Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 8, 2010

F.Cuz – Jiggy MV

Video: thestory0913 @ Youtube

Ok that hurt my eyes ;___; IT WAS SO BRIGHT AND HAPPY.

I’m not sure what to think of this song…it’s hard not to compare it with ZE:A’s just because the songs were released one after the other.

I think F.Cuz’s choreographer definitely did a much better job; while I don’t love their choreography (WHAT’S WITH THE ONE GUY STANDING DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE OTHER ONE IN THE MIDDLE?!) at least their dance doesn’t look like a mash up of all kpop boyband dances :P

As for the song – maybe the bright mv ruined it for me. I’m not liking it yet. it’s catchy, yes, but nothing new and way too happy for my taste XD

The F.Cuz members all look distinctly different from each other (TAKE THAT, ZE:A) so I don’t think it’s going to be too difficult to learn their names :) Right now I just know Kan (the good looking one with the long-ish styled hair? That is Kan :D )

I think both ZE:A and F.Cuz chose a really good month to debut; I don’t think they have a lot of competition(with SNSD releasing their album in February and 2PM ending promotions soon) so it’s going to be interesting to see how ZE:A and F.Cuz will do in this month’s music shows.


  1. ah. i watched both mvs of children of empire & F.cuz
    And i definitely liked F.cuz more hahaha.
    True about their different hairstyles! =)
    Cant wait for them to debut~

    • Lol I think I prefer ZE:A’s song, just because I can still remember the “friday, saturday sunday” line and I can’t remember anything from F.Cuz’s song XD

      It always helps when you give each person a different hairstyle. I remember when MBLAQ first debuted, I was so confused cos Mir and Joon looked THE SAME XD

  2. i dint expect f.cuz to be so cheery… doesnt really go wit their image. i thought they’d be cooler ya know?

    im getting really agitated wit them kpop groups using symbols in their names… full stop, brackets, colons.. makes it hard to type! Grrr~

    anyway, im yejun biased. just because he reminds me of taemin!

    i think fcuz is like beast while ze;a is like mblaq. one is happier, one is darker. i preferred the happy one before so i think i might just trend towards fcuz this time around. but i dunno… i need to see them perform the songs on stage first to decide.

    • Their teaser pics looked really serious and macho! But then the mv turned out to be so happy ._.

      LOL I totally agree with the names being hard to type! I hate typing f(x), cos it takes so much longer than, say, SNSD XD And 2PM, omg, I always end up typing @PM XD;;;;

      Lol MBLAQ Oh Yeah days, you mean? Cos G.O.O.D Luv is super happy XD

  3. gee gee gee gee baby baby baby gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

    ring ding dong ring ding dong ring dingie ding dingie ding ding ding ring ding dong ring ding dong ring dingie ding dingie ding ding ding

    sorry sorry sorry sorry

    oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah

    again and again and again and again

    and now: jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy


  4. I can’t take any of the new boybands seriously. I’m sticking to what the Big 3 give us and FTI’s company! (F&CMusic?) But I like F.Cuz way better than Z:EA, KAN!~ and one of them can really sing from one of the teasers I saw. I’ll learn their names if they impress me.
    I’m eager for C.N Blue’s k-debut and music since I love stuff from their genre. Have you seen the teasers? I like I like. :D


    • Fish and Cake Music School. I kid you not, that is the name XD

      Lol I always like what the Big Three releases, just because they normally invest a LOT of money into their groups so they’re all shiny and nicely packaged XD But I love MBLAQ. Rain did a great job :Db

      I have seen the teasers! I’m waiting for them to all come out before I post~~ I bet you they’ll release Yonghwa’s last ._. I hope their songs on the new album will be in Korean; NO MORE ENGRISH PLEASE, KTHX. I’d love to see some rock in Kpop *___*

      • ARE YOU SERIOUS? Yes, yes. I agree MBLAQ is pretty awesome! Joon and Mir. <3 Still need to work on their vocals a bit but their personality and promotions are pretty darn awesome. I shall clap for you Rain! /clapclap
        Yonghwa is like the band's cash cow atm. But I don't care, the needed the publicity and they got it so hooray for them! I love what I'm hearing from them, their engrish was cute but yeh I prefer them singing in Korean. :D YAY 2010!~

        • Yes lol, but hey, at least the agency isn’t named after the CEO (HA, take that, SM, YG and JYP :P)

          Lol yea, MBLAQ’s songs are far from being revolutionary (though Oh Yeah) is quite nice after you’ve listened to it a few times. It’s their personalities I like :D Lol I have a thing for dorks and idiots XD

          Lol yea, Yonghwa is like Hyunjoong right now XD But I don’t care cos it means I get to see more of him :DDDD Everyone in that band is so YOUNG though, Yonghwa is the only one older than me D;

  5. I can’t unhear F**kas. ><"

    • OMG YOU HEARD IT TOO???? I didn’t want to say anything in case no one else heard it, cos um, once you hear it, you can’t UNHEAR it XD

      • HOW CAN YOU NOT?! ITS RIGHT THERE! They should have seriously checked with a fluent english speaker beforehand. /facepalm

        • I’m going to pronounce it “Eff Kuh-Z” :D

  6. So many boybands! Remember back when it was just DBSK, Suju, Big Bang, and SS501? No? Me neither. ;_;
    All jokes aside, I like F.cuz better than Z:EA(and totally agree about the punctuation marks in band names >:T) Almost all of the bands these days are in dark and serious mode so a happy song will help people remember F.cuz. The MV gives me a Chu feeling and the moves are pretty easy, which makes them easy to imitate and increases the chances of success. (Bo Peep anyone?)

    • I can never remember if it’s ZE:A or Z:EA D;

      I miss the good old days…LIFE WAS SO SIMPLE BACK THEN. Lol I remember in 2009 when I was like “OMG TOO MANY GIRL GROUPS, I NEED TO BOYSSSSS” but now there’s like, an over-saturation of boy groups XD

      Kpop is all about easy to imitate dance moves and catchy lines (GEE, ANYONE??)

  7. I like F.Cuz but I did not see this MV coming. From the teasers they can sing the auto tune is such a waste of their voices :(
    I wished they had gone for something more mature, I love me some guys in suits XD and that Kan is a hottie.

    So far they have an upperhand on ze:a (i think i saw an army of keys in that group o_o) but ze:a’s rapper guy is pretty hot.

    Atleast these two groups got my attention i totally skipped over mblaq & beast.

    • From their teaser pictures, I was expecting something dark and angsty. I am disappoint :/

      Kan is gorgeous, I’d love to see him in a suit *____*


      Awww you MUST watch some MBLAQ shows! Those guys are HILARIOUS. Go watch Idol Army :DDD

  8. Gah. Lame…

    They song is too happy for me and what’s up with Jiggy? what kind of name is that?

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