Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 5, 2010

MBLAQ Idol Army Ep.2

Credit: mellowgreenleaf @ Youtube

Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

The boys got their first guest this episode: SECRET. I don’t know much anything about them, but they look cute and I like the song they played in the background when they came out XD

After the girls came out, the boys took turns standing on a pedestal to show off their dance skills. Thunder went first and he…just stood there LOL. Seungho came out strong, but then he kinda failed XD G.O tried to be suave, but then he did this weird hop thing at the end which just ruined his image; Mir…I don’t even know what he was trying to do XD It’s like he mixed a few very different moves together T__T Joon started with a pirouette…but then he FELL OFF THE PEDESTAL LOLOLOLOL XD

The girls did a much better job. Sunhwa kinda reminded me of Sulli, I think it’s the eyes? Hyosung danced to the Pussycat Dolls and rofl, Mir and G.O stuck their name tags on her. Wth. Zinger did well, though everytime I see “Zinger” I immediately think “burger” LOL XD;;;

Because this episode aired around Christmas time, the MBLAQ boys prepared special Christmas gifts for the Secret girls ^__^ Thunder brought along a Hello Kitty doll for the girls to hug while they sleep (say it with me now: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW)he named the doll “Soonja”, after his BACKPACK. Yes, that’s right, Thunder’s backpack has a name =.=;;; Joon brought along something “from the heart”: a Christmas card. That’s…economical XD? In the card he wrote a heartfelt message: “Hello Girl, I am a kind person, are you kind too?” LOL. SEUNGHO BROUGHT GIRL UNDERWEAR THAT HE WRAPPED IN A PRETTY GIFT BOX. OMG LEADER, WTH WERE YOU THINKING. YOU DON’T BUY GIRLS UNDERWEAR. AND IT WAS THE MESHY KIND TOO. LEADERRR =________________________________= Mir and G.O brought nice things; Mir had a cute cake and G.O had mittens ^___^

The girls took turns sitting with their backs to the boys, and the boys who wanted her as a partner would come out and sit in front of her. Sunhwa was all smiley when she saw Joon and G.O, but then she saw Seungho and had a minor heart attack LOL. SEE, LEADER, THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULDN’T BUY GIRLS UNDERWEAR. THEY’LL THINK THAT YOU’RE CREEPY. To reject the boys they didn’t want, the girls had to say “die” and push them back LOL When it was JiEun’s turn, Joon tried to impress her by doing the splits but ended up ripping his pants HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Joon came out everytime, but got rejected everytime XD Poor BB. I loved his “10 Cute Expressions”, and I liked how the captions named all of them ____.jpg XDDD Hyosung came out last, and in an attempt to not be paired up with Joori, Thunder gave Hyosung yoghurt and Joon gave her…a boiled egg LOL XD. Oh Joon, why so weird =___= But before Hyosung got a chance to choose between Thunder and Joon, Sunhwa suddenly changed her mind about Seungho and wanted to change partners, HAHAHAHA. Poor leader. So to impress her once again, Seungho PLAYED PIANO. AND HE LOOKED SO HOT PLAYING. AND HE’S REALLY GOOD. IT’S SO NICE TO SEE A CLASSICALLY TRAINED IDOL. Most idols just play pop songs. Seungho makes me want to go practise piano ^^;;; Anyway, in the end, Seungho still ended up with Sunhwa, Mir with JiEun, Thunder with Zinger and Joon with Hyosung; G.O had to be paired up with Joori XD

After the couple selection, they played their first game. The boys had to pick up their partners and run with them to the big mattress at the front of the room, then drop them to pop the ballon on the mattress. Whoever popped the balloon got an attempt to answer an idol group-related question. Seungho and Sunhwa lost, so they became the “Idiot Couple” XD.

And that’s all, folks :P I will now go youtube Secret; they were so cute!



    I WANNA WANNA WATCH THIS. ;~; darn fail-y net connection.

    sunhwa is so epic clutz. HAHA. the things she does on Invincible Youth is super funny. XD so it makes sense that she and seungho became the ‘idiot couple’ XD

    • Oooo I must go check out Invincible Youth then; she was so cute in this episode!

  2. I didn’t plan on getting into MBLAQ b/c I liked B2ST better, but they’re soo cute! I thought no one could do an Idol Army anywhere close to 2pm’s but I really like this one too.

    Lace underwear? Really? XD Why so many fail!Leaders in Kpop?

    • Lol I love how Idol Army made 2PM “Beasts” and are now trying to make MBLAQ “Idiots” LOL XD. They can say goodbye to their “chic-idol” image (whatever that is :P)

      IKR, who gives girls you don’t know UNDERWEAR. Or even girls you do know. FAIL!LEADER.

  3. I want Mir’s gift!!! ^O^

    • Me too :D! Though I probably wouldn’t end up eating it cos it’s so cute ^__^

  4. Hello, do you happen to know the song when Sunhwa chose Seungho? The first couple. I really wanna know. Thanks :)

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