Posted by: lovediaries | February 7, 2010

100203 SHINee @ Hello Baby Ep3

{credit: sfineee @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

I just want to say a few words on what I think about SHINee as fathers :). I know Minho spends a lot of time with Yoogeun but it’s pretty much confirmed in my mind that Key is the best appa. And not only because he’s been picked as #1 by Yoogeun both weeks!

I said this on twitter before, I think the difference between Key and Minho is that Minho takes it all too seriously (at times) and his competitiveness can be overwhelming, in terms of fathering Yoogeun. Minho gives me the impression that he’s hogging Yoogeun – the way he holds him all too tightly, and often looks like he’s unwilling to let go. But then of course there are also times when Minho pushes Yoogeun onto the others or encourages Onew to be more interactive with Yoogeun. Still, I think Key puts a lot more care and pays more attention to Yoogeun; he simply does it in a more subtle way, which also makes his actions come out more natural.

Jonghyun is such a kid. I think he is more on the same level as Yoogeun than Taemin is, to be quite honest. Sometimes it’s like he doesn’t realise Yoogeun is just a 2yo toddler and that he isn’t. I think he has a lot of fun though :). Probably the most fun on this show next to Key. Taemin tries, I can see he really does though I was rather surprised Yoogeun picked him over Minho. And as for Onew. Well, I still doubt the fear of children is 100% real. I totally loled when that baby toddler started crying but come on, do the writers think we’ve never seen Onew interacting with little kids before!? Seriously!! XD.



  1. hopefully, the onyoogeun appa-son relationship will blossom eventually soon. T_T

    and key stealing minho’s materials! XD if i was minho, i’d be fuming angry too. lol.

    • I really want them to spend a day together. I think Onew can do it ;~~;!!!

  2. Jong was on a roll this episode. XD I wonder why he doesn’t go on variety shows more often.

    Somehow I was under the impression that Onew and Jong weren’t very close? The excess of OnHyun made me squeal like a crazy fangirl! They both act so old. lol

    • LOL Jonghyun is such an idiot. I loved all the Jongyu moments. But omg are you serious!? Jongyu are close!! They’re always complimenting each other and so obviously admire each other’s talents. Maybe you just haven’t seen the right clips :o.

      And yeah, come on the generation gap isn’t even that big and they’re all /sits out of every energy-required activity/.

  3. Where do you download the episodes?

    • From SHINee forums ^^

  4. taemin :DDD i peel my apples that way too… can never do it facing me. but then again… i usually use a potato peeler! hahahha

    • I can’t peel apples so I always eat it with the skin LOL!

  5. I agree w/ your views on SHINee as fathers.

    Minho’s competitive nature is starting to get the better of him cuz he’s starting to smothering the kid now. It’s probably why bb continues to pick Key over him (and maybe even why he chose Tae 2nd over him this ep). He just needs to step back and check himself a bit :3

    I have no comment to on Onew’s “fear” except that it seems to be diminishing now so yah~!

    • Keke, thank you! It’s sorta like in Yunhanam, when at first, all Onew cared about was getting picked and he didn’t seem to see the fun-ness in the show, but after he relaxed a bit, he was able to goof around a bit more. And yeah, Minho just needs to do that, he’s probably intimidating Yoogeun a tad now keke.

  6. Thank you

    • You’re welcome :)

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