Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 23, 2009

DBSK 2010 Japan Calendar Scans

Credit: dbskbr and douknow @ LJ

Quite a few pictures….so just know that I *will* hurt you if you hotlink them, cos who wants to see ugly Imageshack frogs when you can see PRETTY, SHINY BOYS :D

Tbh, this whole photoshoot looks….awkward. Maybe I’m imagining things, but this just doesn’t look like a fun and happy photoshoot (like SHINee’s :D). Maybe it’s cos it’s the Tohoshinki calendar, and DBSK are always all ~suave~ and ~serious~ when they’re Tohoshinki :) I prefer last year’s calendar (I have it hanging on my wall right now; teehee~)

Putting a cut in here cos I don’t want to kill people’s net 8D

I wonder when they shot these pictures? Cos I’m sure I’ve seen that picture of them standing in the garden somewhere before…hmm…déjà vu…


  1. ya… the only peeve i have about dbsk continuing as tohoshinki is the ahjussi/uncle aura they always seem to have when they’re promoting in japan. secret code was kinda gigolo-ish… esp yunho… he looks like a pimp daddy/host. ~_~

    dbsk in korea is so much more sexyyyyyy~~

    • Yunho looks like a pimp? LOLOLOL POOR LEADER XD

      But yea, DBSK >>>> Tohoshinki :( They’re always so ~serious~ in Japan. It’s like everytime they go to Japan, they age 20 years XD

  2. ^I totally agree about the ahjussi clothes. There’s a difference between sophisticated and old k? lol

    Considering how fug-o Micky’s hair usually is, I give this style a thumbs up. Yunho’s hair…not so much. And wow, I think I just saw Jaejoong’s forehead! XD

    • :O! JAEJOONG’S FOREHEAD! I think I’ve seen that….3 times since DBSK’s debut? LOL. ‘Tis a rare sight.

  3. their clothes a bit serious make them more matured and more older..haha..older..but, seriously they’re only 23 and 21..

    • IKR, they’ve dressed them like they’re 30 T__T

  4. Compared to SHINee, I like SHINee’s since it’s mor erelaxed and carefree. :/

    This one is for *_____* and :Q___ but i still like it. :)
    But the calendar doesn’t seem to have a very specific theme or anything, idk. :/ It seems rather messyand disorganised and.. yeah, I just don’t like it as much. :/

    • It doesn’t have a theme at all :/ I like themed calendars :D (Their Paris one was SO pretty).

      But you’re a SHAWOL, so of course you like SHINee’s more :P

  5. oh man, maybe I should hook my father up with these people, lmao joking, I actually like their very matured look, maybe because I’m Changmin biased and he looks young nonetheless hehe, but they should totally bring the Kpop smex into Jpop, they can do it!

    • LOL.

      Yea, they should bring some of their kpop sexiness over to jpop. I was so excited when they released Purple Line…but then they went back to be ~Tohoshinki~ :/

  6. I loved the SCANS thnks so much! <3

  7. before this they had done five in black cncrt….how about five in white cncert????i love see them in white suit….so cute…….haha…..can they look like a doctor???haha….dbsk doctor cncert….haha….

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