Posted by: lovediaries | February 5, 2010

U-Kiss – Bingeul Bingeul MV

{credit: UrAsianSourceTV @ youtube}

I only gave their album a listen this morning, actually. I like it! But I honestly hate it when people come out with albums where half the tracks are remixes or old songs T_T. But the newer tracks were nice, so that was okay lol.

Onto “Bingeul Bingeul”. The song isn’t headache inducing the way Man Man Ha Ni was for me (less catchy, though) but the MV has too much spinning and turning T____T. The concept is really similar to ZE:A’s but I like Dongho’s hair :D. And Eli’s eyebrow thingymajigs are really intense. I think they’re just stuck on but if you didn’t know better/took a quick glance, they’d look like piercings, y/y? Or is that just me…^^;;. I like the part in the choreography where the stick their arms out in a canon and go from one side to the other. And that part where they stand in a circle and spin and do stuff.

I do have to complain about the lack of Kiseob screen time (once again). It honestly makes me think adding him to the group was rather pointless. He has such a gorgeous face, I’d like to see it some more, please.


  1. wtf seriously what’s with their ridic choreography? D:

    tbh, it seems like the only real members of this group are Kevin, Kibum and Soohyun. Eli and Xander are just guests and the rest are backups. It’s so unfair because I barely even noticed Kiseop there! D:

    they’re all very pretty, though, and the song has been stuck in my head for a while now so yeah.

    • Lol oh I didn’t mind it so much but I’ve noticed they like doing things in lines or in circles~ Haha.

  2. i actually dont mind their dance moves. i think they’re always very clean n sleek with their choreo.. at least since man man ha ni. looks very synced on stage. their mubank comeback was excellent. very good live singing as usual from the ukiss boys..

    but ya… kiseob seriously needs more airtime!!! i like their new hair colour except for dongho’s, which aged him 5 yrs…

    • Agree, the choreo has improved since Man Man Ha Ni :D. Kiseob is gorgeous I’m so biased towards him lmao D:

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