Posted by: lovediaries | January 17, 2010

100116 T-Ara @ Music Core

{credit: CKJAsian01 @ youtube}

ANYONE ELSE REMINDED OF NOBODY PERFORMANCES!? From the outfits to the choreography down to the girls’ hair! Hyomin = Yeeun, Eunjung = Sunye, Boram = Sohee, Qri = Sunmi and Soyeon = Yoobin !!!! LOOL. Jiyeon is missing here (did she not participate in this or is she busy with God of Study? :o) and they cut the song short by a whole minute D: And it wasn’t until watching this performance did I realise the song was this slow O_O. It usually isn’t right, or are my ears playing a trick on me!?


  1. I hope their next performance is better because that was boring.
    Hope you comment on my new entry!

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