Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 31, 2009

091230 KBS Gayo Daejun Special Stages

The KBS Gayo Daejun on last night didn’t really interest me (I blame SBS for having such an epic gayo daejun), so I didn’t live stream it, but here’s a recap of all the special stages last night for those interested :) I didn’t watch the normal stages cos they were pretty much the same as what was on SBS.

2PM – Boom Boom Pow
Awww, I was hoping to hear them sing this :( A really short performance. Junho’s fringe looked…..odd XD They ripped their t-shirts off but Junsu’s didn’t come off properly and I think he nearly tripped over it XDDD

SHINee – Just Dance
LOL TAEMIN LOOKED LIKE A TINFOIL CLOWN XDDD KEY IS FIERCE. His pants are not. It was an alright performance, but I thought they sounded like they were doing karaoke LOL XD;;;

2009 Greatest Hits Mash Up
That was….disappointing. I expected something, idk, LONGER?

Super Junior – 어쩌다 마주치
Awww I like Teukie’s hair *___* He did a good job singing; they should let him sing more in suju songs. When I first saw pictures from this show, I thought that the boys wearing the baseball outfits were 2PM, BUT IT’S SUJU. Lol, it just seems more like something 2PM would wear :P

SNSD – Rhythm Nation
They did a really good job with this dance! I’m not even an SNSD fan and I liked it more than I liked 2PM and Suju’s XD

Kara – Son of a Gun
They all looked nice :)

Michael Jackson Tributes
Nicole + Ryeowook – Ben
Aww, those two were so cute together :3 It was a good performance, though I think they would’ve sounded better if their mics were louder :/

2PM – Dangerous
They looked so spiffy in those suits :) Did 2PM do DAngerous at the SBS show, too?

SNSD, BEG, Davichi – I’ll Be There
Jessica’s dress is so cute *O*

Jonghyun, Kim Taewoo + Kim Jung Mo – Beat It
I HAD NO IDEA WHAT JONGHYUN WAS SINGING XD His Engrish is amazing XD;;; Kim Taewoo sounded great, and JungMo did a great job on the guitar :D

SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior – Smooth Criminal
TAEMIN LOOKED SO GOOD *O* I’m glad he got to pay tribute to his favourite artist :)

Kara, Onew, K.Will, Yesung – Heal The World
Who was the guy standing to the other side of K.Will?? Poor guy didn’t get a close-up shot, so I have no idea who it was =.= I think it was Kyuhyun??

Maybe SBS set the bar too high, but I didn’t find this show anywhere near as good as the SBS show :/ Aside from being super short, the performance all seemed…awkward. And not fun. Maybe I’m being too negative. Did you guys enjoy it? I wrote lots of one-liner comments cos I really had nothing to say XD Hopefully the one tonight will be better :) Though the only way it can beat the SBS show is if they bring Jay back :D

I won’t be home tonight (IT’S NYE :D!) or tomorrow, so I can’t write up the post for tonight’s show, but maybe Candychu will do it :)

Have a great New Year’s Eve, everyone! Have fun and stay safe; I’ll see you all next yearrrrrr <333333

[Thank you to everyone who commented on the SBS post :3 I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ll reply when I come back tomorrow cos I’m late to my party XD]


  1. i thought sbs’s was a better cuz it was EPIC and full of win. this seemed like a formal event. sbs’s was kind of like a big concert. and the performances were kind of boring.

    p.s 2pm did thriller at sbs’s gayo daejun. beast and mblaq did dangerous during sbs.

    • They were kind of boring, weren’t they? :/

      Lol ok my memory failed me XD You know what would be awesome, if 2PM and MBLAQ had done the Dangerous/Thriller stage TOGETHER :D

  2. yeppers! D:< SBS GAYO Was the BEST O:

  3. I thought SBS was better too haha :D but KBS had some good stuff :)



  4. SHINee being Lady Gaga was priceless =P
    Jonghyun’s engrish is LOL.

    Heal the world was very beautiful~

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