Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 7, 2010

ZE:A – Mazeltov MV

Video: UrAsianSourceTV @ Youtube

Also known as Children of Empire :)

I’ve been waiting for their mv ever since news of their debut came out. Another group with a massive amount of shiny boys :Q___ THINK OF ALL THE TIME I CAN WASTE LEARNING THEIR NAMES :D Lol I think it took me a MONTH to learn the SuJu boys’ names XDDD Right now, I can’t really tell them apart cos I think 80% of them have the same hairstyle XD DIFFERENT STYLES IN DIFFERENT COLOURS WOULD HELP. But I’m sure that once I see them on some variety shows I’d be able to tell them apart :)

I’m not sure what to think of this mv….it kinda gave me an idea of what Mirotic and Super Girl would look like mixed togehter :P Especially at 1:17 when they did the chin move O_O

As for the song, at the moment it hasn’t really made an impression on me, though I keep hearing them sing “Jaybomb Jaybomb” in the intro XD But you know, I hated U-Kiss’s Man Man Ha Ni when I first heard it, but now I love it :D So we’l see~~


  1. WOW O_O
    this is like every kpop band rolled into one.
    just from the top of my head i could already notice some shinee and dbsk moves…
    i see a lil similarity to 2pm, mblaq, suju in there too..
    and one of the guys in there reminds me of GD but idk, i cant even separate them yet xD

    • Yea, the choreographer must’ve watched a lot of MV’s…and remembered all the moves XD I hope their next song will be awesome, cos at the moment they’re not really wow-ing me :/

      • maybe the choreographer (whoa, i cant believe it took me a while to spell this) is a fangirl too xD
        IA. i’ll be looking out for their future stuff and maybe a collab with snsd? considering their matching numbers, that’ll be pretty nice :D

        • That’s why I love Firefox – SPELLCHECK :D

          Oooo you’re right, their numbers do match up! Maybe now SNSD can get away from my 2PM boys and go do couple things with ZE:A instead :P

          • hahaha why didnt i think of tht? i thought of a dictionary but not spellcheck xD im so late idek
            ohyespls. leave the hot sexyness that is 2PM and go play with the new boys in kpoptown kthxbai :D
            i have nothing against them but i want my biases and their abs for my own.. (so selfish, fandom..what did u do to mee?!! >.<)

            • SNSD gets all the kpop boys; DBSK, Suju, SHINee, 2PM. They better stay far, far away from my MBLAQ boys >[


  2. I do not like. I’ll give them a chance though and let them come out with more stuff. :)
    I do like to laugh at the random engrish such as “American Girl, Korean Girl, Mexican Girl, Japan Girl” and “Friday, Saturday, Sunday” the recounting of the days of the week remind me of BEP’s I Gotta Feeling.

    Totally off topic: I’m selfish and want SM to debut a boyband. But then they’ll be too many to follow and then I’ll get frustrated then I’ll get sad cos then another boyband that I like will drop into oblivion. :) I hope all the legal crap finishes this year and we say goodbye to slave contracts!~ But I think this is me and wishful thinking.

    sorry for ranting on your blog ><" could not help myself.

    • Rofl I didn’t even hear the “American Girl, Korean Girl” bit XD Shows how bad my listening is (or how bad their pronunciation is :P)

      I really think that SM will debut a boyband this year. They always alternate between girl and boy groups. DBSK, CSJH, SJ, SNSD, SHINee, F(x), NEW BOYBAND :D But yea, everytime a new boyband comes out, another one fades into obscurity :/ Or gets shipped to Japan. Same thing XDD

      Don’t apologize, I love OT rants :D

  3. they smartened up wit their name! at least now they know plural from singular.

    back to the mv/song. it was ok for me. too much autotune on the sparse singing. looked more like dancers than singers to me. but that guy who rapped towards the end, he’s a hottie!

    • Yes, but Children of Empire is still grammatically incorrect DD; I’m tempted to put a “the” before “Empire” LOL XD

      All the groups nowadays have sooooo much autotune. I wish they’d start a new kpop trend :/

  4. OMG.
    IT IS

    ZE:A is .. not my cup of tea. :3


      Lol, I don’t like ZE:A or F.Cuz at the moment, but we’ll see :)

  5. Okay this group and F.cuz popped out of nowhere for me. I just heard about them both yesterday! Now…
    I don’t like this song at all, and besides “kinda looks like GD boy” and “kinda reminds me of Key boy” I can’t tell them apart either. Tbh I only watched to the end so I could count how many there were-.-

    I’m kind of a new boyband hater b/c they always look like poser versions of existing bands to me, but I almost ALWAYS come around in the end. XD

    • Really??? O______O But, but, KAN (from F.Cuz). IS GORGEOUS. And there has been heaps of news articles about F.Cuz :S

      I’m not liking either group atm. Lol I’m always pretty slow to catch on to “new” trends XD

      MBLAQ = an annoying song (OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH YEAH YEAH) and fun personalities, and Beast has pretty decent songs, so that’s how I got into them. Atm, I see neither from ZE:A and F.Cuz; though I’m being slightly unfair cos I haven’t really seen either group on any shows XD

  6. they look like worse copy of DBSK =.=’

    • A bigger DBSK, perhaps? Lol no one will ever beat DBSK in my books, so I hope their next dance will be more original ^^;;;

  7. i don’t really like them. all i can rremember from their song is their engrish ._. not a good sign. this is why i avoid Beast.
    same with f.,cuz, but i like them a bit more (or rather, dislike them a bit less) cuz they atleast don’t look like they’re trying to copy other groups (but the shinyness reminds me of… shinee) … and cuz kan is pretty to look at (but his voice is so nasally T_T) :P
    but then again, i really disliked 2pm when they debuted, and now i am completely converted. i guess i’ll just wait to see how they are on shows and maybe i’ll change my mind (2pm are the most epic variety show boys evarrrrr… oh! and suju too!) :D

    • Awww c’mon, MBLAQ can be just as crazy as 2PM. Watch their Idol Army!

      Rofl I didn’t even pay any attention to Kan’s voice, cos um hello, PRETTY FACE XD Argh, I should stop being so shallow .___.

      I hope both F.Cuz and ZE:A release something EPIC next, cos right now they’re both just a bit bleh for me. I WANT TO SEE SOMETHING NEW. Or even something annoying like Oh Yeah :P

      • lolol i like mblaq (even though Oh Yeah does get on my nerves) and i watched some of their idol army, but it makes me really miss jay and 2pm :( i mean, mblaq is cute and all, but they aren’t wild and goofy like 2pm was… joon is pretty though, so i started watching cuz of him (so i’m shallow too XD)… but they’re all really funny :)

        kinda random, but doesnt every boy group’s leader seem to be super faily? like yunho, jay, leeteuk, seungho, onew, jonghun… haha

        • I MISS JAYBOMB TOO ;__________________; Omg JYP MUST bring him back this year or I am flying to Korea and rioting outside JYPE >[

          Lol imo, Yunho is the only one who “leads”, the rest of them kinda get their roles confused at times and just play around with everyone else XD Seungho takes leader!fail to a whole new level, though; WHO BUYS GIRLS LACE UNDERWEAR DDD;

          • @pinkandsparkly i totally agree with your last comment x]

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