Posted by: lovediaries | February 6, 2010

100130 SHINee @ Magnae Rebellion

{credit: kompilations1 @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

I have to go to sleep soon, so I’m just watching the first part for now. Their challenge/battle today is “Eating the Consonants”. Basically they pick out a consonant, name a food that begins with that consonant and then have to find and eat the food all within four hours. Jonghyun fails to name anything that begins with a ‘t’ and then wastes 5 minutes with his punishment of imitating MJ and Lyn. Omg he is so fail. Taemin gets ‘ch’ and says sour red pepper paste. As soon as he does, he covers his mouth and everyone /dies/ LOOOL. How are they going to eat that!?

::EDIT:: Okay, finally finished watching :D. The ending is so ridiculous and scripted lmao but SHINee won at long last, so yay <3. I really enjoyed this ep. It also makes me really want to go to Korea too :3. So many restaurants and food places everywhere omg!!


  1. u guys rock thanx u soooooooo much

    • You’re welcome and thank you :)

  2. watched this yesterday. the game is hilarious! i really love makbanshi n shinee!!

    • It was a really interesting game, I loved it :D!

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