Posted by: lovediaries | January 12, 2010

f(x) feat. MIC – Lollipop MV

{credit: heartfx @ youtube}

Wow okay, so 10 rainbows might’ve exploded in this MV. The colours are so distracting and the hair ;___;. Only Victoria had good hair lol, either she just pulls off everything or the stylists are biased towards her haha cause I liked her red outfit as well. Why did they keep putting things on Luna’s head? It looked so dumb but I really liked her top with the cupcake on it :D. Amber looks really pretty with makeup but I really do not want that bowlish look on her XD.

The choreography is really cute! I like the part where Krystal ~tempts~ the boys and then slides back. And the part where they all come together in one line and they’re like moving forwards and backwards. And then the part at 2.07-2.10, I liked Luna and her partner keke.




    • haaaate krystal’s lipstick color, but i think amber looks reaaaally like jiyoon from 4minute here, which is a good thing but the bowl cut is just a liiiiiittle bit creepy :/ and omg LOL AT THE DANCE WHERE THEY’RE LIKE TIAN TIAN DE LOLLIPOP AT 0:44. WHAT IS THAT ON LUNA’S HEAD BUT SHE LOOKS PRETTY CUTE WITH IT ON, SO FORGIVEN. BUT KRYSTAL’S PANTS, NOT FORGIVEN. omg, victoria looks so pretty even in that ugly jumpsuit <3 and um, i don't really know M.I.C. BUT i think i'll have to start learning their names :D CAUSE THEY ALL LOOK REALLY CUTE SPECIALLY THE ONE AT 1:24. I hope I'm not missing anything, cause my comment is all over the place but I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS.

      • LOL yeah I just, omg my head hurts now :(. I would pick the Chocolate Love MV over this any day but then aldskjfldsf the choreo is just too cute!

        And yes, why is Victoria so pretty ;_____; she just, omg. *jealouusss*.

        • I really think I hate the clothes in this more than I did in Big Bang x 2ne1, but f(x) is huuuuuge bias for me, so yeah :D I love the tian tian de lollipop at… the beginning choreo, it’s something I’d like to learn

          lolol I drew Victoria on my history notes today ;___; is that bad?

          • Yeah I’m just going to turn a blind eye on the colour vomit because I am biased like that HAHA.

            Omg, SHOW!!

            • LOLOL have not seen this kind of color vomit since Replay.

              GO ON MY TUMBLR :D

              • OMG WTF, I replied but wordpress didn’t post my comment!??!


  2. amber looks girlier wit the new hair. dare i say she even looks cuter than sulli??! cos sulli looks like an ahjumma wit that curly do ~_~

    • LOL AHJUMMA yeah not a fan of that hairstyle D:

  3. I prefer Big Bang’s and 2NE1’s Lollipop ;D

    • Really? I prefer this version keke ^^.

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