Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 18, 2010

100117 Inkigayo

ZE:A – Mazeltov: I still hear “JAEBUM JAEBUM JAEBUM JAEBUM” in their intro XD I think they did a pretty good job for their debut stage, but argh, I still don’t like the song :/ They have good vocals, though :) I don’t like the choreography, it looks really…messy? I need to learn their names; right now I just see 9 Key’s jumping around the stage singing the days of the week XD

SHINee Goodbye Stage: JOJO WAS TOO SHORT D; It’s my favourite from their RDD album, and adslkfjsalk I wanted a longer performance >[ RDD was awesome, as always. It wasn’t until today that I realised the lyrics were “complicate girl” and not a Korean word LOL. I hope SME will give them a nice long break before their next mini-album; they need some r&r and a cheeseburger or two.

2PM Goodbye Stage: SBS is nice for leaving a blank space in 2PM’s photo, and I like how 2PM kept Jay’s chorus in TOW ;_; The little bit that they added on to the ending was cool, and the “we will wait for you Park Jaybum/2PM fan chant was so sweet ;_;. BYEBYE 2PM ;___; Let’s hope that next time we see them on the Inkigayo stage, their leader will be with them :)

C.N Blue – Alone: I hate how no music program lets them play their instruments live >[ They might as well not have instruments. I like how the other members are starting to get more screentime (MINHYUK LOOKED SO CUTE DRUMMING AWAY BACK THERE :D)  but I totally understand why they’d give Yonghwa more screentime. Tbh, if it weren’t for Yonghwa, C.N Blue wouldn’t be as popular as they are now. But with time, I’m sure each member will have their own fanbase, because they’re all awesome <3 Jonghyun is a gorgeous human being *_____*

Women’s Generation- Wonder Woman: I LOVE THIS PROJECT GROUP <3 There are some really strong, powerful voices in this group, and their songs aren’t sugary at all :D ~~GIRL POWER~~

F.Cuz – Jiggy: Why did they let Kan dance with his hurt ankle ;__; I applaud him for going up on stage with injuries, but argh, that is a BAD idea. His ankle was obviously still injured (the poor boy was dancing with a CAST on) and doing those jumping moves will just make it worse and prolong the healing period T__T Apart from that, I thought it was a really good performance :D The vocals/dancing were great, and I’m starting to like this song because of the performances :D


  1. i’m still nt liking mazeltov :/
    but i fell in love with CNBlue’s Alone!!
    hahaha oh n i dunnno abt nice long break sice shinee’s coming to s’pore for Korean drama favorite music performance =)


    • Are they??? ARE YOU GOING :D? Awww I wish I lived in Singapore :(

      I think ZE:A can do better than Mazeltov :(

  2. CNBlue’s mini album is nice. yes… we shall all wait for 2pm to return as 7. n shinee n suju too! my mind’s a blank now cos i spent 5 hours Q-ing for tiqs for sushow2 ~_~


    • hahah… ya. i got the tiqs. i hope it doesnt get cancelled. happens a lot to concerts in msia. pretty excited :)

      • My cousin’s going to the Beijing one :( I could’ve gone too if I went back to China this year DD;

  3. *cries* I miss JaeBummie. </3
    I'm so buying 1:59 and I'ma be a good fangirl. ; – ;
    Oh and SHINee's perf was osm too. :3
    I wish I had SBS. D:

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