Posted by: lovediaries | January 30, 2010

Listen to … SNSD – 별별별 (☆★☆)

{credit: kaboomzamusic @ youtube}

Finally had time to listen to SNSD’s album! There aren’t very many songs I would put on repeat, I think I like their first album more :(. Having said that, I did find this ballad really lovely, and it’s definitely my favourite track on the album.

And can someone please come out and say that they also think 0.25-0.35, 1.52-1.59 too, reminds them of DBSK’s “Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara”? IT CAN’T JUST BE ME T_T. It’s the whispering, the pressing down of piano keys, then silence. The piano is very pretty ;~;.


  1. Beautiful <3
    I dont really dig Oh!. All that cutesy stuff :x
    but omg this ballad……….. :D :D :D

    And yes, it definitely reminded me of kiss shita mama. ALOT! Especially the beginning. Yeah the whispering part, then silence.


    • OMG TAEYEONNNNNNN’s voice.
      I liked how she sang the word “star”
      beautiful! ^^

      • I liked that part too :D!

        I’m glad you also hear the kiss shita mama sayonara similarity ^^ *hi5*

  2. This is probably my favorite song off the album. I also like “Forever” too. I really hope SM let the girl’s sing this!! It really shows off their vocals!!

    • “Forever” is my other favourite song :D! The girls are really good singers, I just don’t like the music choice :/.

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