Posted by: lovediaries | January 9, 2010

100108 SHINee @ Music Bank

For those who are wondering, my stalking finding DBSK mission failed. I spent two days out in the city and didn’t have any luck with bumping into them :(.

I’m still pretty out of the loop with fandom, haven’t had time to check out any of the new groups or new music or anything so I’m just putting SHINee’s performances in this post. Hope that’s okay :).

Key & IU : Letter to You – Not liking Key’s new hair colour :(. It was okay during the Gayo Daejuns cause I thought it was just something “special” but now he’s even got his fringe trimmed and it’s just not fierce enough for me lol. This is a really cute collab! I bet somewhere in HK, beckery is crying tears of joy that it’s not Hyuk in the place of Key kekeke. There wasn’t much interaction (or even eye contact – WHY KEY? IU IS SO PRETTY AND SWEET LOOKING!!) and I found them sort of awkward, the way Key just stood to a side of IU haha but it was a very lovely cover of MC Mong’s song :). IU’s voice is so lovely and I love Key’s rapping :D.

Waiting Room Cut – Not too sure what’s happening here but lmao at the beginning when Brian & Uee walk into the waiting room, Key’s talking really loudly into his mic but the camera is on Onew so it looked like Key’s voice was coming out of Onew’s mouth AHAHAHA. Am I the only one amused by that!? XD. And then omg the faces they make aslkdjflkdjflks the little ang that came out of Onew’s mouth was so so cute. And then the little wave thing Taemin did with his hand AND MINHO’S POUT LOL WTH!?

Jo Jo Performance – Yay, finally I get to do a Jo Jo perf :D. I was so excited when I found out they were promoting this song because SM artists never do things like this lol~ Have I mentioned I love this song? Cause I do. It’s my message tone and my ringtone keke, much like RDD was before. I love Jo Jo performances because apart from it being one of my favourite SHINee songs ever, there is a very relaxing feel to it :). And I love that part where Onew comes out with his hands sandwiching the microphone ;__;. It’s like the cutest “move” ever. I always rewatch it cause I’m obsessed with his hands lmao. I LIKE THE TREBLE CLEF ON KEY’S FACE, TOO. And of course the Jongho moments at the end of every perf ♥.

I’ll be back after I’ve watched the videos!

p.s SHINee for Hello Baby Season 2!!?!?!!??!??!?!?! THOUGHTS? FEELINGS? SPAZZES?


  1. SHINee always gets the best songs. I LOVE JOJO.
    YAY!!! SHINEE WITH BABIES! I is very happy!
    I saw a vid and Junsu was on a cruise (near Circular Quay?), lipsyncing.
    Be back later to spaz, the mall awaits!~

    • I can’t wait, and the kids (I saw photos of at least two of them keke) are SO CUTE!!

      Yes he was filming for Mozart :(. I was out that day but I thought since he already went to Circular Quay he wouldn’t go again. I was wrong.

      Lmao enjoy shopping (?) haha!

      • Argh darn! Oh well at least you can say that he was in the same state as you. :D :D

        Did you read how Key said “this is my son’ ? I squealed, tre embarrassing. But whatever SHINEE WITH BABIES. It will be my crack for the year. Heh.
        I wanted Mason Moon as the kid they look after but that was me just being over imaginative, yay for Key Umma! And Onew being adorable with the kid~ It looks so fun.

        • Haha I guess ._.

          YES I DID alskfs srsly, I can’t wait for this omg. I wanna download every episode in shiny HQ hahahaha. It’s been too long since Yunhanam *O*

  2. Yayy!!
    i’m not the only one that was crying cuz it was Key instead of Hyuk ^^
    cute tho…
    lol also loved how Jonghyun’s aegyo totally WASNT aegyo at all x3

    • HAHA i know right, does Jonghyun even KNOW what aegyo is!?

  3. I thought Key and IU were really cute. Considering how Yoseob fans bombed her mihompy after their collab I think the arm around shoulder move was pretty forward. lol
    Key’s sparkly face tattoos make me cringe okay? He’s crossed the line of girliness.

    I was so wishing for another reality show. Yay! Now that the boys aren’t awkward newbies anymore it will be 418484663 times crazier than Yunhanam.^^


      No, the treble clef is cool ;_;.

      I’m lost. What did Yoseob fans have anything to do with Key and IU!?

      AND WITH A KID AS WELL OMG ;_; a boy toddler akfjldkjfkdsf. I’m so excited.

      • Yoseob did a collab performance of Marshmellow with IU a week(?) ago. He didn’t even sing from what I can remember, just danced around looking really adorable, but of course some fans overreacted and left tons of “often profanity laced” comments on IU’s mihompy. Needless to say, she shut it down and the crazy netizens claim another star’s homepage.
        That’s why I was a little shocked/worried about her doing another collab.

        • OH RIGHT! Now your comment makes sense to me. Okay well, now that she has no minihompy, fans have nowhere to attack her…hopefully she’s safe D: Poor girl!

  4. SHINee boys looked great. taemin sounds good. jojo isnt my cup of tea but they still rocked it. i want them to come here!

    • Oh rly? Not a fan of Jo Jo? Glad you’re still watching the performances though :D!

  5. YOU READ MY MIND SO WELL BB ROFL. Saw this last night and have to admit, i let out a sigh of relief XP I probably wouldnt be able to sit thru a HD perf of this again if it was hyukjae ;___; I wanted to see Key though so tried to load it but it wouldn’t load T__T

    • LOL OH HI.

      It would’ve been more interesting with Hyuk though :P. These two sorta lacked chemistry XD.

  6. OH NOEZ. you didn’t get to see them? =[[[ i was actually thinking about whether you would or not these past few days. i was looking forward to the spazz post XD but don’t worry, there’ll probably be more chances in the future =]]]]]

    I LOVE JOJO. its so good =]]] but you know, i kinda wish they had promoted Shinee Girl instead since we’d get to see them go from hardcore to ^___^. THINK OF HARDCORE!ONEW. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

    • Aww sorry to have let you down bb :(. Lol I sure hope I’ll be able to see them eventually. Maybe when they’re back as OT5 and having a concert here kekeke!!

      alfjlkdfjdf if you’re talking about them promoting another song on their mini-album I would’ve picked “The Name I Loved” ;____;.

  7. exactly =]] now they’ve come to my part of the world..except a little north-ish. hmm…i think yoochun should just come and visit his old home in virginia so that we can go noraebang-ing XDD

    dude, you don’t even know, i LOVE that song with a passion. i even auditioned for something with it like a week after the album came out, no joke. SO good *___*

    • adkljflfj yes I heard about that! They sure are going everywhere lmao. Did you read about Yoochun’s cyworld entry though? WHO AND WHAT IS HE SAYING BYE TO OMG ;_;. Just his cyworld, right?

      Wait woah you auditioned with SHINee Girl or The Name I Loved!?

  8. OMGWHUT. BYE? WHY? maybe he’s just saying bye tooooo….um…perhaps his dog? or brother? or just australia =]? OR OH. CHANGMIN. yeah, i would like to believe that he was saying bye to changmin =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] okay problem solved! but omgee did you hear about yunho and all that charity work he’s been doing? that man is just….*long whistle* *_______*

    i realize now that i probably should have been more specific hahahahaha =] i auditioned with “The Name I Loved.” it was so funny though because
    #1. I don’t speak korean
    #2. i am not korean
    #3. i am not even “ASIAN asian” (aka i’m indian XD)
    but ZOMG. THAT SONG. GAH. SO. EFFING. FANTASTIC/ELASTIC. can i just…marry his voice please? you can have the rest of his kwaechanneun bad boy self =]]]]]

    • LOL HIS DOG. Omg idk, but it was all cryptic and stuff ;__;. Yes Yunho is such a wonderful person, I really wish that everything could be solved asap :(.

      LOLOL KWAECHANNEUN BAD BOY SELF. But his voice is one of the things I love about him D: I can’t just give that away lmao !!!

      And LMAO do you mean like “oriental” asian? HAHA. Me and my Indian friend joked about that before, I was like “You’re asian” and she’s like “Yeah but I’m not like … oriental” LOL.

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