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091225 Invincible Youth feat. Onew

Oh my goodness, I have not posted here in over a month – that’s a record, right? Did anyone miss me~ DOES ANYONE REMEMBER ME? Lool. I have an SS501 Concert Post to do up so look forward to that :D.

Onto the post now :D! I watched Invincible Youth with Minho before and lol omg, I had so much fun watching, so here’s Onew’s episode now :). I saw unsubbed cuts before so I already know what happens, the little thing he has with Hara, and who he picks at the end, but I’m sure everything will be infinitely better with subs :).

{credit: kompilations1 @ youtube}

G7 are all gathered around, ready to be Santa Clauses for the day :). They poke fun a lot at Narsha for being “old” omg but a lot of the time, she acts like she’s the youngest, and she is the cutest fangirl omg. Hyomin and Narsha go drop the presents off to the three children and Hyomin leaves a video message for them. Her parts always get cut out, apparently (what I learnt watching Minho’s ep) so she had to emphasise that she hopes the children will see her message lool. Hara, Sunny and Hyuna visit the baby that was really attached to Sunny (it’s sooooooooooo cute) and leaves this massive doll on their doorstep. Yuri and Sunhwa (I think it’s her, couldn’t see her face properly) and Shinyoung leave the presents for the last child but the dog keeps barking and they can’t get in lmao, so they end up leaving the sack by the gate.

After decorating the cowshed, the girls find out today’s guests will be boys/men. LOOK AT NARSHA’S REACTION LMAO. I’d love to go to a Concert or something with her, she’s so cute and crazy. The girls get into their prettiest poses to welcome the boys (LOL at Hara omg). The first guest is Seulong OMFG /GOES CRAZY/ I DID NOT KNOW HE WOULD BE ON HERE!!!!! Omg, I’m just as surprised as them haha. The second guest comes in and only (the adult) Narsha gets excited HAHAHA cause the others don’t know him lmfao. It’s Wang Saejoo, btw. I…don’t know him either XD. He’s pretty handsome though keke. The next guest is Heo Kyunghwan. Yeah, no idea who he is but I agree with the MC, he is the handsomest gag male I have ever seen~ AND THEN OMG, IDC IF THE SMILEY FACE IS IN THE WAY, I KNOW IT’S ONEW WARMING HIS HANDS UP ALKJFLKSDJF :333. Oh, the video ended lol.

Part 2 – He comes in walking backwards and all the girls are like ????? but when he turns around IT ALL JUST EXPLODES ALKDSJFLSKDFK. I can see Hyomin is a fan too ^__^<33. The man – er the village head? – goes “I called him here but I don’t know him” and when everyone’s like “SHINEE!!!!” he goes “Oh, the same group Minho is in!” Onew is all “Yes :DD *shakes hands while bowing*” alkslkjkfds, that boy. Narsha then steps up, “Although Minho came here first, but I like Onew more” (OH REALLY?) and then she races forward for a hug alksfjklds. Lmao people always surprise!attack Onew. Hara pulls Narsha back, of course xD.

Kyunghwan then offers to do a personal talent where he dances/sings a line from Hot Issue, Genie, Mister and then adds in his little gagline XD. The next guest is Son Hoyoung!! Omg he is so cute ;___;. Okay, I was always scared of his abs/body lmao – too much for me – but he looks really cute and smiley :)). Sunny gets thrown at him lmao but she’s too shy so Hyomin comes out to greet him. Lool she’s such a cute fangirl. But then Hoyoung admits he came for Sunny which of course makes her incredibly happy. She gets to run into his arm and all the other girls are like ;____;. Park Huisoon is the last guest, I don’t think I know him. I’ve seen him before, but I can’t even remember from where xD. Btw, what happened to Kim Taewoo? How come he disappeared?

LOL okay so they totally read my mind, just as I was thinking about him, they tease Yuri about him XD. Turns out, he’s preparing for his Concert :). Yuri then goes to greet the final guest (Park Huisoon) and is all “Honey~~~~ ” LOL OMG I’M SHUDDERING. WATCH HER FACE CHANGE LMFAO OMGG AHAAHAHHAHAHAH LOL IRL!!!! Onew’s laugh <333.

Everyone is shown the toilet and Hyomin proudly shares that she was the first to use it and offers her services for whoever wants to use it LOL. Seulong’s face ahahahhahaa. Hara introduces her chickens and Narsha tells her to do her childish gags. I NEVER GET THEM ;___;. I think they’re just little puns or something … SOMETHING ONEW WOULD LOVE AND DOES HIMSELF.

They change locations, to somewhere warmer, and it’s time for G7 to showcase their talents. Narsha enters first looking lovely in a black dress but ugh I hate leopard print ;_;. At least she looks good in it! Sunny wears a little red dress (omg I feel cold for her) .. okay I feel cold for everyone THEY’RE ALL IN MINI DRESSES ;_; and just have a fur vest.

Part 3 – Narsha dances to “Bo Peep Bo Peep”. Well, she only does the paw move lmao and because she has nothing else to perform, she just gets Kyunghwan to pretend to be her chauffeur xD. When Sunny dances, Saejoo comes out and decides to couple dance with her. LOL IS HE ALLOWED TO DO THAT?? Hyomin body waves herself out and then Hoyoung joins her for the “Bo Peep Bo Peep” dance~ Sunny comes out and pushes herself between them then Narsha does the same :((. I feel so sorry for Hyomin lmao, she’s either getting cut, or people are ruining things for her XD. Hyuna sexy dances and Seulong comes out to join her. ONEW BETTER STAY PUT WHERE HE IS LOL. Hara’s dance involves a whole lot of hair swishing and just as Narsha is all >:(( what is that!? HARA STACKED IT, OMFG. SHE’S ALWAYS FALLING BUT THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING XDDD. It’s so funny, how you see all the men rush forward but the women (well, girls) only shuffle forward a little XD.

When it’s Yuri’s turn lol omfg this was so funny, Seulong speaks up and goes “I saw the show, she has a happy trail” LOL OMG I DIED. AND HER SCREAM AHAHAHAHAHA. Then Seulong adds “I can understand her. I have it too.” LOL THAT MAKES IT A WHOLE LOT BETTER!! But aww, Hyomin’s reaction when Shinyoung first mentioned it xDDDD. Still, Yuri pulls Seulong into the dance with her. Hyuna interrupts bu Yuri pushes her back out hehe.

Now it’s time for the men to show off. They each have presents for the girls :). Hoyoung has couple headsets. OMG I WANT THAT. And of course he puts it around Sunny. Poor Hyomin <33. Saejoo has a scarf/blanket that he used while filming and he wraps it around Sunhwa. Seulong has couple gloves and sport shoes. He calls Hyuna out and they dance to Hot Issue together~ BUT OMFG HE CHOSE YURI O_______________________________________O. Woah okay that was necessary because…omg HE PLAYED WITH HYUNA. Oh, omg poor Hyuna. I’m frustrated for her. “Why? Why did you have to seduce me?” LOL still, she has every right to be annoyed.

Saejoo pulls out a glove (or is it a mitten?) that he says he bought from the supermarket, but it’s really cute! Like a giant paw :). He has his CD as well. He chooses Narsha lol. There’s something about him that is really greasy xD. THEN IT’S ONEW’S TURN. HE JUST SHINES, YOU GUYS *________*. And look at him and his cute present box with the smiley face adfjkljsf. Onew performs “I will give you all” which is one of my favourite OST songs, ever <333. Such a classic ;~;. He performed it on 1000 Songs Challenge before – I still have my mp3 cut keke. It’s so funny, he sings to Yuri first and she’s all ;~~~; BUT HE MOVES ON LMAO. Omg her face is all -_-. Brb while I melt ;___;. I’m a bit confused as to why he steps behind Sunny and Hyomin though when neither were his choice XD. He comes back round the front to give it to Narsha~ HE EVEN WRAPS HIS SCARF AROUND HER OMG. I bit my lip without realising alskdjfkdsjf. And Onew doesn’t even have a reason for liking her, he just does ;~;. AND KEY WRAPPED THE PRESENT, OMG /FLAILS/. Onew prepared gloves and a beanie :33.

Um, I’ve already gone over 1000 words – lol what a comeback post – so I’d better stop ^^;;. I’ll link to the other four parts and maybe do a brief summary after I’m done watching keke.

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


::EDIT:: Okay, I’m back after finishing watching :3. Did you guys all enjoy the Onew x Hara scenes? Weren’t they positively adorable ;_;. Ugh I’m so jealous lol, Onew come pluck a seed from my hair~~~

Sunny and Hoyoung were really cute too! Sorta like Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook!? Like, there was that whole ~feel~ hehe. And when Sunny stuck her hand in the box again and again to catch the loaches, I sorta threw up lol. Omg that stuff is so gross, I was squirming in my seat. She is…so brave xD. I could never do that.

And Hyomin! Omg poor girl. Huisoon was just drinking all the wine and even called her Hyuna :(. But what he said about her always being depressed is so true. Maybe if people just stopped cutting out her parts!!! I hope another member of SHINee gets to go on keke~


  1. hello yeah long time never see your post already hahaha. welcome back~ :)

    and OHHHH this special epi has so much loveee. And its so funny! haha. I think the onew + hara couple is pretty cute, they both have the same sangtae LOL.

    And, ohhh son ho young and sunny were so cute too. I was very amazed with sunny! I didnt know she was so fearless like this haha!

    nice nice epi <3

    • Thank you ^^.

      They are really cute, and they were just laughing at each other’s jokes omg <33

      YES fearless is a good word. Her and Hoyoung made a really good couple too. But srsly, that loach part … ugggh :@

  2. welcome back Candychu! and Happy New Year too! i’ve missed your spazzy post. it’s been a while since I last butt in with my comments but I love this episode too :D

    first off, i loveeee the show. didn’t think it would be this funny, and have to admit the thing that drew me in initially was the photo slides they show at the end of each episode (or the first few episodes at least). and i was pleasantly surprised when SeulOng showed up too! cos i thought it would only be 7 girls chasing after Onew hehe.

    oh, i only know the SaeJoo guy since he’s currently acting in KBS weekend drama – Three Brothers. and KyungHwan is a gagman, mainly for KBS i would think? he definitely has a segment in Gag Concert.

    i really enjoyed the episode overall, although it’s lacking the usual countryside-work like they normally do, ifyouknowwhatimean.

    • Thank you! Happy New Year to you too :). Thank you for dropping by with your comments again ^^.

      Oh I knew there would be other male guests from the cut I saw before but I thought Onew was the only idol ^^;;.

      Yeah agree! The stuff they do on this show is really interesting, but in the Minho ep, I was all ;___; at the earthworm catching part. That stuff just isn’t for me lmao.

      • btw, you should definitely watch Dream Team’s episode in Canada with Song Joong Ki! also subbed by Kompilations1 :D

        i think this is my first time seeing him in a variety show and wow, personality-wise, he’s definitely no Onew! i mean, i thought he would be the sorta-shy guy type, but no-oo-oo, apparently not judging from this episode.

        • LOL I’VE ALREADY SEEN THE SUBBED EP. Like, the first part. Is the second ep subbed?

          I LOVE JOONGKI, OKAY :DD. Did you see his performance with Outsider? PAS didn’t post it but omg alkfjkdljfkds it was like, my favourite of the Christmas Bank Music Special.

          And have you seen him on the first episode of Dream Team? Joongki was also on SGB when all 5 members of SHINee were on. He was on with Hyorim, the female MuBank host. The full ep hasn’t been subbed yet :( but I dl the SHINee cuts off SFI and got to see him for a bit. HE IS SO FREAKING CUTE.

          And yeah, he’s definitely more manly and less shy haha. But he’s still really similar to Onew! Like I was saying to my friend, the both of them are really awkward with the stuff they do but Onew is D: while Joongki is >:D. You know? Like his English speaking and just aldkjfksldf omg idk, but some stuff he does makes me cringe lmao but it’s still really cute HAHA.

          Okay, sorry I rambled. I get like this whenever I find someone who likes Joongki – there aren’t very many of us out there!!!

          • ahha ok i was referring to the 1st episode. i should’ve known better. OF COURSE you’ve watched it before anyone else ;)

            I KNOW YOU LOVE HIM. hehe, i *adore* him, just like Onew. he has that impossible-to-hate face. and i did watch that performance! totally caught me by surprise and glad he didn’t sucked. it was pretty brave of him to go against Outsider though so i must say he did a good job.

            i didn’t watch the 1st episode of Dream Team in full but managed to catch the fully-subbed SGB episode on KBS World yeay! clocked out from work in time so as not to miss it, and even caught the re-run, me thinks. i still cannot get over how similar they look!

            i totally agree with that last paragraph of your ramblings tho XD it’s just that Onew is just naturally pure and super innocent while Joong Ki is just being.. guys. but with that face, anything he does has certain percentage of cuteness attached to it.

            not many ppl like him eh? i think there’s quite a number but he isn’t the one Ring Ding Dong-ing on stage so a large portion of K-Pop fans see less of him compared to other idol singers.

            • Yes! He has such a baby face omg but his voice is so deep and manly *O*

              I had no idea he could rap omg and yes to take on Outsider! I was so so impressed. I think that performance definitely converted a lot of fans haha.

              But yeah I agree, he’s been in a few dramas and movies but his roles are always small. Have you seen his cuts on Will it snow for Christmas? I WAS SO DEVASTATED WHEN HE DROWNED IN SHALLOW WATER, WTF. I think the whole of Korea – or whoever watched it – was shocked too. Cause I went on baidu and everyone was just like !!??!?!???!??!?! hahahaha.

  3. Yeah! Welcome back candychu!!
    Hope you enjoy your holidayy!


    ohmygod! Onew-Hara couple r so suitable for eacj other hahaha!! they’re cute!!
    and sunny and hoyoung are so sweet!

    But i seriously cracked up when YUri’s “honey” burst thru the door!
    ROFLMAO YURI’s expression at Park Huisoon entrance!! hahaha! she even ran away from him!

    ohmygod *wiping happy tears* one of the best episode i’ve ever watched!


    • Hehe, thank you :)) And yes I did! You’re welcome, thank you for commenting <333

      LOL @ you wiping happy tears. These episodes are really fun to watch! I like when the girls just sorta get themselves out there and do crazy stuff. Like last time when Hara uglified herself OMG I got such a fright XDD.

  4. Yay! \:D/ I hope you had a good vacation.

    I wish Onew was the only guest. More screentime.^^ I like Hara and Sunny a gazillion times more after this episode.
    Seulong and Yuri wimping out over wood? Rofl

    • HI :D Yes I did, thank you.

      LOL OMFG YES!!! SEULONG IS SUCH A … A … NOT MANLY MAN OMG. He full screamed and made Yuri think the thing was alive XD. Omg I laughed so hard at the pair of them XD.

  5. LOL, i was actually wondering y PAS was doing all the posts. :)) but anyway, i am really amazed with the wood wine. XD

    hara and her clumsy and the lame kiddie gags make me think they’re compatible. onew and her. S: but idk, probably not cos i think onew is too submissive for hara. lol. idk. and the king kong joke was LOLame.

    • HAHA yeah I’m still not back completely and I keep going over the limit for my internet lmao D:

      Her and Onew are so cute cause they’re both so -_-;; lmaoo. I DIDNT GET THE KING KONG ONE. Do you get them???

      • I GET THE KING KONG JOKE. :DDD i thought you would too cos i thought you know the onew language. XD

        the king fell on the throne and so “kong!” kong being the sound he produced right cos he fell his throne. DX wth.

        • I srsly didn’t get it ;_;.


  6. hi candychu =]]]]]]]]]] welcome back! i hope your break was fun =D
    so um…i haven’t watched this yet and what i’m about to say has no relevance to shinee or invincible youth or anything really but…

    DBSK’S IN SYDNEY (more like changmin, jae, junsu, yoochun and yoochun’s brother). GO GO GO GO GO. carry your camera everywhere ahahahaha

    • I KNOW!!! I’ve been planning my stalking since yesterday when I found out but I haven’t been able to take action at all due to stuff happening at home. I really home I’ll get the chance to see them before they leave. I will try my best, I promise! I already charged my camera lol, any time I can go out I’ll be ready :)!

  7. I is sad. Links are dead, KBS copyright. :( :( And this episode looks fantastic. And.. And.. ONEW!~

    • omg NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :(((((((((

  8. OMG, Kompilations’s account has been suspended! 0__0;;;;;

    • I KNOW! ;___; all those videos omg. She (she?) even started a new account in hopes of saving those videos :((

      • Really? WHat’s her new account. Argh, I just saw that SHINee’s going to do Season 2 of Hello Baby (*SQUEAL*) and zomg I want to see that so much. Ilysm Key <3 IU is one lucky girl…

        • kompilations1 :D!

          • Oh thank GOD. :D And pity you didn’t get to see the boys in Sydney…At least you were there!

            • I guess :(. Still very disappointed though lol ._.

  9. I’ve never actually commented before, but I just wanted to say that I’m very grateful for all of your updates.
    And welcome back, candychu! =]
    You guys are always so enthusiastic! It’s so much fun to read your reviews and stuff because I’m about the same way. Haha.
    Thank you!

    • Oh wow, thank you for dropping by and commenting then – and thank you for the welcome back kekeke ^^. Glad you enjoy reading our posts :)♥~

  10. OMG that episode was cute. Narsha was soooo adorable when she told Onew that he was her fav lmao. I’m so mad she didn’t choose him tho :( I love Brown Eyed Girls and SHINee interactions. SHINee members always tease them haha. I think she didnt choose him because she’s too old and/or she wanted the younger members (who didn’t get chosen) to have him.

    • Omg I know eh! I was pretty sad she rejected Onew but I also think her reasons were one of the ones you mentioned. At least he was very cute with Hara :)!

    Like them sweets time here. I like the way Onew touch Hara’s hair such a gentleman. Even thats only for catch something in her hair. AAAH WANT TO SEE MORE THEEEEEEEEEM SCENE IN OTHER VARIETY OR REALITY

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