Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 26, 2010

C.N Blue Jonghyun – I Will…Forget You Fancam

Video: CodeAzzurro

If you’re a frequent visitor of LAEC, then you’d probably know that I have this thing for fancams: I don’t like them (and normally refuse to watch them). But I saw this on my Youtube page (THANK YOU, YOUTUBE) and because this song is my favourite C.N Blue song, I thought I’d play the video just to hear Jonghyun sing this live. BUT THEN while I was waiting for something else to load, this video started playing and alkfsj;lsifjw;oifj IT’S REALLY GOOD, OKAY.

It’s a REALLY GOOD QUALITY fancam. If it weren’t for the zooming in at the start, you’d think it was an official video *___* And omg, JONGHYUN IS SO BEAUTIFUL :Q_____  I loved watching him play acoustic guitar while singing most of the song (Yonghwa had like, two lines XD). This song is awesome and Jonghyun is amazing, so yea, watch it :)


  1. omg,he’s so gorgeous…and his amazing voice,aww…<33

  2. ~_~ wanbyeokkehhhhh!!

    • i actually typed that before i watched the vid. gosh… im so mesmerized. i can just watch him all day..playing that guitar n sing, looking all pretty *_*

      • He’s so nice to look at :Q_________ And his little guitar fingers :Q_________ some more XD

  3. OMG!!! *o* its the korean version of Teardrops in the rain isnt it? <3<3 This is my faaavvv song of C.N.Blue's mini albums and I didn't even know Jongyhun sang it *o* sooo gorgeous <3

    • Teardrops in the rain is from their Jap album, right??? I think I have one of their jap. albums, but I didn’t listen to it very much cos of the Engrish XD

      Yea Jonghyun sings most of it, but Yonghwa joins him in the chorus :)

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