Posted by: lovediaries | January 14, 2010

DBSK – Break Out MV

Okay why am I starting a new post before finishing my old. BUT YAY DBSK MV ;__;. Apparently its creepy, we’ll see.

{credit: tscchamie @ youtube}

Can someone explain this to me? I’m creeped out and lost lol. The MV is really dark, I sorta like it but I’m just confused. I was covered in goosebumps pretty much the whole time because I’m scared of spiders and the children that Yoochun saw looked kinda crazy and reminded me of scary movies D: The hands and the way they were moving was scary too ;_;. The only part that made me LOL was Junsu at the end. I feel bad, I don’t think I should’ve laughed lmao, I just don’t know what is happening!!!

The boys all looked reeeeally good here ;_;. Yoochun has old Junsu hair and Jaejoong has Taemin’s RDD hair :D. Unfortunately the boys weren’t together in ANY scene. I was totally mislead by the parts where one member is in the center with others surrounding them. The others ended up being random creepers :(.


  1. The video is pretty creepy. HANDS SHOOTING OUT OF NOWHERE.

    But did you notice the boys were never in the same shot? It was entirely solo shots of them.

    • Yes that was so sad and deliberate of them :(

  2. I really liked the dark tone of the MV and Jaejoong looks smoking 8D But yeah, I was sad they didn’t appear as 5 in any scene….I’m guessin the MV is about fears maybe? HAHA but then Changmin would be afraid of girls. Junsu’s is growing old (that made me laugh), Jaejoong is being touched/grabbed (by crazy fans), Yunho’s is spiders and Yoochun’s is little kids XD But those kids creeped me out…Maybe Avex will release something explaining. Love the song though, hope they perform it.

    • Yeah someone suggested that, I just thought Yunho’s was sort of … not very ~deep~ I guess. Not that a fear of spiders is anything bad since I have that lmao BUT LOL AT CHANGMIN BEING AFRAID OF GIRLS XDDD. Junsu being old was pretty lulzy. Jae’s would make sense! And I think Yoochun’s might be marriage, actually :/.

      • Haha it’s a hint to the fans from Min : I’m afraid of girls, leave me alone! Ah, yes, marriage but then…Why did those kids have to laugh and move their heads so creepily?! And Yunho’s face with the spider was like :/ so? Man, how lucky were the hands that touched Jae XDDD *bricked*

        • Haha I thought about those people who had to act as the grabby hands XD!

  3. I am a little confused about the solo shots only issue. It would be pretty interesting if they put their actual fears in the MV though b/c I remember Micky saying he never wants to get married.
    Silly JJ! Those hands don’t want to hurt you, they just want to grope you repeatedly. \=D/

    • You don’t think Yoochun’s fear looked like marriage in this MV? XD.

  4. why why whyyyy does yunho have pimpish hair again! i love the rest’s hair but yunho -_-

    old junsu is LOL. bad makeup! i think the MV is pretty good except of course the 5 of them never appeared together!! u must understand now why i teared up when i saw “picture of u” T_T when will we see that again?

    • I thought they all looked good keke ^^. Junsu’s old make up was so lulzy xD. Argh yeah every now and then, I go back and watch their old MVs :(. When will this whole thing blow over!?

  5. YAY DBSK!!!!

    Except… it doesn’t feel complete?

    • Yeah, it seems so … un-together :(.

  6. Junsu is afraid of getting old (honestly, who isn’t? Its actually a pretty heavy fear most adults have. Old age takes away the vitality and lifestyle one had, among other issues).

    Yunho is afraid of spiders (or if you want to infer deeper, what they symbolize; just as a spider weaves its web, we have to remember that our choices construct our lives. How are we designing ourselves? Is this the best way?)

    Yoochun is afraid of marriage, i.e. commitment and life choices.

    Jaejoong is afraid of getting caught perhaps? Of being tied down by the masses aka society.

    Changmin is afraid of the ghosts of the past (I say she’s a ghost b/c of the completely white clothng, etc).

    idk thats just how I saw it haha :)

    • Oh wow, I really liked your analysis on Yunho’s fear of spiders! It’s definitely a lot deeper than the way I saw it XD.

  7. NOOO~~!! I’m too late!
    the video’s been removed because of copyright infringements?? T.T

    • Are all the videos removed on youtube!? Try another user :(.

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