Posted by: lovediaries | February 4, 2010

OB GYN Doctors Ep 1 Chinese Subbed

I know there are a few other Song Joong Ki fans who read this blog so I’m posting this :).

Not sure if you guys are interested in watching his drama or not which started airing last night, I think it was, but I’ve found a link on baidu for you to watch the first episode – chinese subbed! I’m not sure if this will be subbed into English or not, but some of you might want this anyway :). I’ve just seen the first three minutes and already, I am getting a lot of Joongki keke *_*. It looks quite interesting, I hope I’ll be able to watch this every week :D.

Anyway, link HERE!

You can read more about the drama over at dramabeans too :).


    ♥ he’s so adorable.
    I’ve no idea it aired alrdy =( *fails*

    • YOU ARE VERY WELCOME ♥. And me too! I am so in love with him that I endured all the stomach cutting scenes, hand reaching into open stomachs etc etc just to make sure I didn’t miss a single second of Joongki ;_;.

  2. ero-joong!!!! he’s the cutest thing ;D thanks for sharing <3

    • You’re welcome :) Enjoy!!

  3. He is soo cute :D
    Onew look alike :P Agree ?

    • Lol definitely agree :D

    i fail so hard at obstetrics. XD

    • OH YEAH! You study nursing, you should watch this keke! But gosh some of the scenes are so graphic T^T

  5. oppa….aja!! this drama is good

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