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091230 MBLAQ Idol Army Ep.3 feat. T-Ara


{credit: abmsubs @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

It starts off with them all sleeping and Mir is creeping around like a creeper. Lol omg why did they have to do that, I was seriously getting goosebumps T_T. They look at video tapes of their dates (with T-Ara) and WTF THUNDER’S HAIR LMAO. They compared it to Mr Bean ;__;.  Then they go back in time, to four hours before the date dun dun duuun.

They’re doing some cooking segment; Thunder makes sandwiches, Joon makes rice balls and has Juri feel up his hands lmao, Mir makes an organic salad, G.O makes an omelette and Seungho makes kimbap :). Thunder is first to finish because all he has in his sandwich is ham and egg LOL. I would not be touched by that XD. Mir starts doubting whether what he has is dressing or not and Seungho fails at cutting up his kimbap so he just throws it into his mouth LOL. Joon makes rice balls the size of his fist (HAND GRENADE LMAO) and G.O is just so pro~ And greasy -_-;;. (Damn, this is making me so hungry ;_;) In the end, everyone is able to make a nice lunchbox except for Seungho LOOL. He is so so fail and grumpy all the time. He even puts his lunchbox in a black plastic bag lmao WHO WOULD WANT TO EAT THAT? I still would, probably ._.

T-Ara (minus Jiyeon) come in and they start dancing to Bo Peep Bo Peep. They are so cute and the noises MBLAQ make are so disturbing lmao. I bet it’s all Mir, that beast. They are told to stand in front of the lunchbox that they like and will automatically be paired up with whoever made the lunchbox. This is so cute, they do scissors paper rock to determine who gets to pick first ^^. Eunjung picks Thunder’s lunchbox and Thunder acts all calm and cool. Soyeon picks Mir’s ~luxurious~ picnic basket and akldjflkdsjfjkd Mir’s reaction was so cute. Everyone questions whether Seungho’s black plastic is even a lunchbox AHAHA. Hyomin picks Joon’s, Boram picks G.O’s pink cloth lmao and of course Qri is left with Seungho. BUT I WOULD BE HAPPY WITH THAT OKAY!?!?!? Qri apparently gets teary, I can’t see in this LQ lol BUT COME ON!!! SEUNGHOOO *____*. At least they all seemed happy when they discovered their partners!

Mir & Soyeon get amusement rides, Joon & Hyomin get the ice rink, G.O & Boram also get amusement rides, Thunder & Eunjung get hot air balloon and Seungho & Qri get carnival games. I AM MOST JEALOUS OF THAT OMG I BET HE’S GONNA WIN HER A TOY OR SOMETHING ;__;. Who cares if you can play it in front of the supermarket lol, the mood is not the same~ Anyway they’re all too happy to send Juri off (especially Seungho lmao) as they go off on their date :).

The amusement park is a scary place to be when you’re a celebrity O__O. How did they even walk through the crowd, omg. Finally Eunjung & Thunder make it up into the hot air balloon and lol the atmosphere is awkward haha. Eunjung gives her hotpack to Thunder who is rubbing his hands together and he’s like “You’re not giving it to me cause it’s heavy, right?” LOL THUNDER! He then offers to take Eunjung’s coat and they’re so polite to each other!! Thunder starts talking about the dream he had where a woman was whispering in his ear but that makes no sense because the intro happened 4 hours after the date so WTH PDs?!?!?!?! Eunjung wasn’t listening anyway though XD. They talk a little bit more after they get realise Eunjung is the noona, gosh she is so cute. They’re still pretty awkward because Thunder is awkward haha but he tries!

Back in the hall, the other boys tease Thunder. Thunder suspects Joon would’ve been really good on his date so his video is next.

Joon and Hyomin are at the ice rink. Hyomin was on Mnet Scandal before so I’m sure she’s really good at this sort of thing hehe. She subtle-ly gets Joon to tie her skatelaces for her because I’m sure she knows the answers to the questions she asks :PP. LOL FOREVER, they start playing music from Autumn in my Heart XDDD. Joon seems to be a pretty good skater and takes Hyomin by the hand :3. He takes Hyomin’s hands from behind but I remember when Khun did that he got told off :o. They play the ost song again keke and there’s footage of Hyomin on the ground XD.

Seungho’s date is next. They’re playing the carnival games and … okay I guess I could see fail coming lol. He even sucked at DDR ;_;. They go to throw darts at balloons (?) and Qri gets two but Seungho doesn’t even get one. Qri, what is that displeased expression on your face >:|.

They cut to the remaining two couples who are in a ghost house. AND SOYEON, LOL THAT GIRL. “Did you do your military service yet?” “I’m 19” LOOOOOL. And for some reason Soyeon grabs onto G.O’s arms when she gets scared LOL. Actually I don’t blame her, he looks like he’s more capable of protecting her than Mir XD. But when she hides behind Mir, they look really cute together :33. Soyeon “Is it asking me to hug him or get out” LOOOL SHE IS SO FUNNY XDDD.

After the ghost house they go on a boat ride~ Aww, Soyeon & Mir are really cute together. She’s like a little kid despite his noona. The captions for their photos lmfao xD. G.O and Boram go on the teacups after and G.O tells Boram that he feels a sense of familiarity when he’s with Boram because she is the same size as a girlfriend he once had. AND LOL THE CAPTIONS, are they trying to imply bra cups??? AHAHAHA. Cut over to Soyeon and Mir LOL THESE TWO ♥♥!!!! I FEEL SORRY FOR THE CAMERAMAN AHAHAHAHA.

Then it’s back to Joon and Hyomin, having lunch at a restaurant. They happily eat Joon’s rice balls :). Hyomin then asks who Joon thought was the best when he first saw T-Ara, excluding herself. Joon can’t answer =.= he’s all “I liked all of you” lmao so Hyomin asks who he wanted to have the lunch with and he immediately points to Hyomin. She doesn’t accept lol so they decide to say it together. After counting 3, 2, 1 like, three times, Joon finally says Soyeon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I TOTALLY FLAILED IN MY CHAIR ALDKSJFDKSLJFSLKDJFADSKJFS. They would’ve looked good too, two crazy people together. And aww, Joon has a crush on Soyeon ~*~* kekeke. Hyomin didn’t say any one’s names LOL she’s so cheeky. Joon runs around lmfao and Hyomin explains that apart from “oppa” she doesn’t know anyone else LOL. AND THEN LOL, she full makes him feel guilty by saying “For me, first place is oppa. Second place, oppa. Third place, oppa. Fourth place, Lee Joon. Fifth place…oppa.” LOOOOOOOL HYOMIN!!! If only she was more like this on Invincible Youth XD.

Then it’s Seungho and Qri’s lunch. THEY EAT NEXT TO A BIN LMAO. FFFFFF I want to feed Seungho :(((. Seungho asks whether it’s good or not … her face does not look convincing ._. And they didn’t show the others :((.

T-Ara members rank them from best to worst man. Can I just say, Thunder’s bag is REALLY REALLY CUTE LOL! He got 4 votes, G.O also got 4 votes, Joon got 6 (DID YOU SEE HOW EXCITED SOYEON WAS ?!?!??! :DDD), Mir got 2 LOL. He got really cut about it so Soyeon explains it’s because Seungho’s mum called before the show to ask them to take care of Seungho XD. So then he got 9 votes!!! His prize is A YEAR LONG FREE PASS FOR LOTTE WORLD!!! LOL everyone is so jealous.

At the end they show some more footage from their dates AND OMFG I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!!!! Hyomin admits to Joon that she actually skates very well. I TOLD YOU SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING ;_______________;.

Okay that’s all :).


  1. Lol I was going to watch and write the recap tomorrow, but go ahead, I’ve already done two episodes :P


    • LOL yes they “cook” T__T.

  2. Lol I wouldnt have minded doing it (does that sound really odd? :/) tmr when i get back. Probably the second thing i would watch after shinees preview. Only because theres like no T-ara varieties ever and these girls are pretty damn hilarious, esp crazy Soyeon and my bias, eunjung <3333

    • I was sorta disappointed, they cut out quite a lot of stuff :(. Wanted to see more of Soyeon cause she’s so crazy lol.

  3. Even after watching this I still can’t seem to remember the T-ara members. Too distracted by pretty boys?

    When MBLAQ debuted I kinda assumed G.O. would be an arrogant player type, but he’s so gosh darn cute! Hello my new crush.<3 Second place is Seungho and his =l *sigh* face.

    • T__T But I said their names like 591840918409814 times. I SEE YOU ARE TRYING TO LEARN THEIR NAMES >:/.

      G.O is really mature but he has a cute side hehe.

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