Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 21, 2010

2AM Comeback Teasers

There will be more teasers released in the next few days, so I’ll just update this post everytime there’s a new one :)

::Edit:: JoKwon and Changmin’s teasers

::Edit:: SeulOng and Jinwoon’s teasers

Credit: 2AM @ Youtube

I knew they’d release Kwon’s last.

I get that this video is supposed to be serious and sad, but omg, everytime I watch it, I think of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial LOL.

Am I the only one who expected Changmin to rip his shirt off/appear shirtless in the mv??? Lol, it’s weird seeing him without classes. Not sure if I like this new look…hmmm

OMG JINWOON. WHY DO YOU LOOK SO WONDERFUL. AND WHY ARE YOU YOUNGER THAN ME ;____________; You can’t hear much of the song, but omg the mv looks really nice *___*

P.S. His jeans are so tight, omg T___T

Isn’t it like, negative 10 degrees in Korea right now? And they made the poor thing shoot in the rain ;_; I can’t wait for this mv, it’s going to pwn all their past videos, I just know it :D

Oh, and I see moobs TEEHEE

Credit: twoonedaystream @ Youtube

I SEE DANCING. It’s probably just Kwon, though LOL

Not sure what the title of their comeback song is yet, but asdkfjsljfslkj I’M SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS. 2AM are so underrated it makes me want to weep ;_; They have such amazing vocals, I really want them to get more exposure (A FULL ALBUM WOULD BE GOOD :D).

I can’t wait for their comeback. JYP BETTER PROMOTE THESE BOYS WELL (and bring Jay back, but that’s a complaint for another day…)


  1. Whoa does Jinwoon have red hair? And yes, I also suspect that’s Kwon spazzing fabulously in the shadows.

    • Imagine if it turns out to be Changmin O_O I like Jinwoon’s hair :D

  2. LOL. i can never look at 2am the same way as i did back during their debut.

    whenever i see them serious faces i remember the crack they do on variety shows. XD

    • LOL ikr, especially with Changmin. Before I saw him on shows, I thought he was super serious and quiet. Now I know he’s not HAHA

  3. YAY!!!!

  4. This will be the first 2AM song I like really.
    Hope you comment on my new entry!

  5. Jinwoon looks so puretty!~ The colours and props in both Seulong’s and Jinwoon’s teasers are quite beautiful, thankyou JYP for an awesome looking concept! (kind of really sick of all the overuse futuristic styles. the too bright or too dark colours and randomness in kpop today, really liking this one cos the concept is nice and soft on the eyes. ) Hello Seulong Moobs! (gosh, no offence, they freak me out)

    He's younger than me too, by a year D:
    Well he can make me happy if he sings me, "Nuna you're so pretty." Along for the other nunas who share the same feelings lol.

    But I seriously can't wait for their song…the previews make it sound so emotional with some scenerish style, which is love.

    And ohoho Seul Ong's moobs<3 I can't wait for Chang Min's…he has such a nice body.

  7. jinwoon sorta reminds me of FTi for some reason wit that hair colour… ;d

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