Posted by: lovediaries | February 5, 2010

Jonghyun is A+ Fanvid

{credit: Ruach483 @ youtube}

I don’t watch fanvids often but this is possibly the cutest one I have ever watched! It matches really well with T-Ara’s “Apple is A” too. I’m now going to forever think of Jonghyun whenever I hear the song XD.


  1. please we are waiting 4 shinee hello baby ep 3 subbed pleaaaaaaaaase

    • it’s out :)!

  2. Korean fanvids can be really really good!
    Some of the fans are just waaaay too talented *_*

    This is so cute :3
    It made my heart beat faster T_T
    I miss them in Singapore, even though I’m kind of glad they’ve gone back home (no wait, I think they’re in Sapporo now ._.)


    • ;____; at least they’ve stepped foot in your country! I’m so freaking jealous, they’ll be in HK nxt wk :(((

      • I think I’m going to cry.
        They ~might~ be coming to Singapore again… a week before my exams.
        And this is my really-major-omgwtfbbq-must-mug-ass-off exams year.
        *hands you knife* stab me, please. T_T

        • They are going to Singapore again T_T. I’m so sorry it’s bad timing for you :((. AND NO I REFUSE TO STAB YOU!!

  3. hello baby 3 is up too!!!!!!

    • Yep, I’ll go post it up now :)!

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