Posted by: lovediaries | January 27, 2010

100123 SHINee @ Magnae Rebellion

Some of you might not be aware that youtube has been deleting subbed videos from Kompilations/Kompilations1 account so you guys better watch videos while you can! I regret not finishing Dream Team episodes last night – I’m in the middle of one of the Canada special eps T^T – because this morning when I went to continue watching it, the videos had already been removed :(.

{credit: Kompilations1 @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

I watched a few unsubbed cuts before and omfg, I laughed for hours. Key, Jonghyun, Taemin and Onew are the guests here so be sure to watch! This episodes includes Onew imitating not only Jonghyun’s “Love like Oxygen” lines but also his opening lines from “Jo Jo”. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. I always thought Jonghyun sounded like he was dying whenever he was performing but I never said it cause…well it was sorta hot. BUT WHEN ONEW DOES IT, LOLOLOL.

Onew also falls off his chair from laughing too hard and that is pretty much the key point of this whole episode. Never mind Taemin’s amazing solo dancing or Key completely pawning Mir in doing girl dances. (And how can we forget Onew dancing in the bg and coming out to do the “Marshmallow” move only to look like he was air-molesting someone/thing.)


  1. DDDD: OH NO!! i’m in the midst of watching the canada episodes too but am having a crazy busy week with school. :(:( WHY YOUTUBE WHY!!!! sob, i really want to watch the maknae rebellion ep too! thanks for alerting us anyway. :)

    • You better watch this one quick!!

  2. one of my fav shows of the moment :D sooo happy shinee is back guesting again!

    nooooo, kompilations is too awesome! he/she needs to stay! youtube can be a bit much sometimes..

    • I’ve only seen the SHINee eps keke ^^. This was only a ‘warm up’ as well so expect more SHINee :D!

  3. OH NO. i was planning on watching dream team as soon as i go home this weekends. ;~;

    this better last till i get home. or else… idk T______T

    • I hope this stays on for your sake too ;~;

  4. did my comment go through? -_-”


    • I found it in the spam filter D:

      I know right, favouritest gif ever <3

  5. Has Yunhwa left Makbanshi? :( Or been kicked out? He’s not been in any episodes since December TT

    • I’m not sure D: Maybe they did replace him with Shorry J?! I only watch episodes with SHINee ^^;;.

  6. PUAHAHAH!!! awesomeness!! XD”’
    taemin singing is <3333 (gonna dl this and edit all his parts together XDDD)
    onew is FAAIIILLLL!! *hahaha* will laugh forever at this gif XD

    • He is so insistent with his song, omg. So cute <33

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