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100127 SHINee @ Hello Baby Ep2

{credit: sfineee @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

I only recapped (with caps!) part 1 because it was taking me 40 minutes to watch 8 minutes of a show – with me pausing and rewatching bits lmao. But if you guys actually want a full recap, then I will do a proper one! I just don’t know if people actually want it since I’m sure most of you rush off to watch them on youtube as soon as they’re up :).

The episode starts off with a brief recap from last week and each of the SHINee members having a title – Cool Appa Minho, Grumpy Appa Jonghyun, Baby’s POV Appa Taemin, Mom-like Appa and Scared of babies, Onew appa.

Yoogeun starts looking for his mum after Minho keeps persisting that they are his new dads XD. The baby is so cute, I’m going to end up saying this fifty times throughout this post but he has the prettiest eyes omg ;___;. They have to actually pause filming lmao and SHINee have an emergency meeting.

Half an hour later, Yoogeun comes back and they decide to read to him. OH I love books with unfolding popping up thingies. Even Taemin is intrigued!! Then Minho lifts Yoogeun up onto his shoulders for a ride and LOOOOOOL OMFGGGGG FAILLL. “If you ride it like this, I’m more embarrassed!” Minho then asks Yoogeun to act cute and FML MINHO’S REACTION. I love the NGYAAAAAAA sound he makes, omg.

Minho has a difficult time getting Yoogeun off but he eventually goes over to Jonghyun who asks “You want to ride on my yellow hair?” LOOL O___O. (Meanwhile Onew is still as far away from the baby as possible.) With Key’s help and Minho’s instructions, Jonghyun finally gets Yoogeun on top :). Key “The world isn’t that high is it?” LOL GOD JONGHYUN’S FACE.

Yoogeun wants Jonghyun to go over to Key and then sticks his tongue out at him alskdjflksjdf so cute omgggg ;_;. Jonghyun then walks over to Onew who has the weird allergy and finally to the camera. I need to teach my little sister this, why is it so cute!??!?!

Key then suggests Yoogeun do a little race and run to Taemin who is all up and ready to catch up … but then Yoogeun runs to Minho. AWKWARDD.

So then Jonghyun suggests they all sit down and see who Yoogeun will choose. They all sit with their back against the wall and start calling out Yoogeun, with their hands reached out :3 (all except for Onew, ofc). Yoogeun runs to Key and OF COURSE MINHO WOULD PROTEST. Gosh, they are such boys. So Key argues back (speaking from experience? keke). He is right you know, boys :/.

The next dad Yoogeun chooses is Minho. Omg, the noises he was making while running ;___;. SO FREAKING CUTE.

It’s time to pick the third best one and omg Onew looks like he’s trying to stop himself from crying or something LOL idk. He avoids looking at the baby … or maybe he’s too distracted by Jonghyun’s picture keke.

BUT THEN, OH GOD I’M SHAKING AND CRYING, SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIF THIS. As the baby is running across the room, Onew turns back to him and sees that he’s been chosen and just, the smile on his face omfg ;____;.

;__________;. The other two must be feeling so =.=;; lmao, Onew did absolutely NOTHING and he was chosen above them haha. Cause he has the same scarf/jacket? Taemin says his is the same too but Yoogeun ignores him :).

It’s the final race now, and yeah, Taemin loses XD. BUT JONGHYUN SRSLY, STOP ACTING LIKE A 5YO. I would’ve punched him if I was Taemin XD.

But awww, just as Taemin is emo-ing in the corner, Yoogeun runs towards him. What a sweet kid ;_;.


  1. Watched it and loved every single moment of it. Onew makes my heart ache like crazy though. Him standing to the side looking on makes me want to cry every time ;___;. I SERIOUSLY GOT TEARY AT ONE PART OK. But then whenever Yoogeun ran towards him, the smile was just so presh and kjafljsdkjlsdj my heart was just swelling so much <3333

    Minho should have my kids. Full stop. :DDD Key getting told off by the bb to get off his bed made my night LMFAO. Oh and who knew bringing a bed into the room could be so funny. That's all better go to bed.

    • I don’t think all his fear is legit though. You just can’t be THAT afraid and it’s not like he’s never interacted with kids before :(.

  2. omg they’re fast!! *o*
    Totally need to watch this later <3333
    and I'm positive about this baby being minho's son! XD


  3. This show is making me absolutely crazy over SHINee XD. I love the show, Yooguen, but most of all, the boys *_____*. Why do they make me feel this way?!

    • As if you’re not already crazy over SHINee keke! How have you been anyway? :)

      • Actually, I was never really crazy over SHINee. I liked their songs, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to become rather obsessed with them lol. You must be proud of me ;).

        And I’ve been pretty good ^^. I’ll be back from my HK trip soon. You?

        • Oh, well, I’m not sure whether to be happy for you or not that you are finally getting to the obsessive level haha.

          I have you on twitter now, yay :D So we can talk to each other with more convenience keke. YOU’RE STILL IN HK OMG, JEALOUS T_T. I’ve been back for a mth and have failed in searching for a job :(.

  4. i love all of them on the show. n yoogeun’s a mini lee seungki!

    • They’re all so interesting in their own way ^^

  5. Onew’s awkwardness with the baby is so lovable! XD I’m sure they’ll be inseparable later. <3


    • I cant wait til they grow attached to each other – though it’ll also be very sad :(.

  6. hahaha same as me! I spent really long watching the first episode cause it was so funny. ANd I couldnt help spazzing ^^

    ahhh yoogeun is so cute!!! He’s really minho’s son lmao. Its so cute how he always stick to him :)

    Hopefully onew can open up to the baby soon, I think he will make a very cute and lovable appa ^^

    • I have the first episode on my phone so I pull it out whenever I’m bored. I’ve seen it more than 5 times now XDD.

      I saw gifs from the next episode and alksjflkdjsf there is quite a bit of Onew-Yoogeun interaction ;-;. Yoogeun adores Onew, it’s so cute.

      • ^5 ! I also have the 1st epi in my phone xD too cute haha.
        I cant wait for the next epi to be out!
        But oh well, im sure it will be out and subbed the nxt moment we know xD

        • They’re usually out by Thursday, I wonder why this one is taking so long ;~~~;

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