Posted by: beckery | December 23, 2009

SHINee 2010 Calendar Scans

Photo Credit: dc shinee

I’m not even a hardcore SHINee fan AND I WANT A COPY!!!!! This is beyond adorable. ❤❤❤❤ Very simple photoshoot with plain white clothes, plain background etc etc but it’s cute and warm and fuzzy. It’s so hard to choose a favourite because I love the group ones (especially the running away from Onew ones haha). I also love the multiple shot ones (trust them to make the little one flash the most skin T___T) and the close ups are just gorgeous *____* Hmm but if I had to choose, the one embedded is probably my favourite because ONEW JUST LOOKS PSYCHO and I love how all the fans are photoshopping butcher knives and daggers into his hand hahahaha XDDD And notice the animals popping throughout the pictures? Cute :3

It’s a bit hard to see on the pictures but:

Jan-Feb: Onew

March-April: Taemin

May-June: Group

July-August: Jonghyun

Sept-Oct: Key

Nov-Dec: Minho



  1. taemin showing his belly button! ;d i just love his fluffy hair!! n smiley onewwwwwww :DDD

    • Lol they’re horrible, tempting us with skin flashing Taemin XD

  2. The cutest boys ever~
    I think I love Taemin’s expressions the most!

    • They are adorable :D

  3. Oh yeah, I’m planning on doing a K-Pop Fanfiction Forum, all I need is a name:

  4. Running from crazy Onew? Um, sure that makes sense.=p I love the one where it looks like he’s got Jong by the hair. XDD

    Why so much skin Taeminnie? *sigh* Besides that it’s very cute as expected. Jong looks so good here.

    • Hahaha Onew looks psycho in the running photos so I really don’t blame the boys from running away from him. Though, I’d probably pounce on him instead of running away XDDDDDDDDD

  5. I WANT.

    and i got key on my month. :D

    • Awww is Key your favourite?

  6. …Anyeong…Well,love this thing!..I really really love my dearest SHINee when taking photoshoots like these..They always fit beautifully in cameras…I love my Prince Onew in his solo shot where he wink and smile sexily..Gosh it’s a winning moment to me…As well as my Princes Jonghyun and Key’s too…And SHOCKS,I found Taemin sexy,he got that body that I wanted in a guy!…His such a sexy Maknae…Well in a whole,I both love them all,SHINee Fighting!!!…S.M. Town Fighting!!!…(^_^)

    • Lol I love Onew when he’s being all clumsy and adorable. Sexy would go to Jjong or Minho but whatevs. They all can pull off everything so well.

      TAEMIN IS SO YOUNG AND SHOULD STOP SHOWING SKIN. I wouldn’t mind if that was Jjong though hahaha XDDDD

  7. I am so happy i pre-ordered my calendar. It’s coming soon!!! :) Onew’s solo shots will have a calming effect on me when my stress level rises …hehehe…So cute and adorable!!!

    • Lol I agree. Onew is adorable in his shots. I like his multiple shot picture :3333

  8. Its hard for me to choose which one i like best. The multiple shot shows so much of his personality. The winking one raises the cute factor further but the close-up and leaning shot screams serious/mature and hot Onew (well at least to me..hehe).

  9. Oh… ohhh.

    *___* normally i’d complain about getting Key, but definitely not now. HELLO KEY. <3
    Lolling, definitely want a copy now, especially to wave in Candice’s face that I HAVE KEY. :D

  10. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu :)))) hehehehhhe

  11. I got Jonghyun, as much as I love the boy. GIVE ME KEY! or Onew at least. W/E. Love the little animals, very cute indeed.


      But I’m happy I got Jonghyun. He’s hot. LOL.

  12. Oh I wish I could order one of these!! Waah I get Crazy Onew ~^^ yay! Although I wouldn’t mind who I get Coz I just love them ALL!! Oppas are all looking so cute~! la.

  13. love shinee
    I lover min ho ^_^ &_&

  14. i want too *_*
    thanks for sharing ^^
    is this wall or desk calendar?

  15. i want no…i NEED the SHINee calendar I’m SHINee’s #1 fan!!I <3 Minho Oppa he's so HOT!!!SHINee HWAITING!!!!!SARANGHAEYO OPPA'S!!!!!!

  16. I Love Minho and Key ♥___♥

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