Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 28, 2009

2PM + You’re Beautiful?


YES PLEASE. Or better, an A.N.JellPM special stage. But I shouldn’t be greedy :3

Just found these pictures and thought I’d share. They’ve got the SBS Gayo tag on them, so I’m guessing that 2PM filmed some sort of YB parody?? I’M SO EXCITED.

I SEE WOOYOUNG WITH PIGRABBIT :DDD Does that mean he’s Taekyung?? Hm, I’m not sure who I’d pick from 2PM to play Taekyung…they’re all too nice to be Taekyung HAHA. Khun’s looking all smiley, which leads me to believe that he’s Jeremy (lol. what.) BUT Junho is the one holding the dog, so maybe he’s Jeremy? I’M CONFUSED. In the last picture, Khun is being all stalker-watching-you-while-you-sleep-ish so I think he’s Shinwoo and Taec is Minam LOL.

Look at the pictures and tell me your guesses :D

…I don’t know how to tag this ._.


  1. I is very excited for this. 2PM are always awesome with the crazy stuff. :) I’m confused too, I cannot guess who is meant to be who. Goash, I want that pigrabbit, that drama was the shit. :)
    Totally OT but like I can’t wait till the Hello Baby with Shinee comes out!! /dies.

    • I read on LJ that Taec is Taekyung? Lol sorry, but he’s really not Taekyung material XD Taekyung is girly and fragile and weird; Taec is beastly and dorky and…manly? XD I told my mum to buy me a pigrabbit for Christmas (cos I didn’t want to spend $50 on a soft toy XD) but she just looked at me like I was mentally unwell…………….. ;_;

      Omg, SHINee+Baby, it’s bound to become Candychu’s favourite show

      • totally agree with Taec thing. Taekyung is one of a kind, only GeunSeuk can pull it off.
        OMG. My mother had the exact same reaction. ITS SO EXPENSIVE! :(
        Apparently the quality of the Pigrabbit is real good too. I WANT IT BAD.
        oh btw, Hello fellow Adelaidian! /waves

        • We’re heaps good ;)

          Did you hear about how JGS was asked to play Goo JunPyo but he turned it down? Idk, I reckon he would’ve made a pretty good Junpyo :) But Lee Minho did a great job, so it’s all good~ (And MatsuJun will always be my favourite Domyoji <3)

          I want the Pigrabbit with the clip that Taekyung bought Minam on its ear XD Argh, I bet Sydney would have some asian stores that would stock it :(

  2. adkjfhdsfj *A*

    (But i was hoping for SJ because Yesung should totally be Minam because they look alike. Really.)


    • NOO, I WANT KHUN TO PLAY JOLIE :P Lol jks. Khun would make a great Jeremy; he looks like a halfie (Jeremy’s supposed to be from England) and he has such a sweet, sweet smile. AND KHUN CRIES LIKE AN ANGEL. FOR REALS. WATCH HOT BLOOD IF YOU NEED PROOF.

      I totally agree with you on Yesung looks like Minam/Minyu. THEY SHOULD’VE BROUGHT HIM IN TO PLAY GO MINAM.

  3. of course I am excited for this, or shall I say “I’m so essited”, but I am really curious if one of them us Uee. Khun looks really cute, so I’m thinking minam, can’t wait

  4. I’ve never watched “You’re Beautiful” but I wonder if this will be good.

  5. I think TaekYeon is TaeKyung
    WooYoung plays MiNam
    JunHo plays Jeremy
    NichKhun is ShinWoo
    ChanSung plays the manager
    and JunSu’s president Ahn or maybe HeYi ? XD

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