Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 25, 2010

2AM – “Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go” MV

Credit: 2AM @ Youtube

I just realised this morning that I still haven’t posted this mv XD

There’s not really a plot…basically you just have Jinwoon lying on the grass looking very un-18 year old-like (that boy cannot be younger than me, omg), SeulOng showing off his moobs in the rain, Changmin reaching out to a scary painting, and Kwon on the set of a cream cheese commercial kneeling in snow.

Did I expect something more exciting? Yes. I was expecting a tragic love story ;_; But the hilarious dance moves made everything great, so yea XD.

Hopefully the next song they promote will be “To Her” and they’ll do an epic mv with Chansung. Oneday <3


  1. Oooooooo
    So pretty~
    This makes me like songs alot more!
    Changmin is so hot!
    Lol Jinwoon’s moobies =)
    Kwon is sooooo pretty~

    How shallow am I? OMG they sound soooo good tho!

  2. The song is really nice but the dance moves were kind of funny :p

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