Posted by: pinkandsparkly | January 26, 2010

Preview Daesung – Cotton Candy

Credit: carmeyl8 @ Youtube


I was SO happy when I heard that Daesung will be releasing a solo album this year; he’s one of my favourite kpop boys and I love his voice <3

I’m not a huge trot fan so I didn’t really like his last solo single – though I loved watching him perform it on Family Outing (I’M GOING TO MISS THAT SHOW SO MUCH, OMG D;) but his solo track Smile, from one of Big Bang’s albums, is awesome :)

This song is quite slow and a bit old fashioned, but it’s cute and it’s Daesung singing about cotton candy ^______^!


  1. Lol @ your autotune comment.^^

    I really love Daesung and his voice, so even though I’m a serial ballad hater I didn’t mind this song at all.=D Good study music. He and Onew need to record a duet like, yesterday…

    • Haha yea I’m sooooooooooooooooooo sick of autotune ^^;;; Seriously, I think every second kpop song has autotune now T__T

      I like ballads like DBSK’s Love In The Ice, but nothing too sad like Davichi and Seeya stuff

  2. oh, such a calming song. <3

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