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SHINee @ Shim Shim Tapa & Fancams of SHINee + f(x) @ Chocolate


;_; Do people understand how excited I am to hear this? It’s like finally hearing Jongyu perform “Please Don’t Go” live except a million times better because you knew Jongyu would perform it one day/you at least had the studio recording but … okay now I’m rambling. Basically this is amazing and I can’t wait for this ep of Chocolate to air.

100113 Chocolate Recording

Onew & Luna: Beauty and the Beast (1, 2) – ;___; tale as old as time song as old as rhyme beauty and theeeee beast~ Both fancams are really short and in the first you only hear Onew until the end when they harmonise but omg he sounds so beautiful (he pronounces neither as neether alkdsjsl that’s so cute. We say naither, yeah? *looks around at fellow Australians*) and then in the second you can hear Luna and gosh they need to record a duet. Please and thank you.

Onew dancing to Lachata – HE IS SO CUTE LOL. I love that he’s doing the moves as he sees them while Key is just all pro and dancing the whole thing right next to him. At the end Onew is mouthing along to something but it doesn’t even look like the lyrics lol omg he’s probably just talking to himself again XD.

Key dancing to Lachata – Very short fancam of what you could see in the Onew one hehe.

100114 Shim Shim Tapa

Jo Jo – Minho is missing because of Dream Team recording. LOL at the beginning how Shindong and Shinyoung were messing around XD. Taemin trimmed his hair, it’s now slightly bowlish again hehe. I love Key in his hoodie~ And Onew looks gorgeous in this performance, maybe because he’s smiling so much as to looking all sad and forlorn like in the other performances XD. And okay, Shinyoung and Shindong never stop messing around XD. alalkjskdjfd I think something was wrong with Onew’s mic because he had to adjust his headphones (lol how cute did he look?) and sound stopped coming out for a bit D: HOW DARE THEY!!! keke. AND OMFG 1.47-1.49 ALSJDFLDSJF ONKEY MOMENT ICU. They’re so cute if only we could see Onew’s face ;~~;. Taemin at 3.10 was also very cute lmao. I dance like that to entertain my 2yo sister HAHA.

Rokkugoh – WOW Key does a really good Heechul/Leeteuk XD. At the start, I was like ‘why aren’t they singing :/’ then I realised hehe. Actually, Key just sounds really good doing this sort of trot. Usually Onew wins (like from all the 1000 song challenges) but Rokkugoh suits Key’s voice more haha xD. Taemin was soooo cute in this I want to wrap him up lmao. And then Key in the HyukxShindong rap part *_______*. Boy is so amazing. He practically sang the whole song :D.

Messages to their future wife – Oh, the music lmao ;~~;. Key started off awkward but akdjfsdf ‘you’re my priority above all‘ omg /wibbles. I think the original question was for Key only but Shinyoung & Shindong make everyone do it and Taemin !!!!! Omg that boy ♥♥. He is so smiley and saying the sweetest things ugh crying forever. Jonghyun’s message was very short but LOL HE WANTS TO MAKE A BABY QUICKLY. And Onew ;_________; omg this boy, what to do with him ;~;♥.


  1. OMG… OMG. I am spazzing so much today. First, the youtube versions of their Shim Shim Tapa guesting at like midnight, Jan 14. They we’re adorable, esp my manly looking Onew (bwahaha). Now this – a duet between Onew and Luna – my faves from SHINee and f(x). and beauty & the beast… OMG… This is soooo good. The joy / thrill I feel now will probably last me for like a month. LOL. Oh wait, SHINee is coming to SG on Feb 1-2 and I have front row seats… hehehe. I am sure that day will be better than today. hehe

    • OMG WHAT FRONT ROW SEATS!?!??!! ASLKJSLDKJFLSD. How much were the tickets??? Wait why are they going to Singapore!??! ;__________;

      • SHINee is one of the guest performers at Oh Joon Sung’s Drama Concert, Feb 1-2. They’re singing 2 songs – Stand By Me & Countdown. WOOHOO – some of my faves bec the 3 vocalists (Jjong, Onew & Key) take front and center.

        I battled with Sistic for AN HOUR just so it could assign me the best seat – defined as front and left-ist side of the stage (audience perspective) where Onew normally stands (hahaha… a bit obsessive lah!). It cost me SGD 150 each day but it will be soooo worth it. Since I don’t know if I can ever come watch them in Korea, I thought I’d take this chance to see them live in SG and breathe the same air …. hahaha

        • OOH!! Drama Concert. Are you able to take photos if so YOU HAVE TO SHARE WITH US!!! Omg I’m so excited for you ;~~;. You’ll be so close to them omg, have fun :D!

          • unfortunately Esplanade is pretty strict (no video, audio recording; phones off) so im not sure there will be much to share. im sitting in front so it will be a challenge to sneak those in. I’ll be too afraid to be thrown out..or banned (LOL).. and completely miss the opportunity to see them live up close and personal.

            But i was planning to bring an audio recorder to sneakily record the boys. hehehe. Of course i will share whatever i get. Spread the wealth and SHINee love… hehehe. I’ll keep the SHINee fans posted.

            • whoa… u bought front row seats for both nights??! i got the 110 ones. S$ is 2.4 my currency sooo yeah… im stoked but broke. my eyes r watering just thinking of seeing them shinee boys!! ;d

              • yeah i went a bit overboard. HEHE. But then i many never get another chance to see SHINee up close so yeah…

                hey if you have any ideas on how we can sneak in cameras or tips on how to video-record them via handphone (hehe) without getting caught, feel free to share… HAHAHA. I am sure a lot of people would want to see pics and fancams.

                I’m tempted to hang out in Esplanade on Sun to see if i can catch them before rehearsals. But they will probably do it on Mon, not day before.

              • i think itd be pretty hard to get cameras in. ive never been to esplanade but the last time when i went to bkk for miroticon, i managed to sneak it in cos i wrapped it in an extra shirt inside my bag. but i never managed to take much inside anyway cos there were lots of “eyes” watching.

  2. We totally knew it was coming right!?!!? lkjaklfjlksjlks

    • YES, YES WE DID.

  3. laskfjlksnbaslfja ohmygod I really hope that Taemin actually remembers his 300th day anniversary with his future wife, that would actually be the sweetest thing EVER <3

    That child looks downright edible in that big scarf of his, though :'[



      And argh I know right, why 300 days!? I bet Taemin has it all planned in his pretty little head :3


        Onew is such a dork, oh my goodness. His stuttering and “yeobo-seyo” pun got me, what a softie ;///n///; <3

  4. aww…. them talkin to their future wives was adorable! cant wait to see them in person!!!

    • So jealous ;__;

  5. ONEW MARRY ME<3. But I know you won't because I'm one of the worst people to rely on if you want a formal speaking relationship XD.

    But aww him dancing to Lachata was so cute. He has the 'I approve' face at the end lol. So macroable.

    Can't wait for the whole perf for beauty and the beast. Sounds so gorgeous and he looks gorgeous<3

    But Key sounded great on Rokkugoh. He should do those types of songs more often.

    • Sorry i replied with my other account. This is lr.

    • Oh you have two accounts? XD icic. I’m so excited for this to air! Can’t wait :).

  6. Hahaha Jonghyun is worried he’s infertile! Ok, not really but that’s what it looked like XD Have you seen the Canadian episodes of LGDT2? They’re really good-I saw the first two on TV and Kompilations1 is now uploading the final part-Minho’s hidden camera!
    Key=FABULOUSNESS personified.

    • LOL that was such a strange thing for him to say lmao XD. No~ I still need to watch the second episode T^T. I’ve only seen the first of the Canada eps :(.

  7. Hello SHINee friends. I thought I should give you an update since the SHINee fansign in SIN is confirmed (Jan 31st)…. *picture me dancing here* (hehe).

    Since they’re not just performing at the concert in Esplanade now, I can take photos at the fan sign…and will be very, very glad to share with you all in early Feb.

    My God…. i’m gonna be so close to Onew!!! I can’t get over that thought yet.

    • OHMYGOD I AM LIKE CRYING. ASLKJFSDKJF AUTOGRAPH SESSION UGH ;______;. Take lots of close ups for me, will you? And get him to write you a message if possible alskdfsldjf. I am so jealous, remember to share your fan account later!!! Have fun!!!

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