Posted by: beckery | February 8, 2010

2PM & Yoon Eun Hye – Tik Tok MV

Credit: sanakujira3rd

Part 1:

Part 2

I don’t even know how to describe the awesome that was this.  I TOTALLY LOVED IT!!♥♥ Korea needs more epic MVs or CFs like these <33 The storyline was really twisted and I totally didn’t expect the ending!! O__O

It doesn’t hurt that Eun Hye looks mad hot here and her creeper side is still full of awesome haha. The 2PM boys were looking mighty fine too. Loved everyone’s hair and clothes and just A+ ok?! If you made me choose between rich, player boy-Khun and bad, leather clad cop-Taec, I would choose…to have all of them! Because I’m greedy like that lol :D

Such a shame, ChunHo is missing .___.


  1. wooyoung looks cute when he fell off the chair! cant help but laugh and squel at that scene XDD
    the plot is so good! it’s awesome!


    • Lol YEA, Wooyoung was really cute as the loser cop, Idek but he was adorable <3 I love the plot, do you think there's going to be another part? Because I felt the ending didn't really finalise anything?

  2. i expected the storyline, i knew she was shifty after the chair breaking incident ;___; i still want subs though

    that aside adjhskhdas why do they all look so good here? akhdkjashdaweukqwe

    • but idg how it’s advertising beer

      • Lol I didn’t expect her to be behind everything though cuz didnt’ she like get attacked in the elevator aswell? i dont know, it was rather strange. But yea THEY ALL LOOK SO GOOD <3333333 And um, I guess, when you're down, you can go drink a beer like Khun and Eun Hye? Haha

  3. vwah! vwah! vwah! first time for eun hye to be the pyshco person. she’s really good in acting it out. beautiful and dangerous yeah baby ! cool !! thks for the mv. though no happy ending but its reality bites for the great actors and actresses who r really famous and never get the privacy they want !!
    but i still wnt to wish all of them healthy and lucky in whatever they do !!
    so please do give them some space sometimes !!

    • I love YEH, and she needs to do more acting. Her last drama wasnt THAT great. I felt like the ending wasn’t really the end. Like maybe there’s a next part where Khun will try to hide from her haha. I dont know. I JUST WANT MORE XDD



  5. i dont like yoon eunhye. she looks wayyyy too old for her age. n her recent heavy makeup looks arent helping. she looked so much fresher before.

    buttttt…. all the 2pm boys!!! *sighs contentedly* i love my wooyoung ;D

    • Really? I love YEH :3 Haha, I think the girl is gorgeous <3 But yea she was really cute back in the days XD

      THEY LOOK SOO GOOD I KNOW *______*

  6. Lol 2PM boys were HOT!! And Omg YEH was so pretty & her acting was sooo good! She needs to do a movie or drama soon!

    • YES! I think so too, I didn’t like her last drama THAT much so I’m hoping for another drama from her.

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