Posted by: lovediaries | February 5, 2010

Listen to … Untouchable ft. Narsha – Living in the Heart

{credit: koreanpride2 @ youtube}

I listened to their album “Quiet Storm” and nothing really stood out for me, but I still gave their 2nd mini album a listen because the collaborations seemed interesting :D.

“Living in the Heart” would be my favourite track. I really love Narsha’s voice – definitely one of those soft yet strong voices that go really well with rap~ It’s a nice R&B track and definitely stands out from the other four tracks which all sound the same to me, for now.


  1. definitely, this song <3 I adored this song ever since like. yesterday XD and yeah, I like the one featuring Lee Hyun from 8eight and the featuring Hwa Young, but I fell in love with this track as soon as I heard Narsha's voice. I really like the simplicity of the MV too, less is more, as they say (: The only thing I wish is that Narsha was in this MV, Nam Sang Mi is adorable and her lipsyncing is quite good, but really ;____; Narsha <33333333333

    • whoops :/ Na Hye Mi is what I meant D: I’m losing brain cells these days.

      • lol fail <33. I haven't seen the MV, I heard Narsha wasn't in it so I was like …okay, I can skip it XDD. But I do like it when other people come in and lipsync. Like what Song Joongki did for Tei keke.

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