet is Mir from? that guy’s personality is out there but so funny and cute. GO’s chest popping dance is so addictive, he’s got me walking around the house like that >.< LMAO I love how we have another fail leader in our hands. lol oh man, when I heard MBLAQ was doing this, I thought they were going to do a suave version of idol army, just cause they look it. LMAO LMAO at joon's rwar/introduction! I love Juri and all but i had to skip her singing part sowwy juri

    • Lol they’re like, the OPPOSITE of suave XD THEY FAIL SO HARD. And G.O, omg, that boy looks so ~cool~ and ~composed~ but he’s such a freak XDD

      MIR IS AWESOME. He is so un-maknae like, and such a little brat XD With that hair, I thought he looked a lot like Hongki :)

      When I first got into MBLAQ, I thought Seungho was the quiet and calm leader (like Yunho) but omg he’s such a dork =.=

      Joon reminds me of Jay/Kwon…

      Btw, how was your exams :D? All done, yes???

      • lol yes all done, I just have to wait for my marks which I get on the 24th >.< school fail, If I did bad, this would be an "I dunno" christmas

        • Ew, your school is mean to do that to you :/ I remember when I finished my final year of highschool, our results weren’t released till the 28th, so it was like “lalala Christmas~~” then BAM. RESULTS. Lol XD

          Good luck with the results :D!

    so happy you posted this up!
    i laughed so hard at seungho! poor leader n MIR,ohmygod, i seriously didn't know he was a maknae coz he's not like one! hahaha!
    i basically laughed so hard at each and everyone of them!!

    p/s: im hoping hongki cld come n meet mir on this show! oh man! that wld be interesting!!


      Lol I had to double-take so many times cos I thought Mir was Hongki HAHA

      • exactly right??!!
        he’s so darn adorable in not acting like he’s the maknae n for looking a little bit like hongki!
        but this boy is adora~able!


  3. That settles it. MBLAQ is my new bias! I still like Beast’s songs better but omg, how could I NOT fall in love after watching all this fail?? <3 <3

    SeungHo is such a sore loser!! Why so cute leader! A 22-year-old acting like a little kid, pouts and all! *.* He totally got owned by all his dongsaengs, and I can't believe he didn't get the Jewelry thing! Mir might act like a crazy clown on crack, but hey, he's the only one left in one piece by the end. Magnae is sneaky…

    Thanks for the recap bb, loved it! I seriously can't wait for the next episode, and I agree, I wanna see 2BLAQ interaction! MBLAQ reminds me a lot of 2PM actually, they're both crazy and they aren't scarily young. :D


      Sorry for being hyper XD MBLAQ does that to me. :P I don’t have Twitter ;_; But can you give me yours so I can see what you’re spazzing about?

      Yay for shopping! From my city to Christchurch I’d have to go either by Auckland, Singapore or Melbourne, so maybe I’ll try a different one each time! I’m sure Christchurch will be fine…I’m more worried about getting used to dorm life XD My cooking abilities are pretty much non-existent, so I may find myself living on sandwiches, lol. Do you live in a dorm?

      To be honest, I’m pretty much the same. It’s terrible, my biases are always changing! Currently, because 2PM aren’t going on variety shows, I’m settling for MBLAQ, and they are NOT disappointing!! :D

      • Lol my Twitter’s been pretty quiet lately (cos Candice is on holiday HAHA) but I normally just use it like a second MSN XD My account’s on private so you won’t be able to see anything…but here, go have a look at Beckery’s xD

        Auckland is the busiest city in NZ, but probably still really quiet compared to Malaysia ^^;;; I have lots of friends studying in Auckland (cos it’s super close to Hamilton) and they love it :D So maybe you can go there for a little shopping excursion when you have a short study break :D

        Lol I can’t cook to save my life xD I’m glad I’m living with my parents, otherwise I don’t think I’d survive HAHA. My friends who study in Auckland are living in dorms, though, but they have a cafeteria, so they don’t cook except for the occasional ramen at midnight XD Christchurch has so many asians though, I’m sure you’ll be fine with food :) According to my friend, there’s even a small asian grocer at uni (asians are awesome LOL).

        2PM and MBLAQ are my current biases :Db But DBSK will always be my first kpop love ( I WANT TO SEE 2BLAQ INTERACTION. The fail would be epic

    • SEEEEE, MBLAQ ARE AWESOME :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD They’re just like 2pm, except with five losers instead of seven, LOL.

      SEUNGHO LIVES IN A CAVE. I don’t even follow Jewellery and I knew the “baby one more time” thing (probably cos I hate that song with a passion :P) When I first got into MBLAQ, I didn’t really like Seungho cos I thought he was too quiet and boring (I’M SORRY BB) but now he’s one of my favourites, cos omg, WHAT A DORK XD. Have you read that 10asia interview where he talked about his gadgets?? LOOOL he’s such a loser XD

      Clown on crack? I LIKE IT. I would’ve lost every single round if I had to play that game. I can’t count to save my life XD

  4. shin bong sun and juri are lucky, they got to molest the boys. XD

  5. You forgot to metion the part when joon and Mir held hands when everyone else was playing the charades game, and how joon kept graving the back of mir’s head when they were playing the card game. Those were the vest parts.

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