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{credit: sment @ youtube}

This is the first time I’m listening to the full song. The chorus is catchy (like the Oh! parts) but some of the lines they sing in the cutest voices, and it makes me want to cry T__T. (Like it sounds like :3 <– if that emoticon was audible lmao.)

The MV reminds me a bit of CHU~♥, like how it starts off with them all in a room. I'm not really sure if there's a plot but the ending seemed to be asking for a "TO BE CONTINUED…".

Their choreography always seems to show off their body haha and this time it's their hips and S-lines? A lot of back bending and just general hip movement. My favourite part is that part where Jessica is in the middle and they all move forward together. Then they pose, pose, pose and sorta fan out. It looks really cool :D.

p.s How cute is Hyoyeon in those pigtails? ;___; /forever biased.


  1. I have a feeling that I won’t be too fond of this song. Seems too much like Gee…and I grew to dislike Gee. XD


    • Yeah it’s less repetitive than Gee, but on the same cuteness level, pretty much.

      It was his bday yesterday in our time hehe. Already the 27th here!

  2. so. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a huuuuuuge fan of SNSD, but really, the mv didn’t help my opinion of the song much. Did not enjoy the abundance of legs though, it wasn’t legs in a mature (?) way like Tell Me Your Wish but legs in…. pedo-ajusshi way. I judge music videos by how embarrassed I’d be to plug it in my status on gmail, and um, yeah. Not doing it for me. I WANT TO LIKE THIS SONG SO BAD THOUGH D: I REALLY DO. To end on a good note, I liked the part at the end though, they looked so classy in their black outfits (those had better be them, or else I fail as a huge SNSD fan ;____;)

    • lmao i agree with the pedo-ajusshi thing. like some of the parts, i was going O.o oh damn who are they trying to appeal to laksfjldksf.


      • IDK WHO I THOUGHT THEY WERE D: LIKE, IDK, MY BRAIN JUST WENT ALL “that’s too classy to be SNSD” oh…. maybe I’m not that good of a fan after all XD


          • ikr ;___; not that it’s a bad thing though, cause you have to admit I fail pretty cutely ;D

            • like how i fail sexily? mm i guess :P

  3. Is it just me or did I keep hearing the word “oppa” throughout the song?

    • No it’s not you.
      This song feels like:
      they took generic lyrics and threw it in. I heard alot of lyrics they’ve used before.

      Also, not a big fan of an mv being cute for the sake of being cute and getting boys to drool over it.

      • Oh really? That’s the problem with cute songs, hardly room for anything deep :/

    • Lol they do sing about Oppa~

  4. Wanted to add, I am a HUGE fan of the HUGE hair XD

    • LOL I’m…not ^^;;

  5. The only part I really liked was the end ’cause it seems like they might promote two songs? But the other concept looks a lot better.

    @kandie – that’s were the Oh! comes from. Oh-oh-oh-oppa….

    • Yep, it’s like introducing their change in concepts or something like that :D!

  6. I like the SNSD girls themsleves(Hyo bias FTW!) but I always feel like someone “chipmunks” their real voices to make the tracks sound cuter. The squeaky nature of their singing was a major turnoff the first time I heard Gee.

    Overall, the new image screams f(x) to me.=P Catchy song though.

    • There are so many not-really-in-SNSD-fandom fans that are Hyo biased. Why is that, lmao!? *hi5s you anyway*.

  7. The feminist in me is screaming: OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN. But I guess pop is all about objectification of women/men (hello, Mirotic) so whatever.

    I like the colours :) “oppa oppa oppa are we down, down, down” irks me :/

    I can’t wait to see Kwon/Heechul/Key in cheerleader outfits :D

    • Lol like I said to you the other day, that would probably be the best thing that would ever come out from this /gets bricked. I can see them memorizing the moves already XD

      • You know Key can already dance to this whole song.

    • omg, kwon/heechul/key… i cannot imagine this, but this has to happen!

      • Just wait for it!!

    • Lol well yes, that is with everything, isn’t it?

  8. It was cute? I dunno, I don’t really like stuff like this but they are SNSD and they can pull off this stuff. I love how Hyo gets more screentime. I’m all MEH about this song and the MV but I did love the ending where there was a slight teaser type thing going on. ICWUDT SM. Whoever thought of that, I like you. :D I swear that’s the set used for CHU.

    • I was very satisfied with the amount of Hyo screentime :DDD. LMAO ICWUDT SM XDD. Well, that’s exactly what they did. They’ll be promoting that concept too~

  9. Considering the fact that SM announced that the end of the video means literally that they bury cute image of SNSD, like, forever, I think that that was the reason why this MV is so C.U.T.E. To make the contrast even more prominent.
    I like cute, very much, “Kissing U” cute, “Gee” cute, but “Oh!” was shockingly cute even for me XDDD
    The song is already on repeat and I DID put it on my profile as I’m not really embarrassed: 10 years ago I was exactly THIS type of girl. If only I had a chance to be a cheerleader T_____T

    • It’ll be weird if they really do bury it forever because … they are “Girls” and Girls are cute and young and not dark and sexy…they’d have to change to Women Generation ……… /lame.

      I’m not a fan of cute, that’s why I was never :DDDDDDDD over their music. Only really loving Taeyeon’s OST solos ^^.

      • Maybe it’s difference in Korean language, like in Russian? Like, “devochka” – is a girl who is very young, and when she is about 14 and older and till she marries she is “devushka”. And only after a marriage she becomes a woman. Well, of course, if she is, like 25 and older, she is not considered as “girl” anyway, but you see my point, it’s easily possible to be sexy girl if you speak about her in Russian, so I don’t have a problem with their name and their image (remembering Spice GIRLS also helps XDDD)

        • That is actually a very good point LOL! I was just listening to Spice Girls the other day, too :).

  10. Everytime I see this video, it makes me want to attack their hair with my hair straightener.

    I’m so serious T___T

    And even though I’m not quite fond of the song, the chorus seems to get stuck in my head! What is this madness? D:

    Kind of looking forward to the non-cuteness of the next MV though~

    • The chorus is definitely catchy – it’s the only part I remember. I haven’t heard it since watching the MV ^^;;.

      I’m not a fan of the perms either :(.

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