Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 15, 2010

C.N Blue Debut Showcase

Credit: URMyMelody @ Youtube

I think I prefer this live performance over the studio version! Tbh, I was a bit worried about how good Yonghwa’s falsettos would be live, but both boys were pretty in-tune, and this live, for me, just has a more “raw” sound to it. I like :D

The cameraman loves Yonghwa ^^;;; I barely saw Jongshin (bass boy), let’s hope that we’ll get more than a two second shot of Jongshin on Music Bank today XD.

The highlight of this performance for me was seeing that their instruments were PLUGGED IN, lol. F. T Island rarely gets to play their instruments live, which I think is really sad cos those boys can actually play their instruments pretty well :( Let’s hope the music shows will change their rules and let C.N Blue play live :D!

OT: I read somewhere that the A.N.Jell members were all in the audience?? PICTURES PLEASE :3


    like minhwan and minhyuk
    atfirst i was like im going to be so epicly inlove with yonghwa because of yb
    and O_O at first i was like thats yonghwa?!?! … xD he looks different XD -SQUEAL- MUBANK!

    • i second.

      btw, is minhyuk the magnae? cos he looks like it. :D i still don’t see the onew resemblance. :/

      and they did so good live! /is proud

      • and oh, heechul made cn blue his cy bgm. such a loving hyung, y/y? :D

        • Lol Heechul secretly wants to be in a rock band…I just know it XD

      • Jungshin is the maknae of the group ^^

    • Minhyuk is adorable; he reminds me of Onew :3

  2. They did so well!!! Live = jjang.
    Apparently yonghwa became the leader now already…?
    I hope other members can get more screentime too~
    the drummer- minhyuk? is very adorable! ^^

    • I’m a bit :S about them changing leaders, but Jonghyun seems really quiet like Jonghun,so maybe that’s why they changed? Haha, I always think Hongki’s the leader of F.T Island XD

  3. wheeee~ i actually like jonghyun’s voice! i am so biased rite now ;d
    i think they sort of lack the presence on stage. FTi as sunbaes rock their performance better.

    the camera is a bit amateurish. where’s jeongshin?! he reminds me of this taiwanese actor that appeared on that recent drama about the girl being 8 yrs older than the guy? gahs.. i dont know the title in english. but im talking about the main lead’s guy frend. jeongshin looks like him. and minhyuk looks a lil like “xiao gui”? hahahha

    • just watched their debut on mubank. yonghwa is enjoying the limelight. he couldnt get enough of the camera. whereas jonghyun was like a lil shy boy, when the camera was on him, he dint know where to look *aww*

      they dint play live, which was expected. jeongshin got more than 2 secs screentime!! ;d

      goodbye stages for shinee n 2pm =((((

    • Are you talking about 败犬女王? with Ethan Ruan? I haven’t seen it, so I’m not sure who you’re referring too, but I know the drama :D

      And I’m sure they’ll improve their stage presence with time :)

      • yep. thats the show. i did this to prove my point. hahaha.. ive got a couple of others on my fb wall. ;d

        • They do resemble each other! That reminds me, do you know that new mixed guy who’s acting with Mark Chao and Ethan Ruan in their new movie? Omg he’s so attractive <3

  4. live is srsly the way for bands ( that actually play instruments )to play, it’s just so much better when you know they’re ~feeling~ the music. plus every performance is slightly different.

    hopefully they’ll get to play live but if music bank is anything to go by…. i just think it looks stupid when don’t play live, intsruments might as well not be there. :|

    • IA. But live is also awesome when the singers can sing (lol, you know what I mean). I love watching JJ Lin and Wang Leehom lives cos they always sound better than the recordings, and they always do something different :D

      The music shows need to step it up and let them play live >[ What’s the point of playing an instrument when it’s not plugged in T___T

  5. GAHHHH….. .<

  6. Love it love it love it.
    I too am so glad that their instruments are plugged in =)

  7. omfg. I leave for a holiday for one week and all this awesome stuff happens!!! GAH GAH!~ w/e YAY! C/N BLUE IS THE SHIT. They are awesome!!~

    • I can finally listen to Kpop without my friends telling me that my music sucks LOL

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