Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 23, 2010

100120 Radio Star feat. JoKwon, Changmin, Hongki and Yonghwa

Video: 2odsub1 @ Youtube

Part 2 || Part 3

2oneday are AMAZINGLY fast at subbing *________*

This is the show where Kwon talked about how he was going to debut as a 2PM member.

I just finished watching it; it was a great show! The MC’s were great and I loved how mean they were to these boys LOL. We know they secretly all love each other :P  I love how AWKWARD the boys were with each other XD There seemed to be an invisible wall between Yonghwa and Kwon XD

I’m not going to recap this, cos it’s a talk show (and a pretty short one) but feel free to spazz with me in the comment section :) My favourite part was when they talked about how Hongki called Heechul to talk about Yonghwa’s abilities as an MC, and Heechul just replied with “…he’s nice” XD Oh, and I liked watching Yonghwa play guitar :)


  1. OMO!!! yonghwa looked so good playing the guitar!! and his pronounciation is so fantastic! i’m looking forward to seeing him on more variety shows and finding out about his background! hohoho, thanks for alerting us to this! :) their interactions were so cutee esp when yonghwa told changmin, you can stop, you can stop!

    aiyeee, they’re all so hilarious and adorable! can yonghwa be any more talented? :Q___ hahha, i have severe yonghwa bias. :D but changmin and jo kwan are SO funny too! and i hope hongki doesn’t ever get the acting disease. :|:|

    sigh, this has made my day! this and finally watching music bank live from KBS world (yayy! new cable acquisition!)! i can sleep in peace now. :) thank youu again!

    • I read somewhere that Yonghwa studied in America for a year?? Idk, might just be a rumour, but his pronunciation is really good :)

      I love seeing Hongki and Yonghwa together!! I hope they’ll go on more shows together :3

      Changmin is a dork and Kwon is FAAAABULOUS :D

      • yay!! the second part with them on radio star is out! you can view it here:

        SIGH. yonghwa is SO TALENTED i could cry!! he sings jason mraz who is my absolute favourite, and then goes on to charm me even more with falling slowly! how not to fall in love with him honestly? :|

  2. Hong-ki I love you!! Thanks for the video, I only saw a cut from youtube, but I didn’t understand what they were saying except for when Yonghwa was singing in English, HE IS SO GOOD!~ I’m happy that CNBlue is doing well, but FT Island will always be first in my heart, heehee. It’s the first time for me seeing Kwon, and Changmin from 2AM, since I’ve never listen to any of their song…maybe I should start : D

    • You’ve never listened to 2AM? GO LISTEN TO THEM NOOOOWWWW. They have SUCH good voices *___* And 2AM + 2PM are great. Watch Hot Blood when you get a chance :D

      I’m so glad Kpop finally has some bands ^___________^

  3. Youtube deleted it :( .. Does anyone know another website I can find this ??

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