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Name the Songs #3

Hiiiii guys, I’m back from my holiday ^___^ PAS and Candychu has done such a great job ♥♥, I don’t think anyone realised I was missing hahahaha. Took me awhile to catch up with fandom, then it took me another while to get over my laziness (lol XD) but now I’m back, so I’ll try to get some posts up here and there. Hopefully 2010 will be better than 2009 yes, yes? :D

Anyways, we haven’t had a game post for ages so I figured it was time we had one so everyone could have fun fun fun. Lol, pretty sure no one even remembers how this game works anymore so here are the links to Game #1 and Game #2 if you guys missed out on those.

The rules are pretty much the same. All you have to do is listen to the short 15 second song clips (only instrumental so don’t bother trying to recognise the voice XP) I cut. Guess the Name AND Artist of the song and answer in the comment section. It might sound easy but unless you know your Kpop songs well, rest assure it’ll be a challenge. Also, cheating takes the fun out of every game so let’s be awesome and do it yourself ;DDD The songs are definitely Kpop (we wouldn’t throw in some random artists haha) and are from artists whom we usually cover here.

Answers are under the cut so goodluck! ♥

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Song 5

Song 1: 2PM – She Might Come Back

Song 2: Big Bang – Stay

Song 3: SHINee – The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)

Song 4: Super Junior – Monster

Song 5: T-ara – Good Person

[highlight to reveal~]


  1. 2PM – She Might Return
    Big Bang – Stay
    SHINee – The SHINee World
    Super Junior – Monster
    T-Ara – Good Person


    • Yea yea show off. Gtfo D:

  2. 1. 2PM – She Might Come Back
    2. Big Bang – Stay
    4. SJ – Monster

    • 3.5/5. Not bad Pas, not bad. Could be better though lol. And how could you not know the T-ara song, it’s one of my favourites :333

  3. Awww, I only got the 2PM one. I need to listen to even more Kpop!

    • Aww that’s alright :D As long as you tried. And plus, if you like the sounds of the other songs you can give them a try too. You might end up liking new artists ;DDD

  4. Song #1; 2PM – You Might Come Back
    Song #2; Big Bang – Stay
    Song #3; SHINee – Shinee World
    Song #4; Super Junior – Monster
    Song #5; idk this song, but it sounds nice. lmao

    • Good job!!! You probably checked the answer already and saw that the last song was T-ara’s Good Person. It’s probably one of my favourite songs from them so you should give it a try when you have time :D Here’s the link

  5. i only know #1, #3 and #4… cos i dont like bigbang nore t-ara much. hahah

    • Awww why don’t you like Big Bang or T-ara? I love T-ara so it sorta saddens me that they’re not very popular .__. haha but good job :D

  6. Shinee World by SHINee
    Monster by Super Junior
    … “It is you” from Shrek? LOL, I don’t remember 5th song, but it sounds really familiar XDDD

    • LOLOLOL!! the fifth song DOES sound like it’s from Shrek >.<

      • Xenia
        LOLOLOL. IT DOES SOUND LIKE THE SHREK SONG. That’s probably why I like it so much. I also love that shrek song XD You’ve checked the answer I assume. It’s Good Person by T-ara. CHECK IT OUT. One of my favourite T-ara songs. It pains me that they dont get enough attention ;_; Well done btw :D

        • I’ve checked, and the song is nice… BTW, where were those netizens? Where the drama? Did they put those videos, like, “T-ara plagiarized Shrek” and “T-ara vs Shrek” on YT?
          No-o-o-o, they save it for SNSD XDDDDDDDDD

  7. 1. Please Be Nice To Me-Kim Hyun Joong
    3. Shinee World-Shinee
    4. Monster-Super Junior
    5. ???????

    Welcome back!

    • Did you check the answers? And omg you got a ss501 song wrong?!?! XPPP haha kidding. It’s ok, I know all you think about is ss501 anyways :D You got everything else though. GO TRY THE T-ARA SONG XD Lol I really need to pimp these girls.

      And thank you! I’m glad to be back <3

      • I’m so ashamed! ;___; Is it cheating to check your hunches on youtube first?
        Sometimes I think about chocolate too thank you very much. >:P

        I love 2pm but I haven’t listened to most of their songs tbh.

  8. 1. 2PM- You Might Come Back
    2. idk D:
    3. SHINee- SHINee World
    4. Super Junior- Monster
    5. T-ara- Good Person

    the 2nd one isn’t familiar to me at all ;___; i think once i check the answer i’m going to slap myself.

    • Hahaha did you check the answers and slap yourself? XP The 2nd song was Big Bang’s and is a favourite Japanese song of theirs. Try it out yea? :D And I’m so glad you got the T-ara one. DOES THAT MEAN YOU LISTEN TO THEM? *___*

  9. I should be ashamed, I only know 3 & 4
    3.SHINee- Shinee World
    4.Super Junior- Monster

    I THOUGHT THE LAST ONE WAS “Broke Up Today” By Younha XDD Need to get my ears checked.
    But it sounds so familiar. ;-;

    • Aw there’s no need to be ashamed. If you like the sounds of the other songs though, you can give them a try and maybe you’ll end up liking the artists too :DD

      Yea, the game isn’t as easy as it sounds does it. I tried to get hard songs which sounds similiar to other songs to trip people out but I somehow ended up just getting all my favourites haha

  10. 3- SHINee – SHINee World

    LOL I only got 1 right!

    • LOL hi5. You’re such a Shawol, seriously XP

  11. I got only 3 and 4 right…like this game though I am not excel…
    Glad to see your come back ;)

    • That’s ok. As long as you tried and had fun. That’s the whole point :D

      And thank you, I’m glad to be back with you guys <3

  12. 1st – TikTok by 2PM
    2nd – idk. bigbang? stay?
    3rd – The SHINee World!:D
    4th – SuperJunior- Monster:)
    5th – T-ara? Good Person???:D

  13. Only recognized the 4th one, and even then couldn’t place it, lol. Seems I have some brushing up to do xD
    Thanks guys! ^_^

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