Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 14, 2010

C.N Blue – I’m A Loner MV

Credit: CNBluesky @ Youtube

::Edit:: Thanks to Mere and Colidiscope, I’ve now embedded the full version of the MV. Enjoy :D ~



Thanks, Epicism, for the heads up :D I saw your comment when I was out, and I was like OMG MUST GET HOME TO YOUTUBE ASAP XD

Jung Yonghwa looked alskdfjslakjfDROOOOOOOOOOL but omg Jonghyun (other guitarist) looked AMAZING :Q__________ I THINK I LIKE ALL THE MEMBERS ALREADY, LOL /gets bricked for being shallow

I’m not sure what the “plot” of the video is (if there even is one XD) but I AM DISAPPOINTED THAT NONE OF THE MEMBERS DIED OR GOT BEATEN UP. Coming from the same company as F.T Island, I expected something dramatic :P

I liked how in the beginning, it showed clips of each of the boys playing their instruments *___* The random screaming in the middle of the mv was kinda weird. My favourite bit was when they all went up on stage and performed *_____*

I really, really like this song. It’s different from all the other new kpop stuff I’ve listened to recently (Jiggy, anyone?) some people aren’t liking all the falsetto lines, and I admit it kinda annoys me too, but I’m sure it’s just something that takes getting used to :)

Lol when I saw the final teaser yesterday, I thought they were singing “Victoria” and I was all “SLDKFJASLKDF WHY IS THAT NOT MY NAME” but they’re actually singing “witolriya” which translates to “I’m a loner” (thanks, Jay, for pointing that out for me :D) lol, I fail.

If the rest of their album is this good, then I have a feeling that they’ll own the charts in no time :)


  1. lolol I had so much blind faith in these boys :D

    With all that said, they used the one in Yonghwa’s teaser, so I really want to hear full versions of the other arrangements in the teasers, especially Jonghyun’s <3 I'm a total sucker for some good rock.

    • wordpress killed my post D:< this goes in between the first line and the end

      extra paragraph:
      I put up the link on my gmail status message even before I watched the thing or heard the song. It's verrrrrry Maroon 5 though, which some people aren't liking, but I think it's a good thing (explains why I don't mind the falsetto) ;D And yeah, they all look really good if a bit shadowed (their faces i mean lol) so I want to see a performance! And I don't really get the random pretty gemstone either, but I remember thinking I'd be happy if someone gave it to me instead of screaming in frustration XD In conclusion, all mv plot holes forgiven. Shallow people with no patience for figurative meaning unite~

      • Lol I interpreted Jongshin giving the the gemstone as “DON’T BE LONELY ANYMORE, TAKE THIS SHINY STONE AND WE WILL PLAY IN A BAND TOGETHER :DDDDDD” XD

        This song does remind me of Maroon 5’s “This Love”…but I like Maroon 5 so whatever XD I like the jazz vibe I’m getting from this song, but I hope they’ll release some “harder” songs (and maybe slightly more emo ones :D?)

  2. OMG. /flailing/

    i shall be back. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  3. MINHYUK is the one wth his bangs covering his eyes / the one who screamed suddenly in the library right? no? well, who ever he is, he looks good. :D :DDD he looks good too. :D

    and JONGHWA looks really good. :D

    the whole mv was okay and i expected some epic dramatic plot as well.

    and the song is not as catchy as the recent kpop stuffs but it’s some ear candy. :D

    • YUP Minhyuk who was screaming in the library, haha. I think he looks like Onew….do you see it?

      FNC always has such awesome MVs for FTI, I fully expected them to give C.N Blue one as well :(

  4. Is it just me or does the song start sort of abruptly? I really like it though!
    Why so much falsetto hating? That’s my favorite part.^^;

    • Lol the version of the mv I embedded isn’t the complete mv XD I WILL GO EDIT NOW :D

      After listening to this song on repeat all night yesterday, I now love the falsetto lines too :3

  5. here’s the full music video [ ].

    there’s nothing better than guys playing instruments, especially if they’re hot. a total fetish, haha.

    • Thank you :D! I’ll go edit that in now~

      ……..I have a thing for guitarists <3

  6. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I SPAZZED WHEN I HEARD THIS =DDDD it’s totally k-maroon 5 and/or k-hellogoodbye mixed together AND I LOVE IT <3 i think CN Blue will probably be one powerhouse group since they're so different. i'm really excited (YAYSHINWOOHYUNG :DDD) okay, done abusing caps & smilies

    • I WAS FLAILING ALL OVER THE PLACE WHEN I HEARD THIS, TOO. I’m so glad there’s finally something different in Kpop. All the boy/girl groups debuting now have the same concept and it’s getting boring. YAY FOR C.N BLUE DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT~~

  7. @amshakeit – i totally agree it does sound a little maroon 5ish – and i LOVE it!!!

    and as much as yonghwa wasn’t the best in you’re beautiful, he is totally badass in the MV.

    and i love that scream interlude they had

    but – if you watch the full music vid – one of the guys does get beaten up (twice). and it does have a somewhat plot… i think? haha

    • Ok, now I have to go watch the full mv XD

      When I listen to this song, I can hear Maroon 5’s “This Love” ^__________^

  8. they look good enough to eat in suits! i like the screaming part.. especially minhyuk’s in the library. but them running … very fail! taking a leisurely jog around the neighbourhood are we??

    i like the song. some compare it to maroon5 but i like maroon5! hahaha

    n u mentioned me in ur post! i am sooo honoured :DD

    • Lol if it weren’t for you, I’d still be thinking that they were singing about some random Victoria chick HAHA

      leisurely jog around the neighborhood lmao XD

  9. Damn they’re HOT :D I like hot boys in bands. But I think C.N. Blue would be successful in being a group that different types of people would like and not be limited to one fan base. Which is a good thing. Hopefully that happens :D

    Idk why but their company is so good at finding cute/hot drummers. I’m in love with that boy, he’s so hardcore but cute in the background<3

    But yeah, their sound is really Maroon 5ish. But I like Maroon 5 and their relaxing melodies so I'm totally alright with it :D.

    • I think they’ll get some variety with their fanbase, cos you’ve got the teenage girls who will get sucked in by the prettiness, and then there’d probably be some boys who like the music and then there are the noona fans who love Shinwoo teehee

      Minhyuk reminds me of Onew…. Have you seen the showcase performance? Minhyuk looked like he had a great time sitting back there drumming away by himself XD

  10. wow….they’re playing a music similar to F.T.Island,I liked them!!! :D
    I agree,the screams were really strange -__-

    • I hope they’ll have a joint stage with F.T Island some day :)

  11. OMG I LOVE IT!!!!
    Yeah much better than all the bubbly kpop coming out now.
    Ugh can someone explain falsetto to me? I am not sure what you guys are reffering to it. I think all in all they all have really good voices and ummm *not to be shallow* they all LOOOK HELL SEXY!!!

    • Kpop is getting too happy for me :P

      Falsetto: The term falsetto (Italian diminutive of falso, “false”) refers to the vocal register occupying the frequency range just above the modal voice register and overlapping with it by approximately one octave.

      ^^^^^^^ c/p-ed from Wiki HAHA. In English, falsetto is when they sing with that high-pitched voice, like what these boys do in the chorus :)

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