Posted by: lovediaries | January 20, 2010

100119 SHINee @ Hello Baby

Okay the show isn’t subbed yet, and I didn’t find the full episode til after I watched all these cuts, so I’ll share these for now? ^^.

SHINee Cut – I actually got really confused here but it’s a combination of a few cuts!?! You’ll see the baby being there in pretty much all their recent music performances. Even watching in the audience for Key and IU’s performance. How cute is that? There’s also the 5 of them in their character outfits and Jonghyun checking himself out in the camera. Omg at him cooing at the camera XDD.

Onew dancing to 3 Bears – This was the cutest and best performance of the 5 lmao. Onew was so subtle with the way he covered his crotch when he got up XD.

Minho dancing to Tully and Friends – Okay, I don’t know if that’s the song name but remember Tully? akjsjdf I always think of Donghae on SGB when I see Tully the dinosaur :3. Minho does a pretty good job too especially when he did that popping sound omg lakjsdkljd ;~~;.

Taemin dancing and butt shaking – Does anyone know what Taemin is supposed to be? Cause I know everyone’s character except for his. Taemin does a lot of his pro dancing here BUT THEN his power ranger move LMFAO XDDDD.

Jonghyun dancing to Telletubbies – LOL AT KEY THROWING UP AT JONGHYUN XDD. And then when he grabbed Minho aldskjkdjs omg soo cute :33.

Key dancing cut – Key didn’t seem impressed with anyone’s dance lmao but he seemed to have failed the hardest :P. He keeps saying he can’t do it (I think?). He dances to Bo Peep and then just … stops LOL.

First meeting with baby – From a lot of pictures I’d seen, Minho is carrying the baby about 90% of the time. Their first meeting is cute except for the fact that Onew seems to be afraid of the baby. I need to know what he said when he was talking to the camera lol. He practically ran away from it when Key was carrying him to Onew XD.

You can watch the full episode on 5minniemink’s channel, but I’ll wait for subs, I think. I’ll just get annoyed with not knowing what’s going on XD.


    Jonghyun’s dance was actually so ridiculously adorable, I’ve never seen him do aegyo before! It also seems like Minho hasn’t either LOL.


    • Onew is so cute omg alkjdlkjsdf. I wonder what the stars were for because he got 5 for one of them! Yeah Jonghyun and Minho are too cool for aegyo haha.

  2. I WANT TO WATCH THIS BAD BUT MY INTERNET IS BEING A G*(U)%# SO I CAN’T. :( :( :( I’m just gonna wait till there’s subs so I can laugh and not be confused 85% of the time.

    • Yeah wait for subs, I’ll be doing a review then haha because I’ll just get annoyed with not understanding what is going on XD!

  3. I think SM’s budget is going towards their various lawsuits XD I see Changmin’s ‘Little Prince’ outfit and SJ’s ‘Peter Pan’ outfit have been kept. Oh Minho, there goes your flaming charisma. He looked so scared during Jonghyun’s dance haha. And Onew just looks terrified of the kid. Can’t wait for this to be out with subs!

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