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SHINee Ottogi Busyeo Busyeo Pictures

Photos Credit: Shakizi

AWKWARD PHOTOS ARE AWKWARD!! And bad photo-shopping is just cringe-worthy. LMAO. I know the actual CF for this was really lame/awkward/hilarious but the photos aren’t much better XD. Some were actually really cute but others made me laugh. Alot. Especially that super close up of Minho, Creeper!Minho much? Onew’s were really awkward too…just like him :3. Oh and Key’s straight hair >>>>> curly.

On other news, congrats Minho for getting into College :DDD With his crazy competitive personality, I wouldn’t have expected any less from him ♥.


  1. Onew’s pictures are downright hilarious, oh my god. Jonghyun’s second picture, I thought was kinda hot? WOO. I’m wondering what the heck Minho was doing in that first picture of his, though, LOL;;;

    STILL, EFFECTIVE USE OF CELEBRITIES FOR ADVERTISING. Whatever they’re selling, I want to buy it |:

  2. omooo…. i saw shinee in person! minho’s face is darn small! key’s tall. onew is cute. n taemin!!! i wanna ruffle his hair! when they were presented with bouquets of flowers, taemin buried his face in it to smell.. hahahhahahha SHOCUTEEEE OH EM GEE!

  3. I dont know where to put my fan account so i will put it here. Feel free to read and share SHINee love! Sorry its super long!

    Feb 1. Oh Joonsung Drama Concert @ Esplanade.

    At 7:30, guess who walks down the aisle and sits 5 rows in front of me? It’s SHINee’s manager (not Choi Jin but the other one) and the female manager who travels with them overseas – the one always carrying an LV bag (hehehe). With them was a Korean contingent carrying cameras with bazooka lenses. I am guessing these are the guys from their Korean fan clubs and are responsible for the super HQ lovely photos of the boys from Day 1.

    That was when it hit me – I am finally going to see SHINee perform live for the very first time. My heart starts beating fast in anticipation. Even before SHINee came out, I truly enjoyed myself; I think partly because I was familiar with most of the kdrama and OSTs included in the program. But of course, you’re all more interested to hear about SHINee!

    The moment they placed the mike stands I screamed inside my head. Onew was gonna be standing in my direct line of sight! In my mind, I was going OMG (3x) I was going to be so close to Onew!

    The boys came out to thunderous applause and screams. Of course the first thing I checked was whether Onew was still limping or not. Thank God he wasn’t anymore and was even walking sooo fast to get in position. What others have said is true – these 5 boys are really even more handsome in person! They were dressed casually in combinations of either all black (Onew, Key, Minho) or black&white (Jonghyun, Taemin). They smiled at the audience as they wait for the music to begin…and launched straight to Countdown.

    Once the song finished, they greeted us with “Hello, we are SHINee”. I was disappointed it wasn’t in Korean – sounds sexier LOL. Plus, they didn’t introduce themselves individually. Its okay I guess since it’s not really their concert and they are just a guest performer. They sang “Stand By Me” next and it was really beautiful hearing them sing it live, with the crowd singing along with them.

    The boys sounded really good that I wanted to cry on the spot. Onew’s voice is even better than I thought when heard live – so smooth, deep and with timbre; Jonghyun’s voice starts ordinary at the low tones & becomes beautiful at the higher range; Key’s voice has dimension and his rapping was hot. I truly, truly feel that their voices complement each other so well. Too bad Taemin does not have many lines in Countdown and Minho mostly did the second rap verse. They both did a decent job with their parts too.

    I really appreciated the fact that Onew was really into the performance: he would close his eyes as he sings, lean into his mike, point to the crowd, raising his hands to clap or get the crowd going. He really genuinely seemed to have fun!!! Key also interacted with the crowd often even raising his hands to clap and smiling often.

    The boys said their goodbyes and waved to the crowd. Onew said “Thank You” and bowed to the crowd. As he walked to the exit, he gave us sitting on that side another precious smile.

    The boys came back during the final bows. They all looked handsome and happy as they were all smiles now that the performance is done. They reversed the way they stood this time around – Key+Minho+Jonghyun+Taemin+Onew. They kept smiling and waving to the crowd as they were being presented as performers along with the other artists. They took a bow then received flowers from the Esplanade staff. Mr Oh put the microphone in front of Onew and he said “Thank You Singapore” with his adorable habit of rolling his “rrr” – of course, everyone screamed loudly. Then, Taemin made a movement that looked like he was gonna throw his bouquet to the crowd but changed his mind at the last minutes – of course, more loud screaming!!! LOL.

    After their final bows, the boys left the stage with the other performers. There was a fansign 30 minutes later which I decided to skip because of the long queue. But I was still at Esplanade waiting for a cab when the SHINee-laden bus left at 11pm.

    I wonder what will be different on the Feb 2 performance. :)

    • the leaders always take care of the crowd. yunho… jay… onew… the rest of the members usually look stressed out. it was really rude of the fans to rush out of the auditorium right after shinee performed thou…

      • I know right? I was sooo mad at those rude people. I didnt want to put anything negative into my fan account so that the memory is not marred by it. hehehe. I was gonna do a SHINee SG visit review – sounds like a book report LOL.

        Yeah my love for Onew just keeps growing…hehehe. He may be gentle/soft and not the type to insist on his way. But he leads the group and takes responsibility for them just as effectively. He just has a different style doing but you can tell the other 4 boys do listen to him. I’m totally the opposite – i tend to take charge and take over…HAHAHA.

        The way they stand – meaning their position – makes even more sense to me after watching them for 2 nights. Onew & Key make perfect partners to get the crowd going. Jonghyun can wow with his voice from the middle & the 2 balances them well. I hate it when fans tease Jjong about his height. But to be honest, I LOL’d when they placed the 5 mike stands – everyone else’s towers over the middle one.

  4. Here is Feb 2’s fan account. LOL sorry I am a bit obsessed.

    Sorry this is gonna be long. You can skip to the 4th para if you don’t want to read my fan-girling. LOL!!!

    I was certainly not over my natural high from watching SHINee perform Countdown and Stand By Me live last night. But of course, I wasn’t about to pass up another chance to see the boys up-close and hear them sing live.

    Today I was seated very near the stage too but slightly farther to the left. I crossed my fingers that the mike stand for Onew will be set farther to the left tonight so that I am within his direct line of sight. I laugh at how obsessed I have become… hehehe. So when the mike stand was positioned right in front of me again, I screamed as loudly as the other fangirls the moment the 5 mike stands were placed on-stage. I was really lucky with my seat selections 

    The screams were deafening the moment SHINee came out on stage. OMG they all looked so good. They were wearing the same outfits last night and their hairs are styled the same except for Onew. If last night Onew was going for the cute and sweet look, tonight his hair was styled in such a way that he was SMOKING HOT. Honestly, it’s not my bias talking this time around. LOL! They all look good, like always, except Onew looked completely different from last night though he was wearing the same outfit.

    I was surrounded by screaming girls though I think the screams were the loudest for Onew and Key – to my right was a girl who kept calling out for Onew; to my left were the only fangirls with glowing sticks on the front seats. That worked to my advantage because Onew looked at us group of girls several times and smiled directly at us at least twice.

    The boys started off with Countdown – they sounded sooooo good, plus today they did miss any of the verses (hehehe…someone messed up last night and missed a line…and it was not Onew!). Afterwards, they greeted the crowd with “Hello, we are SHINee”. Of course everyone kept screaming so much. I will skip right to their “Stand By Me” performance since my fan account is already very long. LOL

    Key and Onew were really energetic & actively interacted with the crowd – Onew pointing several times to the crowd and raising his hands; opening his arms wide twice as he sang. LOL I restrained myself from running on stage…straight to his open arms. Key called out to the crowd with “Clap Your Hands”. His rap was hot in Countdown. Minho was his usual self – looking charismatic while waiting for his turn. Taemin is really pretty and shy, and maybe a tad bored because he doesn’t have many singing. Jonghyun is handsome but was so focused on singing he hardly looked and smiled at the crowd.

    The boys said their goodbyes and waved to the crowd. Onew and Key said “Thank You”, plus Key said “See You Next Time”. Key, I am gonna hold SHINee to that promise!!!

    Overall, there is no question they sounded good. I am so glad I am fan-girling over such a talented bunch of singers, with still so much room for growth since they are so young. Hearing SHINee sing live is one experience any Shawol should not miss because their vocals are really, really exceptional. They sound great individually. God knows I love Onew’s voice the most. But once all 5 of them harmonize together, magic happens… well, at least to my ears it sounds like magical. My fervent wish is to hear them sing live their song “Romantic”.

    Do I regret spending SGD 300 bucks to watch them for 2 straight nights? Absolutely, positively NOT!!! It was worth every penny and I cannot wait for them to come back to Singapore so that I can catch them live again.

    Side note: Onew mentioned in an interview that he wanted to see Sentosa. I hope he got the chance to do so before they left tonight. After all, they spent 4 days & 5 nights in SG. I suspect they spent some of that time rehearsing their performance for tomorrow’s awards show in Korea.

    • did u get any fancams? ;D

      • I was too busy staring at their awesomeness. plus i wanted to focus on hearing them sing. I knew there would be plenty of fancams shared so i didnt bother.

        I am also sooo mad at the people screaming while they were singing. So annoying! At least they didnt manage to drown out their lovely voices completely.

        I want SHINee to come back so badly…. hopefully when Universal Studios open. Keeping fingers crossed.

        • i know right… those fans seriously needs to shut up! reminds me of the miroticon i went to in bkk… i could hardly hear my boys. i hope shinee starts their first tour soon!

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