Posted by: lovediaries | January 21, 2010

Preview TRAX – Let You Go MV Teaser

Thank you Kaisen for linking us! I saw your comment just as I posted this ^^;;.

TRAX are having their Comeback this Friday!!! Their mini-album will be released next week and Key will be featured in one of the songs kekekeke.

{credit: sment @ youtube}

“가슴이 차가운 남자” translates to “a cold hearted man”.

Heechul and Victoria (adlkfjdlkfjslkfjdsljf) are in this MV and omfg, I love it already (I am so easy, lmao). It sounds so sad and LOOK AT THEM BAWLING THEIR EYES OUT. You guys know I can’t handle this sort of thing :'(((. Victoria looks so gorgeous though, even with tears streaming down her face ;_;.

(Only Jay and Jungmo are in the MV…so TRAX is now a duo? D:)


  1. HAHA LOL. I’m so excited!!!! The crying, so heartbreaking. I was all “HOMG. DON’T CRY. WHY ARE THEY STILL SO ~*BEAUTIFUL*~ WHEN THEY CRY? HOMG GIVE THE MV TO ME NOW!” the picture the tear went on is so adorable. Gosh, his voice is so beautiful. /swoon

    • ALSKJFKDS I KNOW LMFAO, I WAS ALL “ULJIMAAAAAAA ;_________;” Their tears were so real, eh? Truly heartbreaking :((.

  2. i feel the pressure. they prolly broke up cos victoria cant handle heechul being prettier than she is. hahahha im just kidding.. ;D i love them both. n the song sounds awesome.

    im glad TRAX is back even thou i dont know much about them except for jungmo. waiting for the full MV.

    • LOLOLOL XD I know that’s why I’d be crying :P

    • LOL Heechul looked pretty manly here though~ Maybe cause he’s put next to Victoria keke.

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