Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 22, 2010

100122 Music Bank

Video: bwmow5 @ Youtube


They sounded alksjdskjf fantastic *______* Spot-on vocals, and their voices sounded SO LOVELY together *O*

I like how they each got a window with a different “season” :) And everyone looked so spiffy :D I’m beginning to like the orange hair on Jinwoon…and Kwon, he can pull of anything (seriously, his Diva-ness could wear a potato sack and look fierce). But did Changmin’s top remind anyone else of 2PM’s Again and Again outfits??

I don’t like this song as much as I liked This Song and Confessions, but 2AM could sing the Teletubbies theme song and I’d still melt into a puddle of goo XD I can’t wait to see them perform “To Her” with Chansung!

Putting the rest of the performances behind the cut :)

C.N Blue – Alone: Great performance! I liked how this performance had some attitude, as opposed to their debut stages where they were still a bit lost XD I still don’t like how their instruments aren’t plugged in :( But the other members are starting to get more screentime, and Jonghyun’s hair is less voluminous, so yay :D

After School – My Lips…Warm Like Coffee: Awww the girls looked beautiful :3 Are they ending their promotion period soon? I’m going to miss them :’)

T-ara – Like The Beginning: I like this song a lot more than Bo Beep :) But is it just me, or did it sound like they were WHISPERING for most of the song :/

Trax – Let You Go: YAY TRAX IS BACK :) Though technically speaking, Rose left the band and Attack is…somewhere, so it’s just Typhoon and X-mas left, so TX is back YAY XD I love the piano in this song; it’s beautiful *__* And omg I need to watch the mv, like, NOW. HEECHULLLL ;___;

EXCUSE ME, BUT WHY DO TRAX GET TO HAVE PLUGGED IN INSTRUMENTS AND C.N BLUE DON’T? That is so unfair. C.N Blue can play live too >[ It’s either FNC don’t want them playing live (cos FTI rarely played live) or it’s because KBS is scared of SME :/

F.Cuz – Jiggy: The outfits D; The boys sounded a bit out of breath? But yay, Kan’s cast is off :D (I hope that means his ankle’s healed :/)

Waiting Room


LOL at SeulOng’s Andre Kim impersonation XD I have a feeling Andre Kim won’t be using SeulOng in a fashion show anytime soon :P

C.N Blue



  1. ONG I loved it!!!!!! They are so awesome. Are they going for kind of a military inspired look? Like Changmin’s jacket and Jo Kwon’s hat and shirt from Star Radio. But they all look and sound awesome!

  2. TRAX : Let You Go
    Me : so heartbreaking to leave you (Jungmo)
    2AM: Never Let You Go
    Me : I won’t ever leave you (Jiwoon bb)

    ^Plz ignore my nonsense babbling :P

    I am just amused to see Two come back song titles :) I love both songs
    JungMo is X’Mas and Attack(JungWoo) is currently in the army I think. Only Rose leaves from the TRAX officially.

    • Ooo thanks for letting me know :) (TRAX Noob here XD) I’ve edited it into the post :)

      Lol there are SO many similar song titles in Kpop. I get confused looking through my iTunes library XD

  3. trax n 2am both had awesome comebacks. i like both the songs a lot…

    cnblue’s minhyuk got to be in front during their mucore perf today. hehe..

    • I still haven’t watched their Music Core performance. I should go watch that now ~

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