Posted by: lovediaries | January 15, 2010

100115 Music Bank

Today was SHINee and 2PM’s goodbye stages :((. I streamed the show live so I already ranted about the lack of a “good” goodbye stage for SHINee haha. Srsly, why are their goodbye stages always so meh!? Anyway, it was also C.N Blue and ZE:A’s debut stages :). Basically, a very busy night. I was also anticipating T-Ara to perform “Like the first time” (one of my favourites on their album) but it didn’t happen, why!???

After School : Because of You – Haven’t really been paying much attention to After School performances (even though I’m in love with this song) but Raina is a very good singer! I think she cracked though D: While watching, I just heard someone go off but there were two of them so I wasn’t sure who it was XD.

2PM : Tired of Waiting & Heartbeat – Tired of Waiting was definitely not their best performance. I have no idea what happened but they were all pretty off D: Even Junsu. I was practically shouting at my screen lmao, telling him to clear his throat, he sounded like he had a bubble in it. Heartbeat was a lot better. They had everyone jump and fall for the ending.

C.N Blue : Alone – I’m going to use this title because I’m a Loner sounds so sad and like me right now. LMAO. The song is repetitive and has the lulziest English lyrics but it was a good debut performance! Mmm, Yonghwa singing and rapping *___* Kekeke. Jungshin hardly got any screen time D: But then I don’t recall Minhyuk getting any either XD (anyone else think he looks like Yoo Seungho? Hehe.) Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this group! Have you guys seen their album pictures? Suits omg ;____;.

F.Cuz : Jiggy – First time hearing this song/watching a performance by them. The song isn’t my thing, not sure if I’ll be watching another performance but Jinon is very smiley. I like him a lot :).

Hyuna feat. Junhyung : Change – Yet another song I’m listening to for the first time! Hyuna looks so much like Sunny in this performance that it’s scary. The song isn’t that great, there wasn’t really any part of it that caught my attention and I’ve already forgotten what it sounds like ^^;;.

Seeya & Davichi & T-Ara : Wonder Woman – I only caught half this performance but damn, these girls ♥. I really like this song and the performance blew me away. Seeya are all really amazing singers! I wasn’t a fan of Hot Girl so I never really followed them but this performance was really really impressive. I suggest you guys give this one a watch!

SHINee : Jo Jo & Ring Ding Dong – Not sure why the clip is separated since they performed both songs in the one go, one after the other with no change of outfit or pretty flashy lights on stage. I wish they got something for Jo Jo, I love that song so much :(. It was ranked 10 on the k-chart though! Mucore and Inki better have something exciting for them :((.

T-Ara : Bo Peep Bo Peep – Is Like the First time going to happen? :(((. Soyeon was a tad off in this but she got better near the end of the performance. I’ve decided her and Eunjung need a duet, Jongyu style. Eunjung’s got really strong vocals ♥. During Qri’s parts, the backing track took over her voice. Even Boram sang louder than her!

ZE:A : Mazeltov – I spent an hour the other night learning their names from watching their CF and staring at their pictures. I was successful! But I guess not since watching this performance, I only really knew Dongjun. He sings quite well, that boy :)! About three of them look the same lol. I tried spotting Kevin because he’s Australian but either my eyes failed or he hardly got airtime. This isn’t my favourite song off their mini-album so I need something else for me to get into this group.

I’m sorry if this post seems to lack enthusiasm. I enjoyed tonight’s Mubank though I’m a tad bitter over SHINee’s goodbye stage XD. I’m just in a very emo mood right now and listening to emo music isn’t helping T-T. If you have anything to cheer me up with, please … feel free to link me it. Okay, that’s all :).


  1. Ah, I know what you mean about SHINee’s stage. I watched it on TV and was disappointed and yeah, 2pm were off singing “Tired of Waiting”. Maybe it was a last minute decision to sing that? But the ending of Heartbeat was gooooood :) Not diggin Change or Mazeltov (Yiddish? Really?) but I like C.N.Blue’s song! Mazeltov made me crack up with the various ‘girl!’s and listing of the days.

    • Their Inki stage was disappointing too, let’s not even mention their Mucore one XD.

  2. Hello!
    I’m disappointed in the lack of a goodbye stage for Shinee too. :( Hopefully tonight and tomorrow it’ll be better. I thought the waiting room w/ Shinee and 2pm was really cute. CNBlue’s performance was good for their debut, but the other boys should get more screen time too, though I do love Yonghwa. Hahaha. :)
    Hmm I understand how you feel, I’ve been feeling like that too… you can watch this. It was funny! MBLAQ on Maknae Rebellion. Hahahaha. Enjoy~~

    • Aw, thank you for that! I’ll definitely need to catch up on Idol Army eps ^^.

  3. personally i think Minhyuk looks a bit like xiah + amber XD but he’s still cute + hot anyways <3
    yonghwa~~ i love the lyrics XD i dont' get it but its funny ^_^
    haven't watched afterschool or 2pm yet but i heard bout them cracking =/

    • Maybe a little bit of Junsu but not yet seeing the Amber ^^;;.

  4. since i already commented on cnblue’s debut perf on the other post, im gonna say that i like key’s hair colour! ;D its sorta muted n harmonious like..

    n i think we can all forget about ze:a. im seriously disappointed. u dont like mazeltov? but that’s the only ‘listenable’ track from their mini album!! the other 2 are just all over the place…… terrible terrible producer!

    hyuna, the song is catchy. but cos i dont like her much, i always pick at the bones in the egg. please articulate CHANGGGGGGE properly cos thats the title of ur song!!

    • No I don’t like mazeltov…I can’t even remember the track I did like. I listened to their mini album maybe once ^^;;.

  5. CN Blue : nice song, but well too much YongHwa imo T_T !! (it becomes like Hongki and FT.)
    the drummer is really really pretty <3 and wtf the bass/rapper doesn't sing at all ! D:

    ZE:A : hahahha i was so happy, i found this link :

    NAMES ANNOTATIONS YES. i laugh a lot when i watch their perf, especially today's one. one guy is like yelling instead of singing hahaha
    but still a nice perf, love their dance! :D

    Hyuna : i always watch the part when Junhyung rap, then i close the window hahaha.

    mblaq in maknae rebellion subbbbbbbb? omg but i must revise TT___TT…

    • Oh thanks for the link! It’ll be useful haha ^^.

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