Posted by: lovediaries | February 9, 2010

OB GYN Doctors Ep 2 Chinese Subbed

Watch episode 2 with Chinese subs HERE!

Alternatively, you can watch Joongki cuts HERE.

If you have no interest in the drama and just want pictures, then I’ve posted quite a few screencaps onto fysongjoongki :).

Either way, everyone have some Joongki~*~*~*~ keke.

I haven’t watched this episode yet but I sure hope there aren’t as many surgery scenes. The ones in the first episode were seriously enough to make me feel sick @__@. But I’m loving the eye candy. Go Ju Won is really handsome here ;~~;. I loved him in Dream Team even though he failed at everything lol.


  1. the pic you embedded of him OMG. his smile is so cute! sigh i haven’t got the time to watch :( is it really gross? i can’t stand the bloody scenes lol. but for joong ki….

    • i know cries, aldkjsd everything about him is so precious ;_;.

      it sucks that all the surgery scenes involve joongki omg. it is PRETTY bad especially for people like me who squirm over blood.

      i hope you get time to watch it soon! though i haven’t had time to watch ep2 either ^^;;

      • hello! Even though I havent watch it, I just got to know viikii subs the drama :D :D :D ENJOY!

        • uhoh i dont get why the link didnt work.
          Here’s another alternative :)

          • Thank you so much for the link! I’ll be sure to add it in the next post :). Episode 3 is subbed in Chinese already, so quick. I only got through Ep2 today!

        • yaay!! thanks for the link! :D now i have another reason to procrastinate! hahah XP

          • Omg this drama is fantastic.
            I cant wait till the next episode is subbed.
            My eyes are so swollen now o.O ; cried buckets.
            So so sad..
            And both Go Ju Won and the.. other doc are very good looking.
            Go Ju Won is so sweet….
            And joongki is simply too adorable.
            this drama is JJANG.

            • Me too gurl, me too ;_;. I read your comment before watching and didn’t really understand what would make you cry but omg, I couldn’t stop crying myself. All the stories of the patients are so sad and heartbreaking. And the babies dying :(((( </333.

              I love Go Juwon in this. And Joongki's character is absolutely adorable!

              • Ahhhhh T.T yeah its really heartbreaking to see the baby..
                I think im addicted already.
                I want to watch it so bad….
                But I dont want to watch the chinese one though I understand. blehhh haha.

                • Haha yeah gosh I really need a long break between each episode :3

  2. awww~  joonki :3
    i couldnt find the 1st episode with eng sub ;o; but I’ll definitely watch this! <3

    • Oh this episode is also subbed in Chinese :S hope that’s okay!

      • unfortunately i can’t understand chinese X’D but i hope someone will sub it some day :3

        • I’m glad you saw the link posted above ^^!

  3. I… can’t believe this is the name of the drama. LMAO omg. I think that’s what stopping me from watching it, but since you gave it such a glowing review, I’ll have to check it out! :) thanks~!

    • I honestly love this drama!! More so for what the things I’m learning (they had a harlequin baby in Ep2 :((() than the plot LOL, but still. And you’d probably see this and be able to relate, right? So I think it’d be interesting for you :D.

      Definitely watch it for Song Joong Ki and Go Ju Won! Keke, such handsome men *_*.

  4. omg.. I watched it.. and promised myself to NEVER WATCH A HEARTBREAKING SCENE LIKE THE LAST ONE after midnight ;o; my eyes looked like someone hit me or something on the next day @.@
    but wow! one can really learn from this drama :D LUV IT! ^^ thanks for recommending it :D

    • IT WAS SO SAD, BAWLS. Yeah don’t watch it at night lol you’ll go to sleep with puffy eyes ;~;.

      And no problem! Tbh, I don’t think that many people are watching it/is aware of this drama, so that’s why I’ve been pimping it out as much as I can keke :3.

      • hahah true that ^^”

        i’m always glad to see such posts cause i never know what to watch since there are 2394832094 dramas out there @.@ and i tend to klick on the ‘typical’ kdramas with the predictable story so it kinda gets boring at some time~
        i wouldnt have started to watch this drama because of the title XD but i’m really glad I DID kekeke~

        • I am slowly falling behind in everything @_@. Just finished dling Hello Baby Ep4 and I’m about to watch THAT at long last. OB GYN WILL HAVE TO WAIT !! D:

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