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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge In Pictures – Ep.1

So ever since You’re Beautiful, I’ve been looking for another drama to cover. I generally don’t like Korean dramas cos I find them a bit draggy D; and recently there hasn’t been any that I’ve been tempted to watch, let alone care enough about to cover XD But then I found this drama :D! It’s based on the Japanese manga called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, which loosely translates to “Perfect Girl Evolution”.

Blessed with good looks, Takano Kyohei, a college student, is always suffering from the unreasonable behaviour of customers who want him and the sexual harassment of his store manager. Because of his hot temper, he loses his head on this occasion and is fired from his part-time job. Then one day, the glamorous owner, Ms Nakahara proposes, “I’ll give you free board-and-lodging if you can turn my niece, Sunako, into a lady!” Kyohei and Toyama Yukinojo, Oda Takenaga and Morii Ranmaru, the other guys living together in the same boarding house, are enthusiastic, but the person who appears before the four of them is a spooky girl whose hair covers her face and who loves horror and vampires. And so, their tumultuous communal life begins..

Credit: DramaWiki

It’s nothing mind-blowing or thought provoking, just a fun drama to pass the time with :D Oh, and the actors are really cute (Yes, I like JE boys xP).

I did the reality index for YB, so this time, I wanted to try something new…so I came up with this. Each week, I’ll screencap what I think are the most important parts of the show and will present them in a post along with my own comments. If you don’t have time to watch the show, you can just read this post, but if you do watch the show, you can use this post as a quick revision guide and spazz with me :D

You can watch this with English subtitles on MySoju or DramaCrazy

Warning, this post is VERY image heavy (around 65 caps in total). But I’ve tried to make them all fairly small, so hopefully it won’t kill anyone’s net :D

Free Image Hosting at

So the story starts with Kame stumbling around in the snow…for what reason, we don’t know just yet…

Free Image Hosting at

It cuts to angry, clenched hands doing the dishes :O

Free Image Hosting at

AND THEY’RE KAME’S HANDS. Turns out he’s working part-time at a restaurant and is constantly sexually harassed by his boss and the little, female highschoolers who squeal over his good looks.

Free Image Hosting at

Kame gets fed up with girl-squealing! Kame smashes their table! KAME GETS FIRED :O!

Free Image Hosting at

But as he walks out of the restaurant, we see a person behind the window snapping pictures of him :O! FOR WHAT REASON? WE DON’T KNOW. BUT WE WILL KNOW IF WE KEEP READING!

Free Image Hosting at

We get shown a big, expensive looking house/castle. Who owns this?

Free Image Hosting at

HE DOES :D But why does such a small boy own such a big house? What does Kame have to do with this house? And more importantly, WHY ARE KAME’S EYEBROWS SO THIN?! Read on, my friends, and you will find out. Well, I don’t think they give a explanation for Kame’s eyebrows, but everything else will be revealed :D

Free Image Hosting at

Like all good asian dramas, our story begins in a crowded highschool.

Free Image Hosting at

Kyouhei – the boy that every girl in school chases after with flowers and chocolate. He’s convinced that no one really likes him for his personality as his personality kinda sucks, and that they’re all just in it for his looks. I’m more used to calling him by his real name (Kamenashi/Kame) so that’s what I’ll be using :)

Free Image Hosting at

Kyohei’s roommate: Takenaga. Voted as the boy people would most like to spy on taking a bath. I’m used to calling him by his real name, too (Uchi) so that’s what I’ll be using from now on.

Free Image Hosting at

Kyohei and Tenaga’s roommate: Yuki (real name: Tegoshi). Cuter than puppies, this boy smiles like the sun and likes to help old people cross the street :)

Free Image Hosting at

Voted as the boy people would most like to sleep with. No, not in the dodgy sense, people want to sleep NEXT to him.

Free Image Hosting at

The last roommate: Ranmaru – the sweet-talking Casanova

Free Image Hosting at

And of course, just like in real life, all four flawless/perfect/stunning boys just happen to share a huge castle-like house (with the 5 year old owner).

Free Image Hosting at

But this is the real owner of the house! A rich, widowed lady (and mother to the 5 year old kid). She spends most of her time in her private jet, chasing after rich billionaires. BUT, the rich lady has a task for them! She wants the four boys to turn her introverted niece into a ~~lady~~ or they have to move out of her castle/house. If they suceed, they get to live there for free! But if they don’t, THEY HAVE TO MOVE OUT. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.

Free Image Hosting at

Kame: “Don’t you worry! We’ll do anything to live here for free! Besides, how bad can the niece be, right?”

Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at

The cousin, Sunako, collects anatomical mannequins, loves horror movies, and is scared of “shiny/dazzling” things. And yes, that is her bedroom. HOW HOMEY DOES IT LOOK :D

Free Image Hosting at

But like all girls, Sunako is a brilliant cook. YAY. WHO CARES ABOUT THE BLACK CLOAK. SHE CAN COOOOOK.

Free Image Hosting at

So the boys decide to carry out their plan of turning Sunako into a ~~lady~~. First step: CATCH HER WITH A HUGE NET.

Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at

And this is where they decided to put the opening song. It’s full of awesomely lol-zy JE moves like that ^^^

Free Image Hosting at

The next day, Kame and Uchi go to a cafe. This isn’t really important….

Free Image Hosting at

But on the way home from the cafe, Kame notices someone lurking behind the trees taking pictures of him :O! WHO IS THE STALKER?

Free Image Hosting at

While Kame’s thinking about his stalker, Tegoshi goes into Sunako’s room to apologize for the events of yesterday night. And yes, that is a coffin. It’s where she sleeps.

Free Image Hosting at

Tegoshi opens up the coffin…AND THERE’S NO ONE THERE :O! SUNAKO IS GONE! Kame remembers his stalker, and thinks that maybe she kidnapped Sunako. Cos you know, stalkers aren’t really sane people.

Free Image Hosting at

So the boys do some detective work and find out that Sunako has been taken to Hokkaido! Kame is enticed by the thought of not having to pay rent ever again, so he and the kid go to Hokkaido to look for Sunako.

Free Image Hosting at

But hay, it’s cold there :O! Along comes this nice girl who offers them a warm cup of tea and a place to rest.

Free Image Hosting at

But while she’s preparing that warm cup of tea, Kame stumbles on a box filled with…PICTURES OF HIM :O!

Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at

Kame gets ANGRY cos he doesn’t like being stalked, but just as he was telling the girl off….ALONG COMES SUDAKO. Turns out the girl is Sunako’s friend.

Free Image Hosting at

But of course Kame had to be all detective-like and interrogate his stalker. “WHY YOU TAKE PICTURES OF ME ;_;”. Turns out she selling the pictures his fangirls, so she could give the money to her friend, pictured there eating ramen with her. The friend works in a host club, and she feels a ~link~ to him, so she’s helping him raise money to fulfill his dream: owning a ramen shop.

Free Image Hosting at

“YOU’RE FRIEND IS A DIRTY LITTLE LIAR”, says Kame. This angers the girl, and she runs out into the blizzard! Sunako runs after her, and after some convincing from the little boy, Kame runs out to bring the two girls home.

Free Image Hosting at

And this is what we saw in the first shot: Kame stumbling in the snow. Though in this screencap, it kinda looks like he’s trying to do the Michael Jackson move…

Free Image Hosting at

Kame finds Sunako, and the two of them goes into the city to find the girl. But because there are lights and attractive people there, Sunako becomes scared of all the *shiny* things and runs away.

Free Image Hosting at

She runs away to a quiet place with lots of snow, and she starts telling Kame her ~story~

Free Image Hosting at

Turns out, four years ago Sunako was just like all the other girls. But she liked a jerk who rejected her cos she was ugly D:

Free Image Hosting at

This saddened Sunako, and she stumbled around in the mud. Soon, she decided to only like the “ugly” things in life, and that is why she is the way she is today.

Free Image Hosting at

“BUT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT WHAT’S INSIDE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT’S OUTSIDE”, says Kame, the voice of reason. Sunako doesn’t see this, so Kame leaves her and tries to find the girl himself.

Free Image Hosting at

They are all reunited, and find out that the Ramen guy is indeed a dirty little liar! He now works in a host club in Tokyo and preys on innocent, rich clients.

Free Image Hosting at

“I WILL BEAT HIM AT HIS OWN GAME!”, says Kame, and goes to vist the scammer at the host club, styling his hair in a very ugly fashion.

Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at

“NOOOO, DON’T HELP HIM, HE’S TRYING TO PLAY YOU BECAUSE YOU STOLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM ME WHICH I RAISED BY TAKING STALKER PHOTOS DDD;”. Of course, the girl ruins all the plans. Of course the scammer doesn’t like to be beaten at his own game, so he locks up the girl! And makes Kame pour women drinks!

Free Image Hosting at

So the three boys and Sunako decide that it’s now time for them to step up and do something too! They want screentime!

Free Image Hosting at


Free Image Hosting at

So Sunako has a face beneath that huge curtain of hair! And she’s at the host club picking up guys :O!

Free Image Hosting at

Sexy-hair Kame doesn’t recognise Sunako without her cloak!

Free Image Hosting at

But then he looks past her and sees…his roommates! In drag! Oh, what a day.

Free Image Hosting at

Kame tells Sunako the secret location of her friend. But as Sunako’s trying to free her friend, the scammer walks in! UH-OH.

Free Image Hosting at

S.O.S! ALL SIX OF THEM ARE NOW LOCKED UP! BUT IT’S OK, SUNAKO HAS SPECIAL ROPE-BREAKING POWERS (as seen before when they were trying to cut her fringe).

Free Image Hosting at

They break free and beat everyone in the club up. Because that makes perfectly logical sense.

Free Image Hosting at

The bad guy has been defeated!

Free Image Hosting at

This has nothing to do with the plot. I just want to show you guys how pretty Tegoshi looks in drag :D

Free Image Hosting at

Sunako thanks Kame for his earlier “what’s on the inside is more important” talk and gives him a skull as a present. Cos it’s a super practical gift.

Free Image Hosting at

The episode ends with a look at a certain girl’s bedroom….a girl who seems to have somewhat of a “thing” for Kame…

Free Image Hosting at

SO KAME DOES HAVE A REAL STALKER! WHO IS IT?! Kame doesn’t know, he’s too busy staring in the camera *___*


And that’s all for this week guys :) DID WE LIKE? This post took me three hours to do, so some comments would be appreciated :D Oo and please don’t hotlink anything; link people to this post instead :D UGLY YELLOW FROGS ARE UGLY D;


    i never fail to crack up when sunako knocks kame down when she says he’s too bright XDDDD
    when the boos grabbed kame’s butt i was like DDD: OMG KAME’S BUTT NOOOOO DDDD:
    and the way the little boy threatened kame to go out in the blizzard to find sunako was just made out of awesomeness.
    “i’ll tell the media that you left the girl out there to die” XDDDomg this boy is AWESOME! (Y)

    i can’t help it, whenever i see kame my face automatically either becomes :3333 or :DDDD

    • Lmao when I saw his boss touch grab his butt, I was like “OMG KAME ACTUALLY HAS A BUTT” xD HE’S SO SKINNY.

      The little boy is TOO CUTE :3 And Sunako is such a cute weirdo; reminds me of Nobuta :3

      I’m loving this drama so far, though I’ve only seen two episodes XD I NEED MORE UCHI.

  2. oh this was hilarious!:)
    but if i didn’t rmb wrongly, they did show that the “real stalker” was kame’s ex-colleague at the restaurant… the one who was serving the highschool girls:S

    • Lol yea, they develop it more in Ep.2 so I thought I’d leave a cliff hanger so that people will watch ep.2 to see who it is XD

  3. (hi i’m an infrequent reader of LAEC..)
    wow i loved the anime, hadn’t read the manga, and was thrilled to find out that there’s a live action version!!! with kame!!! wow 3 hours is alot of effort~ thanks soooooo much – i’m so glad i get to see screencaps as i dont have time to chase after dramas anymore T.T really happy to see what’s going on in the drama! ^^ sunako’s pretty…

    • I was all WEEEEEEEEEEEEE when I heard they were making it into a drama; so many JE boys in one show XD I was a bit sceptical about them giving the role of Kyouhei to Kame, tbh, but from what I’ve seen so far, he’s doing a great job :D

      Lol I hope my caps made sense! Most of the captions I made up myself…so I hope you got the general gist of the plot XDDD

  4. Usually I don’t like JE boys, but you left me curious. I’ll try to find it with engsubs for downloading =)
    (cross-dress in the 1st episode usually helps to win my attention)

    • And they look so PRETTY dressed as girls!

  5. despite me liking a handful of JE boys, i only wanted to watch this because of the adorable little kid, seishiro kato :D maybe because i came with no expectations, but this was pretty interesting. looks like i’ll be watching this series after all.

    i loved how much kame’s character got headbutted and everything by sunako :) oh and i was really surprised how the cross dressing turned out, more like i was in awe. they didn’t look terrible at all. and yes, i had the same exact thoughts about the makeup. good god that was way more makeup than my mom, sister, and i have combined in the house.

    btw, i see what you did there! sudako lol ;P

    • Lol I’m not a hardcore JE fan. I just like the ones who always appear in dramas (Pi, Jin, Kame, Matsujun, Toma, Ryo, etc) :D JE music is a bit too happy for my liking XD;;;

      They looked really pretty dressed as girls! TEGOSHI IS A GIRL.

      Omg I wrote Sudako? HAHA *headdesk* oh dear XDDD

      • hahaha i thought the “Sudako” was on purpose =X like a combination of Sadako from the ring and Sunako XD it works well in this case =P

        • LOL ok that’s really smart, I should’ve said that I did it on purpose then XD But it’s true that while watching it, I kept thinking of The Ring cos of her creepy long hair…so in a way…maybe I did do it on purpose subconsciously :O

    the cap “Hello Boys” made me rofl.


  7. never knew there’s a live action of this..only saw the anime and read the manga..thanks for this..^__^

    BTW, good job at the recap..all the side comments..LOL! :))))

    • I’ve never watched the anime or read the manga…but I heard the manga is really good?

  8. *FLAILAGE* There’s gonna be a drama?!?!?! x__X I’ve been too holed up with One Piece that I stopped following all this.

    OMGOSH! Tegoshi would be PEREFECT as Yuki!! I never considered that!!

    *tacklehugglesquishles you* Thanks for links to eng subs!! Im all excited now haha. WOOO YEAH~~ One Piece is officially on hold whilst I get back into the drama/music world

    • TEGOSHI IS A PRETTY LITTLE GIRL. So yes, that was very good casting XD

      Have you watched You’re Beautiful?? Yuki reminds me a bit of Jeremy (WHY ARE THE CUTE ONES ALWAYS BLONDE?!)

      I just watched Vampire Knights and have been meaning to start a new anime. Is One Piece good? It’s so long, I’ve always been hesitant to start it XD

      • Nuuuu~~ You’re Beautiful is on my “DL WHEN NET RENEWS NAO!!” list, just because your “Reality Index” converted me so

        XP Twilight ruined vampires for me. I LOVE One Piece cos its a good mix of randomness and fighting, personally I reckon the 50 gazillion episodes are worth watching. I warn you now that in the first 3 or so episodes, there’s a really annoying kid called Corby. But he goes off eventually AND IN COMES ZORO! *rawr rawr rawr* xD ….AND, once you get up to the more recent episodes, DBSK did the opening songs!! :D :D :D (They also do an ending song, Asu Wa Kura kura or whatever….but I hate that song ^^”)

        OH! Have you watched Ouran High School Host Club though?!

        • Lol just to warn you, the main girl in YB (Park Shinhye’s character) is one of the most annoying female leads ever. But the boys are AMAZING *___* Jang Geun Suk is such a great actor (he managed to make Taekyung lovable haha), and Hongki’s character, omg, TOO MUCH CUTENESS IN ONE PERSON.

          Twilight. Ugh. I read the first book to see what the hype’s all about but had to stop 3/4 of the way through cos it was SO BAD D; Ooo and I read a little bit of the final book cos I was curious about the whole “C-section with teeth” thing. The movies are so funny; I think I laughed the whole way through the 2nd one :DD Have you read the Twilight parody “Nightlight”? IT’S AWESOME. YOU SHOULD READ.

          OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB <33333333 TAMAKI IS MY ANIME LOVER LOLOLOLOL. Tegoshi's character in this drama reminds me of Honey :3


    as if i didn’t want to watch it earlier, your post makes me want to watch it even more… if not then at least see the opening theme because omg it looks so dhksajdha

    • THE OPENING THEME IS FULL OF LOLS :DDDD But I actually really like the song *___*

      Kame’s eyebrows are at perfect 45 degree angles. True fact.

      • what’s the opening theme song btw?
        might just dl anyway and wait til i’m capped for the drama

        • I’m not sure what the song’s called but I know that it’s the next single KAT-TUN’s releasing. I’ll check the title of the song for you when I get home tonight and tell you on Twitter :)

  10. Oh My God… Haha.. You are really serious man. Post all of the screenshot in one article. Nice job. Jezz that Kame always popular in every of his movie

    • Lol I don’t know about that. His last drama (the one about the wine?) didn’t do so well….

  11. haha i watched this as soon as subs were available and it was funny! although the scenes are all over the place, and i guess that’s the style, it’s interesting. i never once thought that you’ll be recapping this. (since it’s a jdrama?) thanks btw! :D

    • Hahaha I actually prefer jdramas. They’re short, and because of that, they normally move pretty fast, plot-wise :D Besides, jdramas have more than just romance and misunderstandings LOL.


  13. ::crawls out from her black little corner::

    HI!! =) I miss you guys!

    PAS, may I just say that I was =D when I saw that you were covering this because like you, after YB, I was at a loss for what to watch and I had been waiting for this ever since I saw the cast interviews…Plus, my recent re-submergence back into the Kat-tun fandom helped. NEWS + Kat-tun = very happy me ^_^

    I have yet to actually start the drama though ::sad face:: but I will as soon as things calm down and then I will spazzzzzz. Until then, classes have been nuts and I was on a 3 week trip running around Europe for a bit (can we say COLD??)

    Have I mentioned that I miss you guys??

    • HELLO YOU. I haven’t seen you around here in a loooong time. How are you??

      Europe??? OMG WHERE DID YOU GO??? PARIS :D????? Lol I heard it was England’s coldest winter in ___ years. But at least you got to see snow :)? It’s so hot here ._.

      Lol one of the main reasons I’m watching this drama is because of the cast XD I was a bit :S about them casting Kame as the lead (nothing against the boy, I just don’t think the character suits him) but Uchi and Tego have been cast really well, imo :) Ooo and I like the opening song :DDDD

  14. OMG. I LOVED THIS ANIME. >> sunako. :))

    • I heard lots of good things about the manga; I really want to read it :)

  15. i’m watching the anime version of this and it is really good. wondering how will they make the nose bleeding of Sunako.
    i like kame’s character among the four beautiful boys. thanks for this blog, i have something to watch after my work.

    • Hello! Haha, I don’t know how they’re going to do the nose bleeding, but I like all the head-butting scenes XD

      I love Tego and Uchi’s characters :3

  16. I wasn’t planning on watching this at first but checked it out anyway and honestly, it was so what the fhgghfui? I just had to keep going. XDD
    It does move lightning fast in comparison to Kdramas and makes less sense if that’s possible, but hey, it’s entertaining.:P

    Thanks for posting!

    • Okay I’m slow….

      All of these guys are singers huh? I know nothing of JE groups.

    • Lmao IKR, the plot is hilarious. It’s like watching real life-anime XD

      Jdrams are normally super short (9-10 episodes) so they’re less draggy than kdramas :D But because of the length (and most jdramas have a really small budget) they’re not as shiny as Kdramas :/ The acting is normally really good, though :D

      3/4 boys are JE boys. The tallest one with the long brown hair is a ballet dancer (i think). Lol JE groups are full of LOLs. Check out some Cartoon Kat-tun episodes ~

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