Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 20, 2010

C.N Blue Elle Girl Photoshoot

Credit: Jung Yonghwa’s Baidu Bar + As tagged

FLAILING AND DROOLING :Q_______________________

I actually like the other group picture more (first one after the cut), but Jonghyun looks BEAUTIFUL in this group picture, so I’m embedding this one >] And I don’t like Yonghwa’s slippers in the other picture, so yea XD

My favourite picture is the Yonghwa+Jonghyun one (IS ANYONE SURPRISED XD) cos Jonghyun is a beautiful human being, and Yonghwa has REALLY NICE CALVES. SERIOUSLY. HE COULD MODEL GIRL-SHOES AND I’D BUY THEM STRAIGHT AWAY.

Minhyuk looks adorable and Jungshin looks too cool for school :3 I keep thinking that Minhyuk is the maknae of the group, haha XD

I’m sad that Jonghyun and Jungshin didn’t get solo shots ._.



  1. ajdskjdkjad
    such a beauiful photoshoot.
    Like you, I was amazed initially to know minhyuk’s not the maknae. Jungshin looks cool and manly….. hahaha. To think he’s younger o.O oh well.
    AND YES YONGHWA’s calves are sooo nice! longgg and skinnyyy

    • All the C.N Blue boys are younger than me except for Yonghwa DDD; I FEEL SO OLD ><

  2. jonghyun…. *sighs contentedly*



    I should really make an effort to memorize everybody else’s names. o.o

    • C.N Blue is EAAAASY. Everyone looks really different. Minhyuk is the cutie who looks like Onew; Jungshin is the bassist; know XD, and Jonghyun is the one with curly hair ~

  5. I love Yonghwa. Maybe it’s because of You’re beautiful..but *_* He makes me all starry eyed!

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