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100131 Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate ft SHINee, f(x), 2AM

I have a feeling Candychu wanted to do this post but I’M STILL SHOTGUNNING IT ANYWAYS CUZ THE DUET IS SO LOVELY /CRIES A RIVER. SHINee and f(x) were on the show at the same time and 2AM was seperate. I’ll edit in the clips with the talking if it ends up getting subbed :D

Onew + Luna  – Beauty and the Beast & SHINee + f(x) – Where is the Love This was recorded like 2/3 weeks back so when Candychu and I saw the fancams for “Beauty and the Beast” we were all “LAKJFLKSDJLKSDJLDJ OMG JSLJFKSJL YES LSDJLJLFD I WANT IT NOW!” /keyboard smashes/ hahaha. We’ve always wanted a proper Luna and Onew duet because their voices are gorgeous and would sound so good together. Plus how adorable would they be? :33 We were right, GDI, look at those 2, they’re so cute together!!! ♥♥♥ Onew’s hand at 0.28 haha, he was totally going to hold her hand, why didn’t you?!?!!? I love how they look at eachother and all the glances and smiles. Omg I ship this so hard <333. And yes, they sound really good together, it was just so freakin’ beautiful, the goosebumps type! They need a proper studio duet like yesterday ;_________;

“Where is the love” was mainly Amber and Key rapping and it was impressive. We all know Amber would have perfect English but Key’s was really~ good too. Like I knew Key had decent English but when rapping in English is harder than talking and he still did a really impressive job *O* Everyone’s having so much fun, Shiny Effects ♥

f(x) – Chu I saw a fancam of OnKey dancing to this somewhere in the background but I can’t find them here lol. I didn’t even realise they stopped promotions for “Chu” actually, so what exactly are the girls doing now? Preparing for a new album? ^__^

Victoria stretching SHE’S INSANE, LIKE OMG. I felt like my legs were hurting just watching her hahaha. And the way KJE kept saying “omo omo omo” was so cute XDDD

2AM – Sunday Morning LOLOLOL Why is Jinwoon wearing a full suit with pink tie, he looks like he belongs to a meeting not standing there singing XDD The Engrish was ok, I couldn’t tell what they were singing a few times haha but their harmaonisation was great :DD

2AM – Without You OMG THIS SONG. OMG I LOVE THIS SONG. LKJFSLKSDJ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ “I can’t live, if living is without you~~” Changmin sounds amazing. They actually all do. Definitely the vocals of One Day!! I’m going to rip this, it was gorgeous <3

2AM – Can’t let you go even if I die I hope they end up winning at least a few awards ;__; It makes me feel bad when 2PM wins and 2AM is always so underrated. I sometimes wish they’d just mash both groups together to form One Day, so that no one feels left out when the other group wins. I know the 2AM boys are happy when the others win but I FEEL SAD OK DDD:

Jo Kwon + Seulong – Abracadabra + My Ear’s Candy HAHAHAHA SEULONG IMITATING TAEC LOL-ING XDDDDDD And Jo Kwon just…well being Jo kwon. I love that boy so fkn much <333


  1. YAY! I love Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.
    Onew/Luna, I love them so much. But Onews mic needed to be a tad bit louder, his voice was kinda lost in the harmonising. They nailed it though, and ah, I too want them to have studio duet. :3

    Aww, I loved Key and Ambers rap, I will forever be impressed by Key’s english pronunciation, he hardly has an accent. But I hated how everyone in the background was so happy? I dunno maybe because of the lyrics of the song, I got a bit irked. Other than that, MORE SHINEE EFFECTS PLEASE!~

    2AM were amazing! but I didn’t expect any less from them. Without you was.. /squeee. For lack of a better word, Beautiful.
    GAH, KWON! I love him, seriously. I want the new episode of WGM subbed and to be out nowww! Everyone’s saying its epic. But no, that’s just me being greedy. :3 (Bleh and I hate watching things raw cos I hate not knowing what they’re saying.)

    • lol yeah the song is supposedly to be deep and dark Xp

  2. YOU STOLE MY POST!!!!!!11 /RAGE/.

    Nah just kidding.

  3. Hello SHINee friends! I know i promised to update you on the boy’s visit to SG. I dont have much to share yet except for these:

    1 – I am so glad I skipped welcoming to the airport bec i thought it would be pandemonium. I am so glad I did bec at least i got to enjoy the fancams at the comfort of my bed (hahaha). I never thought Singaporeans could be this loud. LOL the boys were a bit shocked I think at the amount of people that came.

    2 – To those worried about Onew’s injury: He has a slight limp but he is able to walk straight & was hopping on 1 foot when he was closer to the boss. He was still limping at the presscon the day after but i think he will be okay soon. Good thing they are singing ballads on Feb 1-2 and does not need to dance.

    3 – I went to Esplanade to try to catch them yest but I came too late for the presscon ending.

    4 – I decided to skip the fansign today after seeing the airport pandemonium. It’s a good thing bec at 6am this morning, it’s been reported that there were 800 people lined up; by 9am, there were abt 2000 fans queued up. I dont think SM Ent thought SHINee was this popular in SG. They should have just organized a proper fan-sign or meet. I hope no one gets hurt, whether SHINee or the fans.

    5 – I will see them tomorrow and Tues — yippee!! i will keep you posted.

    Onew & Luna rocked Beauty and The Beast. I hope they record a duet in the next SHINee album… or f(x)’s 1st album.

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH for dropping by and telling us this. I’ve been sort of except not really keeping track of SHINee in SG but yeah, I’m like you. Just sorta O___O at the amount of fans. I saw a picture of the fans at the fanmeet and omg imagine if you were at that mall (is it a mall?) NOT for SHINee, you would not be able to move at all.

      Can’t wait for an account of the Concert :D. Thank you!!!

      • argh. o.O I went there but cant get to go in… :(
        It was crazy.
        Yes the fansign was at the rooftop garden of a shopping mall.
        URGH I HATE THE ORGANIZERS. The place is sooo small!!!
        The fans are so crazy that I heard in the morning, they rushed to go into the mall and the glass door broke o.O
        hella scary.
        I really emphatize for those ppl who innocently went to the shopping mall today and were squished like hell.
        I myself was pretty much surprised at their fame here . lol.

        • i know. :| i thought i’d give it a try until i found out last night that there were fans already queuing overnight at 11pm though the mall wasn’t open and immediately gave up the thought.

          wow, i didn’t know about the glass door breaking thing. i am SO surprised shinee is so popular here in sg though, had no idea. yay! i’m not alone anymore. :) will put in more effort if they have a proper concert/fanmeet next time though.

          and sighhhh. onew is lovee, my heart froze when he turned and smiled at 2.14! their harmony realllyy is goosebump-inducing! :)

          • Ooh I didn’t realise we had so many readers from Singapore ^^. Aww, I guess the organisers underestimated their fame, eh? I wonder if any reader did get close photos or an autograph…

  4. KEYBER ♥
    I’m forever be impressed to know that sm has decent english speakers now XD

  5. im so proud of my onew! *MY* onew… his enunciated the english words properly… :DD i think he was trying not to outshine luna during the chorus but i think he overdid it n his voice ended up being too soft. his mic sounded fine when he’s singing his own lines…
    key rapping in english :d really quite well done *applause*

    i will be seeing my shinee boys tmr too!! taking the bus down to sg early tmr morning… ~_~

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