Posted by: lovediaries | January 26, 2010

Preview TRAX – Let You Go MV & Mini Album

{credit: sment @ youtube}

The MV ended up having less of a story than I expected, but it was still really lovely to watch and gave me goosebumps :(. The acting was so good too – their crying is so natural that it’s heartbreaking. I wish they worked more on the plot though (even though you know what happened) because it seemed like it had a lot of potential. I’ll definitely be thinking of scenes from this MV every time I hear the song.

I wonder if they filmed this in the same place as SJM’s “Me” cause I kept thinking about that MV ^^;;. One Night – This isn’t my type of song keke ^^;;.

Goodbye Lover – A very lovely but sad sounding ballad ♥.

I Can Change – I really like the chorus of this song and the way there’s an echo :).

Healing feat. Key – Why is this the shortest track on the album!? I love Key’s rap, okay ♥. ‘Nuf said.

Don’t Leave Me – Another pretty ballad ;~;. This one is sort of heartwrenching, I love it.


  1. Analysis, lmao because i’m meant to be doing my analysis for english due on like friday or something. :(

    first: it sucks that trax is now two people. for at least two years while jungwoo(?) is in the military.

    then: i love how real they look. ): it looks like heechul and victoria barely have any make up on, and how they cry is so real, and then their eating sandwich/milk(LOL WTF)/ice cream. i actually really like the scene where heechul runs over to the toilet to throw up because it’s so realistic. :(

    (i’m kind of watching it now.)
    i really liked how it was filmed. thoughthe scenes of jay/jungmo underneath the aerial tower thing totally remind me of SJM’s Me.

    but i’m glad trax is back. :D : D:D /total fangirl.
    i love the mv because it does seem real and because their acting doesn’t look like acting (ie: their crying looks real and doesn’t look pretty).

    …yeah i don’t know. i just really like it. :D i hope they have a follow up though, like their backstory, though it’s pretty clear they just broke up. :/

    • Oh so you’ve been procrastinating, I see.

      The throwing up part made me D: BECAUSE HE DID IT IN A TUB, CRYING T_T. Bec warned me about it but when I saw it, it still made me feel queasy. Idk, I have this fear of vomit/throwing up. Like it’s so bad that I get sick from me not knowing how to vomit. Okay that makes no sense and I got carried away.

      ANYWAY yes their crying is really pretty. No exaggerated facial expressions or anything, just, simply tears streaming down faces ;___;. I’d love for a continuation too or a back story but I doubt it’ll happen. SM is a bitch like that :(.

    lol. i was listening to low quality OH! and got distracted by this and omg, this is so sad. ;~;

    and the song. ;~; just great.

    • I’m gonna wait for the MV of OH! before listening to the song ^^;;.

      This song, is really lovely ;~;.



  4. I NEED A BACK STORY ;o; It’s just me being dumb or something but I don’t really get the mv XD
    Did they break up? if yes~ then why? because obviously they’re still TOTALLY in love with one another ToT (maybe one can understand after reading the translation~ but couldnt find a translation yet XD )

    but OMG i loovee it <3 the mv gives me goosbumps *o*

    • BECAUSE HE’S COLD-HEARTED!? Yeah, idk, I wonder if the lyrics would help cause if so, I desperately need translations. Maybe he doesn’t think he can make her happy so he breaks up with her :(.

        I’ve just seen this one:
        it doesnt help that much though XDDD”
        but your explanation would make sense ^w^
        hope he didn’t betray her or something like that @.@

        • Oh thank you for the link!

          I doubt he did lol, seeing as he was so heartbroken himself :(.

  5. adore this song :DDDD teehee, but would like to point out one thing I felt bad about thinking while watching: Heechul looks just about as pretty as Victoria ;____; I feel really bad about that, but it’s not something I could ignore XD But other than that, it’s so (like everyone’s been saying) realistic and the feelings are just so RAW <3333 I love how Victoria's eating ice cream, cause that would TOTALLY be my comfort food if I broke up. I want a separate MV that focuses on the backstory though, maybe the song featuring Key? But that's wishful thinking on my part, cause SM's stupid so it's probably not going to happen. And because all other TRAX fans are rejoicing, I am too (: TRAX IS ALIVEEEEE.

    • Heechul is just a very beautiful man :(. There is no denying that. But what if it was winter? Would Ice cream still be your comfort food? Or like hot chips and pizza? DAMNIT I’M HUNGRY NOW.

      An MV for Healing would be amazing…hopefully if Key came out in it too :D

  6. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. JAY I WANT TO MARRY YOUR VOICE. Needs more Jungmo though. :(

    The designer in me was jumping for joy. Look at all that lovely white! All the pretty bookshelves and all the coordinating furniture and the bathtub. /SQUEE Lol at how people notice the milk, I’m thinking now its just an artistic thing. White milk is pretty okay?!

    Heechul and Victoria were just above awesome! I love them to bits and their acting was just wow! I was really surprised with Victoria. She was brilliant. I’ve said this so many times but their crying was so heartbreaking and when Heechul chucks up in the bathtub was so freaking realistic. I wanna hug them both for being so fantastic in this vid.


    • Jungmo got close to 0 screentime T_T. The whole thing is pretty, with all the whites and creams. It had a really serene type of feel, but the emotions in it were all very heartbreaking :(.

      The throwing up scene was so D: but damn realistic ;_;. SRSLY, NEEDS A BACK STORY/PART 2!!!

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