Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 25, 2010

F.Cuz Jiggy MV Version 2

Credit: sandygirl221 @ Youtube


The first version was very colourful and happy, but omg this one’s so much better :DDDD!!! It’s a lot more simple, but omg, this new mv makes me enjoy the song more XD

And I think everyone looks a lot better, too. Kan in a suit, omg :Q______ And Yejun’s curly hair looks so nice on him ^___^


  1. yeah, I like this a LOT better (: They all look REALLY good in this one, which is more than I can say for the…. bright, happy one. Somehow, Jiggy comes off as easier to listen to in this one too. Not to say I don’t like them ;___; I just don’t want to until they release another song that…. isn’t Jiggy.

    • Ikr, this mv makes the song more bearable XD I really want to like this group cos um, KAN :Q___, but Jiggy really doesn’t do much for me D;

  2. I LIKE THIS!!!
    It isnt hurting to the eyes lmao, and all of them looked so much better :D
    But jinon’s part with the girl and he says “ok!” was pretty random lol.
    I cant wait till they release something which shows more of their vocals :)

    • Their other mv was way too bright and happy ><

      Lol I don't think I noticed the "ok" part? Haha, I'm so unobservant XD

      I'm waiting for them to release a pretty ballad *___*

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