Posted by: beckery | January 30, 2010

100130 Music Core

I haven’t watched a music show or done any music show posts in ages so forgive me if I’m still rusty hahaha. It was SNSD’s comeback stage tonight so of course they stole the show :D I think it was also Beast’s goodbye stage? They’ve been promoting forever, so I’m happy they’re getting some well deserved rest. Time for variety shows, I hope? ^_^

SNSD – Show Show Show I haven’t heard any of the songs on their ablum except “Oh!” so this was the first time listening to this song. I think “Oh!” is catchier, because this song doesn’t really leave much of an imprint in my mind :/ ….But their legs *_____* I feel sorry for them that they have to wear so little material especially when Korea is at minus degrees at the moment but man, with legs like those, I would flaunt it too hahaha. Though, the hair can go please. I know most of them are sporting wigs so they really should just burn it. DDD:

SNSD – Oh! “Oh!” really does have that catchiness to it that SM does oh so well lol. Some of the parts are really corny though and all the “oppa oppa oppa” does irk me a bit. But I know ALOT of fans especially the fanboys aren’t complaining hahaha. Just listening to the fan cheers can tell you as much :P The girls look so much better with their hair like this XDD 2.35 is probably my favourite part of their choreo. Really good comeback performance btw.

Beast – Mystery + Bad Girl Aww I haven’t watched them perform for ages ;__; They still look so happy and smiley when they’re on stage. I gotta give it to them. They always look like they’re enjoying the stage so much <333 I like the transition from Bad Girl to Mystery :D Impressed as always when it comes to their vocals *___*

Kim Jong Kook – 이 사람이다 I haven’t listened to any of KJK’s new songs and I feel like facepalming myself cuz I’m pretty sure that I’m missing out on alot of good stuff. The thing I love about his songs is that they always have this old school Kpop feel to it. Listening to this song reminds me of all his other good songs and it makes me feel warm and bubbly inside. Hahaha, yea ok nvm. Just know I love this guy ok :3

Trax – Let you go I’ve listened to their mini album and pretty much liked/loved all the songs on it. The MV of this song makes me love it more than I do already. Heechul and Victoria were just so depressing. The part where they stuffed themselves with food/ice cream and then threw up is permanently embedded in my head haha. It sounds rather odd but that part really got to me D: Jay’s voice is so much love ♥

Seeya + Davichi + T-ara – Wonder Woman I don’t care, this song better be winning some awards soon!!! It really deserves it :33 The song is great and everyone does such an impressive job. I love all their voices, really strong and their lives are just mind blowing. Plus my bias, Eunjung, is here hahaha ♥

CN Blue – I’m A Loner I like it that they always wear suits in their performances haha. Suits and cute boys can never go wrong right? :DDD Yonghwa has attitude, I like! Camera man is a bit Yonghwa and Minhyuk biased though lol.

Gavy NJ+Doo Joon (Beast) – Sunflower I’ve been listening to Gavy NJ for the past week and I loooovvveeee their stuff. I don’t even know who the members are haha but they have some really good stuff going. So try them out if you have time, yes, yes? :DDD This song is one of my favourites from them <3


  1. I really like the Choreo for Oh! & Showx3 It’s a step up from Gee & Genie. And I agree with you. That’s the best part in the Oh! Choreo!! It’s awesome!! And OMG Taeyeon’s little kid smile @ 3:03 is the cutest thing ever!!
    aww..the BEAST boys are ending their promotions! I hope they comeout with a full album this year! They’re so talented!

  2. only watched Oh! and it’s pretty good, I like the choreo and the outfits :)
    and agree, they have such flaunt-able bods hehe

    random but do you know the blue-yellow thing on thier hair? what are those?

  3. SNSD have the best legs EVER!

    The song is really catch, it’s fun, the usual SNSD stuff. Yeah that part at 2.35 is really cool. Omg I just realized. Taeyeon and Jokwon look SO ALIKE!

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